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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

This may be extreme but who among us would drink a glass of antifreeze because the color is so pretty and iridescent?. What if it was in 'moderation?' Now please don't anyone do this at home or anywhere! It is poison and goes in the radiator of our car!

Of course drinking poison could potentially kill you instantly. But there are things so socially acceptable and yet very harmful that if you make this a habit or lifestyle, enough of it over time can do extreme damage in the body and the brain!...::

But it's summertime and how don't we deserve a treat?
( Did you know sugar even causes wrinkles!)

Excess food puts extra work on the digestive system and vital organs! Is it any wonder they wear out and get sick? …::: Anymore, you can walk down the street and from observation, you can see obesity has become epidemic even with many children!

We would not deliberately do something to harm or kill ourselves. BUT have you given thought to how much sickness and disease walks into the doctor's office? And if you have ever been referred to a specialist, you know it can take weeks to get in.

Have we come to see sickness and disease as part of life? I know people who's calendars are heavily booked with social engagements, and others who's calendars are marked with one Doctor appointment after the other. (Certainly, some things can not be helped or avoided).

But this is OUR life so what can we do to nip it in the bud and live healthy and longer? No Doctor can follow us home to make sure we are eating 'right' and getting our exercise in, though a good Doctor will make those recommendations before one gets sick.

So it looks like it is us to be diligent to build on healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle we can LIVE WITH and not DIE FROM!

Researchers predict that the epidemic growth in rates of obesity and overweight will cause cancer rates to soar 50 percent worldwide by 2020. That is soon!


Thanks for stopping by today and here's to good health!
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