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Happy Saturday .. Made it through the 1st week .. still on vaca .. let's see what next week brings

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Another fun day under my belt ... It was a pretty quiet day .. Hubby played tug of war with China (pulling weeds); and I went to the doctor, and well -- TRIED to make Leonard's thank you card .. (but didn't work) ...and instead of sitting there pushing myself .. put on my shoes, and went for a walk .. and clicked over 10000 steps before getting back, and that was after talking to my neighbor enroute .. :) The weather was beautiful; and the sun was bright .. lol ....

This is a man that I've known since about 1st grade .. we literally went through school together, and found each other again; when we moved out here .. he lives right at the end of my street lol .. What a small world .. :) He was mom's favorite while we were growing up because he had proper politeness .. :) and mom was a teachers aide ..

Anyway -- he would occasionally stop in at the office to pick up parts, and talk a bit .. He hasn't been there for awhile, and I honestly thought he left the company; only to find out that he moved up to VP and had others to do that .. but stopped in yesterday; and asked about me, to find out that I left .. Well -- he tracked me down while I was on my walk "rehashing" Leonard's thank you card .. lol .. and we talked for about 10-15 minutes or so ..

and then I walked home .. I didn't do the SUPER walk, that I did back on Tuesdayish .. but I did do the Mega walk .. all the way to the end of the subdivision and back .. .I just wanted to clear my head .. ... and I did .. ;)

Yesterday morning I cleaned the lower level of the house .. I left Rupert (Irobot) out of his crate, and left him run around .. and I had to laugh at myself .. just like all of my dogs I had .. whereever I was .. they had to be .. Well -- Rupert was at the other end of the house .. back in my sitting room, or back in the back hallway, and I would be working in the living room or family room with my dusting .. and I turned around .. and whoops .. there he was !!!! lol .. I was proud of him however, he didn't get stuck anywhere .. lol The one time I heard a strange noise come from him, and I went looking in all the areas he usually gets stuck .. I found him back in his crate .. lol lol ... That was his noise he makes "ALL DONE" ..

I made myself a pitcher of fresh iced tea .... raspberry zinger with lemon splash .. and it turned out good .. so I have something else to drink besides water for a bit .. I've been trying to steer away from the habit of grabbing a soda all the time .. and it's been working by having a pitcher of lemon water in the refridge all the time ..

I did get in to see the doctor yesterday .. Well - it was an APNP .. but I was very impressed with her ... I wouldn't question seeing her again .. and I got in within a few hours .. Like I said yesterday .. The OLD Dr B was good .. but when you had something that you needed to get in quick .. and he wasn't available .. you were out of luck .. I'm new to a clinic that has multiple doctors .. and if the primary isn't available, then another one can take care of you .. and in this case .. a nurse practitioner .. (I looked up what the APNP meant .. and the description made me feel comfortable .. and she was good) ..

But she said .. medical terms for "yellow liquid in the middle ear" .. She looked at my other ear and was surprised I didn't have ouchies in my right ear .. because that was just as "flooded" .. but alas .. I only have ouchies in the left ear ..

So -- she set me up with perscription for antibiotic; and Flonaise ..

By the end of the day .. I hadn't taken any ibuprofen for the day; because I didn't know how it would affect with the antibiotic .. ...

I DO have to say .. I don't like doctors office scales .. *scrunchie face* ..but I stood on it, and took when it gave me .. dumb scale .. lol ..Good thing I knew the TRUE weighin .. lol lol ..

It felt soo good to have the house opened up and fresh air coming in .. The weather was picture perfect all day long .. Even taking my walk at 4ish in the afternoon was beautiful...

I did take one of the antibiotics yesterday afternoon .. thought I had had a big enough lunch (which I did .. ) but evidentally not enough .. It gave me an upset belly and I finally had myself (because we didn't have dinner because we had a bigger lunch) a container of strawberries and cottage cheese .. and that seemed to settle it .. :)

This morning we're heading down to the downtown casino .. They have free money if you play 10 points .. so that will be our excursion .. and I'll be able to get some stepping at the casino while we're there .. even though it's not going to be long ..

So--- another day of sunshine and blue skies .. You can tell I had a quiet day yesterday; I'm pretty much all over the board, and I think yesterday was the first day of really no pictures .. We'll see what happens today ... :) I'm going to have a great day .. I have to get myself some breakfast so I can take my antibiotic .. so we'll talk later!!! Have a wonderful day !!!! I'm going to !!!!!

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    Hope you had fun today!

    Glad you went to the NP and got some meds to help to start relieving some of that pain!
    136 days ago
    I just love all the coffee pics you put up. I am glad you eat situation was resolved & that your old friend tracked you dow. Have another awesome day.
    136 days ago
    Glad you had a quiet day. Awwwww, I didn’t know you and Leonard had a history that went that far back. I can see where making his card would be an emotional thing.

    Glad the APNP saw you. And you are getting relief with the treatment for your ears.

    Have fun @ the casino.

    And enjoy the weather again today! Loving it.

    136 days ago
  • FITBY2016
    Sounds busy and fun
    136 days ago
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