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Radiation Poisoning exists today and it is killing Mom

Monday, July 09, 2018

Oh my goodness, you wouldn't believe what I have been reading about. Radiation treatment to the pelvis. The damage it causes is horrible.

Over the years I have had many talks about diet and lifestyle with Mom and Dad. They eat out daily ever since my brothers and I have moved out. Even before that they ate out often by themselves. It is a life-long habit. The consequences of it is Dad has dementia and Mom has cancer. I told mom when Dad was having challenges going on the diet was affecting his brain. There are so many food additives that are triggered to it. Most food is really a substance that looks like food, but really isn't food. It is edible and it tastes good - but it harms our bodies. It does not nourish us. They didn't care. Now they are faced with the consequences. Dad is like a toddler wearing diapers. Mom is wearing diapers too. She takes care of dad to the best of her ability while trying to heal from radiation poisoning from the cancer.

They live across the US and they don't want to move closer to me, so I can't help them. I can only wish they were here. Due to my own health issues, I stay in California working on me. Each day I put my health first. I make fresh healing juices, herbal teas, exercise, research, and I do health promoting things. If I don't no one will come save me. We must save ourselves.

Dr.s label radiation damage as a disease instead of calling it radiation damage. It takes the blame off of them. Even though they know they administered a treatment that kills. It makes it sound like it is the patient's fault.

Extreme exhaustion occurs to the point you don't have the energy to clean, fix meals, go out to do normal activities like shopping.

emoticon First off it causes nausea and lack of appetite.

Then comes the bowel and bladder incontenince.

That is followed by internal bleeding from the damaged cells.

Severe pain from all the damage. It just doesn't go away in a few weeks. It is ongoing.
Chronic accesses = infections.

emoticon There is a 200% increase in hip fractures.

20% chance of death from a hip fracture.

Bleeding occurs in 50% of the patience.

Up to 80% of patients come down with bowel obstructions. They come and go over the years.
Bowel adhesions develop so things don't move through.

Fistulas develop. They are openings in the organs, intestines, and over inner parts. That causes leakages, infections. . .

The gut is so damaged that they can't absorb nutrition.

Within 5 years and on Cancer develops from the radiation.

Treatment is lots of hospitalizations.

Surgery to removed the damaged bowels and other parts.

NG tube down the nose to suction out the stomach and remove gas to control the vomiting.
It causes widespread DNA damage.

The treatment is the most common cause of death of the patients who have received it. The damage is progressive. It continues after it has been stopped.

The studies show once a person has it they have a greatly deceased quality of life.
Often the are so disabled they can take care of their own home.

emoticon The bottom of the article says, "Although it is an uncomfortable notion we must not shy away from iatrogenic causes of patient debility." HOW DARE THEY.

That means they acknowledge that the Dr.s are causing the patient's poor health. Dr.s know what they are doing to patients. They know they are slowly killing our loved ones.

Oh Mom, why did you choose this treatment. I bet the Dr.s didn't tell you the consequences.
A treatment is not a treatment when it has an 80% failure rate.
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