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Happy Tuesday .. another day of blue skies and sunshine .. I don't know if I can take this anymore

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Yesterday was a ME ME ME day !!! Hubby was going to be spending the afternoon with mommy, so I decided to go out and pick up the last of my ingredients for my dip for tonight ..

I started out with my nails .. :)

Tried something new again .. and they are marbled .. and happy pink !!!! She did do a sloppy job underneath, which I'm alittle sad about .. She didn't take off the old polish totally so the underside looks "dirty" .. so I'm only showing the tops .. lol lol lol ...

There was a lady sitting next to me, and we got into the best conversation .. she was a young lady .. with 3 sons .. 2 of which were sitting on the couch on the waiting area .. I told her that they were sooo well behaved .. (9 and 11) and she was telling me about her 3rd son, who's taking freshman gym in summer school so he didn't have to take it during the school year; and able to take another study hall, because he's getting a job after school .. I sat there and had to force my mouth closed .. I was sooo impressed .. It ends up that her husband owns a plumbing business handed down from his father, from his father .. etc .. but She talked about his plan for how he wants to pack up the credits, and work on apprenticeship in his Junior and Senior years .. I looked at her and told her she should be proud of her parenting skills .. and she said "it's all his doing .. we're only here to support him" .. I told her that SOMEONE had to have instilled his integrety .. and energies to get ahead .. she should pat herself on her back !!! She was fun to talk to .. all positive !!!! What a wonderful way to start my day !!!

From there, I drove to the mall, to get a couple of laps there .. I drove past the office, and I had a heck of a time passing it .. but I made a promise to myself .. AT LEAST a month .. so I continued on ..

I got to the mall, and having had honey nut cheerios; my blood sugar started going whacko and I couldn't find my glucose tablets that I carry with me .. Yes -- I have been diagnosed with hypoglycemia about 15 - 20 years ago; and over the years have learned how to handle the attacks, and / or preventative maintenance .. I carry glucose tablets with me, and while I had them, they were buried back in the corner of my purse and were being uncooperative .. so I stopped (it was lunch timeish anyway) .. and had myself a plate of chinese food in the food court .. That worked, and I was back on my way .. just 1/2 hour later .. lol ..

I continued on with my walk and told myself, because I took that extra time, and ate; I had to do an extra lap .. and I did .. :)

I went out to the car, and texted hubby that I was on my way to do my grocery shopping, and head for home, but was doing a search first for mom's friend's home that I'm taking her to on the 19th .. only to find it's 2 doors down from one of our friends from the Jaycees .. that we've known for 30 years .. lol lol ... I'm confident that I'll be able to take mom there without troubles .. :) and worry about time pressure .. :)

I got my grocery shopping done, and came home .. I was pooped .. I figured I still had a few hours, before my next excursion ..

I had texted Julie .. my friend from puppy club to see if she was going to be there last night; and told her that I was planning to stop by for a visit ..

WHAT a wonderful time .. I got there, and walked into Betsy.. and got the biggest hug that I thought I was going to pop !! lol lol She was assisting a class, and just got head butted by a bouncy golden retriever, and bit her lip .. I asked her if she was taking on battle pay .. lol .. Julie was assisting with a class, and I didn't want to disturb her .. so I went down to watch the puppy class .. that's always fun !!! Kerry was there with her new little "cricket" .. 3 pound smooth coated brussel griffon ..

This is Cricket's older sister .. Cricket was only 13 weeks old; and 3 pounds .. Kerry passed her over to me, and well -- it was really hard to hand her back after the class break .. but I didn't want to be a distraction .. even though Kerry has been training for years .. she used to breed Burnese mountain dogs, and decided to go "smaller" .. lol lol .. Yup -- she did !!! lol ..

Mark came over to say hi, and talk with me while I stood there, and when Betsy and Julie finished their class (before their class to actually train their dogs) .. they came over to say hi .. Everyone asked me how retirement was, and I told them it's only been one week but as of right now I'm booked up through mid August .. All those people that told me that I would be bored ... well .. were WRONG !!! lol lol .. Yup --I'm past the point of saying they were "mistaken" .. they were down right WRONG ... lol lol

It felt like old home week .. After the puppy class finished, I went over to the other side, and interupted .. er .. watched the experienced trainers (friends) work with their dogs .. :) I snuck out stage left, about 8:00ish .. and headed home ..

On the way home I stopped to find "Pine Terrace Inn" in Oconomowoc .. A Bed and Breakfast .. Looks like a castle .. That was one of my gifts for retirement .. a gift certificate to cover it all .. While it won't be hubby's cup of tea, I told hubby if I want to just get away, I'm going to use the certificate ..

It's in a house from the 1800's .. and when I finally found it, it took my breath away..

The photos are copyrighted, so I hope the link works .. :) It looks soo beautiful and it's right on the lake .. I'm so looking forward to it .. So while hubby doesn't want to go .. and it's just in a neighboring community (actually mom's community) .. I'll just go on my own .. I'd like to find out if they have elevators .. because if they do, I could take mom on an overnighter in a fantasy land .. she's said she would love to see inside there .. ?? We'll have to see .. otherwise I'll just use it .. and go back into a world of make believe .. :)

Anyway -- I found that on the way home last night ..

I got home around 9ish, and cleaned up the kitchen and went up to bed .. Once I fell asleep .. I was gone for the night .. gone .. a tornado could have come through, and I wouldn't have known it .. lol lol ..

While I was at puppy club I got that "what's becoming" familiar wrist buzz .. I made my 10000 steps again .. by the time I clocked out .. it was 10100 (and change) ... :)

Today .. I am cooking up my dip for tonight .. I have my second load of clothes in the washer .. and I want to go to the gym this afternoon, because I am having a heavier dinner tonight, and sitting and chatting .. not much moving .. soooo the gym is calling me this afternoon, and I can come home, and clean up before going to my friends .. :) while my dip cooks .. :)

Dinner is at 5:30 tonight .. so it will be an evening of quiet fun chatting with friends .. looking forward to it !!!!

Then tomorrow .. Yes -- I will still have my blog .. because hubby is running on his free money run in Madison .. but then coming back to pick me up to go up north for a party and overnighter .. I'm looking sooo forward to it !!!!! Thankfully so far the antibiotics have not been "overreacting" on me .. That was my only concern .. but I'm looking forward to this ..

So -- I need to get myself going here .. need to get myself some breakfast, so I can take that pill .. lol .. but no honey nut cheerios today .. :) (my favorite .. so I have to have it occasionally .. lol)

Give yourself a laugh today .. Makes you feel great !!!!!
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    Checked out pic of b&b ... wow! What a thoughtful gift from your friend. Hope your mom can go.
    125 days ago
    125 days ago
    The pinkies look pretty in pink! Nice.

    That woman has indeed done a TERRIFIC job w/her son! WTG. And obviously doing a great job with her 2 younger ones, as well. Awesome, and not seen much in this ol’ world.

    Glad you had a good time @ Puppy Club.

    OMG! Inn @ Pine Terrace looks AWESOME!! That will be a treat.

    Good for the wrist buzz! You earned it.

    Have a good time tonight and on your overnighter!

    125 days ago
    That B&B looks amazing!!!! Wonder what the inside looks like and the bedrooms!

    Enjoy your time up north!!!
    125 days ago
    Looks like retirement is working out for you.

    125 days ago
    Love the nails, the pup=pups and the minions. have a great day!
    125 days ago
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