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Cooper’s annual exam

Saturday, July 07, 2018

The Cooper-dog had his annual exam and 3 year rabies shot (and his annual vaccinations) yesterday afternoon. Quick and easy. It took maybe 20 minutes... and most of that was me explaining my concerns. lol... He is good for another year. (Well, three years for the rabies shot.) I really appreciate our vet. She is fast and efficient, yet still friendly and thorough. She has talked me down from a panic over Cooper a number of times, when he has gotten himself into various silly predicaments. And soothed my anxiety over him when he has been truly injured (which has only been about 3 times in the past 7 years!)... usually he is sandbagging and being dramatic over nothing! As for my health? Not so great... my rheumatologist had to double my lupus medication... again. And I had another virus that caused (ahem) digestive issues... enough said. And my mental health has been of concern. The term agoraphobia has been mentioned by both my therapist and the psychiatrist. I have lived like that before. It isn’t fun. It’s frustrating and limiting and scary. Somehow I broke free before... though I am not really sure how. I am not sure if I have it in me to fight that fight again. As it is my anxiety levels are fairly high and seem to be rising no matter what I do to try and calm them... yes, I have tried breathing, and meditation, and prayer, and biofeedback, and massage, and acupuncture... the only time that I am fully calm in myself is when I am petting or cuddling the Cooper-dog. Or he is doing something funny and making me laugh. The pup doesn’t realize it, but I depend on him a lot! I ended up doing a downstairs neighbor’s laundry last night. She got a line on a used AC unit (she didn’t have one in the last heatwave!) but she had to go immediately to get it and had already started her laundry. I got so distracted doing HER laundry I forgot to do MY Friday evening chores. ERP. Oh well. Good thing Friday happens every week, huh? lol
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    I'm so happy Cooper had a good wellness exam and that he's good for another year and another 3 years for his rabies shot. It's amazing how much we depend our fur, or in my case, feathered pets! I know our cockatiels make us laugh all the time. Daffy duck, in particular, can be quite dopey. I do miss having a fur-kid at times though.

    It sucks that your lupus is acting up again. It's not easy living with a chronic health condition and of course it's going to make you anxious. I have all the empathy in the world for you dealing with anxiety on top of your health concerns. I've been there many times and it's not fun.

    Know that we are all here for you! I think you are doing an amazing job listening to your body and knowing what you can or cannot do. It's great, too, that you are staying connected with family and friends. emoticon emoticon
    129 days ago
    Thankful for a good visit for our Cooper doggie! I get so concerned when our Macklemore cat seems a little droopy. He is such a joy to me and makes the hubs and I laugh out loud all the time! He loves to talk...cat talk of course...but he has a whole variety of sounds. Indignant...happy...content...aggra
    vated...you always know what he is thinking!

    I'm so sorry your lupus is acting up again. How can you NOT be anxious about health concerns? I know the hubs is quite concerned about his situation and I'm beyond concerned...how could I not be with someone who is my entire world?

    I also think that just the general state of the world right now provokes lots of anxiety. All we can do is try our best to live in the moment and enjoy it to the fullest extent we can!

    I'm going to get something in the mail to you in a week or so just to remind you how beautiful you are and how important you are to all of your darling sparkie friends! emoticon
    130 days ago
    Keeping you in my prayers. I have become "hesitant" to go far from the house - I can relate.

    I know how important Cooper is - my Bubba is a gift from God now that my Ray is gone. If it wasn't for having to walk Bubba, I would remain housebound.

    I hope a solution pops up for you soon.

    linda & bubba
    130 days ago
    Glad your neighbor gets to have air conditioning now! It was nice of you to help out. Glad Cooper had a good report from the vet. Those little dogs can live a long, healthy life. Cooper is such a cutie!
    131 days ago
    I am so glad Cooper's exam went well. I am so sorry you are struggling.Darn diseases are a pain in the patootie. I rely heavily on Miss Lacey so you are not alone depending on your dog.I won't promise when it will get there as we know the vagaries of Canada Post from out here but I am sending another little parcel to cheer you up.
    131 days ago
    Awwe that Cooper IS just WAY to dogone cute!!! I'm so glad u have him!! Indeed our animals are soooo good for us in way to many ways to be counted. I'd be lost without a pet.

