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Colonoscopy and Suprep

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Well, I do believe I've finally topped my worst life experience. SUPREP is extremely awful. I will never have another colonoscopy unless they allow me to use a different prep. It made me very sick, feel weak and have a bad headache. Getting it down was incredibly horrible. Just bad. Bad. Bad. Tastes like slightly berry flavored sea water. Ever gulp seawater? Your body wants to reject it immediately. But NO! You have to drink 16 oz of the nasty prep and then drink 32 more oz of water within the next hour. Even if your stomach, throat, and mouth say, "um no."

The colonoscopy itself, no problems. Piece of cake.

But the after effects of the sedation are still with me. Procedure at 10:30ish Friday, it's now 6pm Saturday. I'm very sensitive to sedation and anesthesia. The anesthesiologist was awesome and gave me a teeny tiny dose like I asked. And sedative, not "going under." But I was out like a light anyway. And I'm still groggy. Even the nurse, afterward, said, wow, such a low dose and you were out! You're quite a lightweight.

But I knew that going in. I'm just glad the anesthesiologist listened. They don't all listen, sometimes they just look at me like I'm nuts. But I tell you, I could probably have abdominal surgery with nothing but a light sedative!

Anyway all said and done, the procedure itself was nothing. The prep though, never again with SUPREP. It's pure evil. I'd rather fast for 5 days than have to go through that again. NO WAY.

And a hint to anyone about to have one of these - there are about 8 different preps on the market. Do some googling and see what you want to try. Some people (who I suspect where paid by SUPREP) said it wasn't bad. One nutter said she'd do it every week. But I do think she was paid to say that. This stuff is incredibly vile.

The other hint is this (kinda suggestively graphic, if that's not a complete contradiction in terms - but my head is still fuzzy, bear with me). Get Vaseline in the tube, so you can squirt it out instead of having to dig in the container. And, put some on BEFORE your body starts purging. Save Uranus! emoticon

Buy plenty of rehydration drinks - Powerade, Gatorade, or other. And figure out what IS a clear liquid and what isn't. And maybe wear really easy on-off clothes during the entire prep period.

I couldn't even think straight once the awful process began. So, do your shopping prep before you do your Prep.

I'm so glad this is not to be repeated for 10 years!
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    OMG. NOT what I wanted to read today. My surgeon has booked me for a colonoscopy and will do surgery as needed during the procedure but that is end of March. I have been looking forward to at last knowing what the *F&5? is going on but now... hmmm. You survived. Good tips. I am warned.
    808 days ago
    I am sorry you had such an awful time with the prep. I hate it, too but mine lasted only one evening.

    I have done this, I think, 3 times now.

    1000 days ago
    Um, was this your first experience, AAAACK? I've had 3 over the years, and I think they all used Golytely. It's a full gallon of brackish liquid and you drank 8 oz. every 20 minutes until it was gone. The good thing was that it started noonish the day before the procedure.

    DH used the SUPREP for his last one and I was amazed that it was a 2-day prep! I'd be a raving #itch if I had to go hungry for that long. And my procedure had best be before 8:00 a.m. The 2nd one ran late, they didn't get me "under" before the guy started and afterwards he had the gall to call me a whiner. Needless to say I never went back. The last one was a breeze (ugh, I'm due again in only 2 years) but it's the same guy that gave DH the SUPREP.

    Yes, I'll remember to do my research for cleansing options.

    Morticia - GET IT DONE! It is important.
    1041 days ago
    Oh poor you. Sorry you had such a horrible experience. I hope you can get a different prep in future!
    1041 days ago
    oh hon .. sorry about that :)
    1041 days ago
    I was to have one and the surgeon cancelled and I never rescheduled. I didn't like him so I considered it an omen.
    1042 days ago
    I've had that and the prep was awful!
    1042 days ago
  • CLO333
    Had one last month. The prep, magnesium citrate and a laxative, seemed so much easier than the last three. Needless to say, very happy it's over!
    1042 days ago
    I don't remember what prep I had for mine, but once the second bottle went in, I was on the toilet every 5 minutes with absolutely NO warning - good thing my toilet is less than ten feet from my bed and I sleep in the buff. Of course, I didn't get much sleep that night.
    1042 days ago
    I had one many years ago and need to have another but am terrified. I didn’t go under. They dosed me for 350lb person (was 130 at the time) and it took me 3-4 hours to wake up. Very scary. I know it’s good prevention but jeeez they suck!!
    1042 days ago
    i know how you feel been there and that is awefuk

    my last one i got to use a bottle of magnesium citrate and some laxatives

    have also used a bottle of apple juice mixed with a bottle of miralax

    1042 days ago
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