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Slashed all the tires and took a hammer to the engine!

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Monday, July 09, 2018

There is a fabulous metaphor used on here about falling off the wagon and not losing your mind. The idea is that if you make a poor food choice, make the next choice a good one, don't just consider the day a loss and pig out. It's about getting right back on the horse (lots of mixed metaphors here!). The saying goes, "If your car got a flat tire, you wouldn't go around slashing the other three tires, would you?"

Well, I did.

And I took a sledge hammer to the engine.

At least that is how it felt.

After surviving the pre-4th of July weekend festivities staying truly on plan, and then surviving the holiday itself, I was doing wonderful. Even this Saturday, I went hiking (almost died of exhaustion, but I did it!) and stayed on plan food-wise.

But the weekend was one day too long.

Yesterday I had lunch at my MIL's house, who is the world's best spaghetti and meatball maker. Determined not to be the "I can't eat that" party pooper, I pre-logged everything I planned to eat and had it under control.

Then I had an extra piece of bread. And I buttered it.

Then we stopped at McD's and I got a vanilla cone. And it was huge.

I got home and grabbed a bag of tortilla chips and started mindlessly munching. *And they were stale.*

I was absolutely convinced that I had gone way off the rails. Pasta. Meatballs. Bread. Cone. Chips. Without really checking my SP app, I just felt like the day was a loss. Maybe it also had something to do with not getting in my steps. I get them in every day. Like, every. day. So apparently, feeling like my tire was already flat, I ate 3 slices of Little Ceasar's Pep 9 o'clock in the freaking night!

Woke up bummed. Stepped on the scale to confirm the carnage. I got on my SP app and decided for the sake of being honest with myself...and because I'm kind of OCD...I went back to yesterday and logged all the extra stuff I ate. The shocker is, that even after I ate the extra buttered bread, cone, and chips, I was actually *still within range*! If I had only checked the SP app before the pizza, I'd have been ok.

I was *this close* to making it to bed on plan and successful!

Lessons learned:
-Check the app.
-Don't trust feelings of failure.
-Leave the rest of the tires and engine in tact.

One step at a time.
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