    Anxiety IS the pits. I have a few dear friends with lupus. It's amazing how it's so much more than physical and how much everything one does affects it.

    Anxiety IS the PITS!! Went thru it for years upon years. Though I'm an out going person,,,during those many years, I mostly stayed in my place. The things you are doing are the things I was taught. Acceptance they don't usually teach us. I wanted to THROTTLE the "DR" who told me "it won't kill you." It felt like I was dying.

    Many hugs Chandra, it's not easy. Pats to Cooper Dawg!! emoticon
    131 days ago
    Sorry you are having a bad time lately, Chandra, Give Coop a hug for us
    131 days ago
    Glad Cooper had a good vet visit and you are really special to help your neighbor.
    131 days ago
    Grateful to picture you and Cooper at the vet at the same time Addie Shanti and I were at her well visit. I was nearly in tears to just be there for a healthy visit when the last time was for a really scary biopsy that turned out to be some inflammation. This was her very first senior wellness panel, since she will turn 8 this year, and that made me tear up a little, too. My sweet baby is a lady now! All blessings on our fur babies.

    Sending you so much empathy for how painful and debilitating anxiety can be. I feel like I would get out much less if I had to drive myself everywhere, my wife and service dog and friends are very generous about helping me transition out into the world, find little sanctuaries everywhere for calming down, keeping things as simple as I need for them to be. Intense weather conditions can sure make it easy to stay home! I am proud of you for getting out in the early morning or night in a safe way, for connecting with family and loved ones, and for doing an amazing job of being aware of your strengths and limitations. All blessings on your path, beloved!
    132 days ago
    Glad things went well for Cooper. Praying for your. emoticon
    132 days ago
    Glad Cooper is good to go and healthy, now if we could only get you in the same shape, right? Hoping you can find some help with the anxiety and all. Just need to stick around your little furry therapy pup.
    132 days ago
    I pray that your anxiety is bought under control soon. I understand how frustrating it must me for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon you have no idea how much your wisdom has helped me with my Joshua emoticon
    132 days ago
    Awww... I can tell Cooper is dear to you.
    132 days ago
    Glad the Cooper Dog got a clean bill of health. I am sorry to hear that you continue to struggle. These words really touched me … "Somehow I broke free before... though I am not really sure how. I am not sure if I have it in me to fight that fight again."

    Keep loving yourself and cuddling and petting the Cooper Dog. And, may you find yourself breaking free, before you know it.

    132 days ago
    God bless Cooper Dog! And you!
    132 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    Cooper knows he’s a huge comfort to you. Dogs just know. emoticon
    132 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Glad Cooper is doing well. Sorry you are struggling with your health issues. I will be praying for you, my friend! emoticon
    132 days ago
    Cutting carbs & adding healthy fat with moderate protein results in weight loss (lbs melting off) and improvement of so many health conditions. Just look into it. More snuggles to you and to Cooper Dog :-)
    132 days ago
    Snuggles to CooperDog! All furbabies are great emotional support! Sounds like you’ve tried just about everything to get your health back on track. Have you tried LCHF? Numerous studies indicate that INFLAMATION is the root of most illness. So
    132 days ago
    Cooper-dog is awesome! I'm glad his checkout was okay.

    The only time I am relaxed is with my Miss Jasmine who is quite the entertaining love-bug. She also swims like a dolphin and I have yet to figure out HOW she can leap out of the water like she does. I haven't been on any lupus medicine for almost five years now. The last one nearly killed me. I developed a bone infection and was on intravenous antibiotics for twelve long weeks. So I just live with the multi-plex of chronic symptoms. **sigh** it's always something.
    132 days ago
    Your Cooper is quite the cutie!
    132 days ago
    Cooper is such a sweet dog, glad his exam went well. I hope the change in your medication has the desired effect. emoticon
    132 days ago
    What a kind gesture! And Cooper is still adorable 💕. Have a blessed weekend 😊 👍🙏
    132 days ago
  • LINDA058
    What a generous gesture!
    132 days ago
    You did a good deed and know it was appreciated.
    132 days ago
    Too cute
    132 days ago
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