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Happy Thursday -- busy day yesterday but wouldn't trade it for nothing !!!!!

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

A wonderful day was had on our road trip ... We stopped in Madison just for our free money; and then we were on the road again .. on to Wisconsin Dells ... casino .. :)

I was having a dilemma ... and was wondering if the malls would be open yesterday in order to take my walk, because it was a hot one yesterday .. but I got my walking in at the Dells .. I ended up my day with over 10000 steps, and I was happy !!!

I have myself a little bit of a problem; remember that ear worm that I planted to get up the hill on Tuesday ?? Well -- I think it's still in there, and I have one hum dinger of an ear ache .. and since I've only had 1 ear ache in my life, I don't know what to do to make it better .. I remember mom planted the heart of an onion in my ear over night .. ?? and that worked .. This feels like s scratch or something .. ?? so that ear worm has burrowed in ...Everything I've read has bee take "ibuprofen" or "tylenol" .. It's not bleeding or "messing" .. I know I know .. call your doctor .. but does anyone know what to do with an earache .. I was thinking of asking a pharmacist while I was out and about today .. For right now I just popped an ibuprofen .. hoping the pain subsides .. ??

Anyway -- I had a rough morning at the casino, and at 11:00 was just about to tell hubby that I was done and we could go home .. but then I just walked around and observed; and while everyone that was playing single coin was having problems ..

I decided to up on to the second level .. and bam bam bam bam .. the machines played and played and played .. and I walked out of there over doubling my money .. Mwaahaahaahaaahahaa !!!!

We went up to the counter at the end of the day; because they had a promotion for Dells attractions for X amount of points .. well -- I certainly had points .. we got up there, and they had no more tickets .. WHAA???? I told hubby that I think if I would have had the horrible afternoon that I had for my morning, I probably would have crawled over the counter and slapped him silly .. lol lol .. but leaving with a bit more cash than I came in with .. definately helped . lol lol lol .. AND I got a Tshirt to boot !!! :)

The ride home thankfully was relaxing except for a little ... no .. a big gigantic black cloud that was following us .. We managed to get away from it, only to find it found a short cut on the way home .. and by the time we got home, it was in front of us again .. and the sun and sky was bright and blue behind us ..

It made the most beautiful bright rainbow I have seen in a long time !!!!!

By the time we got home it had faded a bit, but could still be seen .. So I stood out in our driveway and took another picture from front to end .. and it looks like my neighbor's home is in a bubble .. lol

We got in the house at about 8:00 after a wonderful day spent with happy hubby .. :) and we made up a pizza ... and enjoyed it .. Yes -- eating at 8:30 pm .. but that's okay ..

At lunch the casino's sandwich was the meatball sub again, with the home made chips .. and I had made it very clear to hubby I did NOT want that again .. So I had scoped out the grill ... and found the salad bar (even though it was small .. it was salad) .. was only $7 and with his $5 coupons, only cost us $2 .... lol .. I told him "I" would fork over the $2, but I did NOT want that meatball sub again and he agreed .. HE even had the salad bar .. lol .. so I got some veggies into him as well .. lol lol lol .. mwaaahaahaahaahaaa !!!! because he didn't like the homemade chips .. lol ..

So my eating wasn't that thrown off kilter .. Hubby made mention of the Waffle cone under the icecream .. I told him .. I wouldn't want to spend $3 for just a cone .. because it's not the weekend .. lol lol (he'll get the idea I am serious about that soon .. lol)

I was having heavy eyeballs by about 9:30ish and headed upstairs .. and oh my goodness .. it sounded like we were in the middle of an artillary field .. lol .. The nice thing about our home, is we can watch fireworks all around our home, and we can sit in the kitchen by the patio doors without bugs, without crowds and in the air conditioning ..:) and get to ooo and ahhh .. and the house right behind us has a 4th of July party every year, and sends off a display that could match any of the local displays ...

From our windows .. just to show you how close they are .. :) Sooo AWESOME !!! I can truly understand how people that have been in that situation in real life, for that to draw them back to that scene .. it was banging from all over the place all they way around the house .. and while "I" enjoy it .. it could cause a bad problem for those that really lived it .. because that is what is sounded like .. I hope you kept your little animals safe as well .. Puppy used to be beside herself .. and this time of year was the only time that she actually went through separation anxiety .. I don't miss that...

But for us .. it was fun to watch displays .. we had the display from the back, and then just walk to the front of our home, we had more displays going on, off to the east .. we had more displays .. and I heard the boom boom to the west .. but didn't see any (because there's trees on that side .. :) ) lol lol

I slept and slept and slept some more .. and happily this morning; I'm not in a fog, but unmotivated .. I have plans today, but hubby is home .. ??? His friend called while we were on the way up north .. and he said that he would call hubby this morning ..

My plans for today are going to Paris .. yes... I'm going to Paris .. lol

Paris is a nail spa close to home, and I am in need of some footsie pampering .. and then to a mall for a walk beat UP my footsies .. lol lol ..

And then back home and cook up my ground meat that I bought 2 days ago, into tacos and hamburgers .. and cut up my strawberries .. that stuff should cover me until 5ish ..

I'm still trying to keep a regimin going ... I stay "at work" until 5 .. when I can get into my comfies for the evening .. Tonight is the music in the park, and I think I may just bypass, unless the humidity cuts by then .. so I'm not sure if I'll be going .. but we'll see .. I have my own private parking spot .. :)

Hubby is working on starting the tug of war with China with the weeds in the front .. and he's waiting for his friend to call .. so he'll be busy .. :) .. I have a day or 2 to myself .. :)

So -- talk later .. and wish everyone a great day !!!!! I need to get off of "vacation mode" .. I'm thinking it will take at least a week if not 2 ...

Keep pushing !!!!!!

Have a great day !!!!!
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    I have no idea how to 'naturally' fix an ear ache. I get them when I get a cold wind in my ear. Heat & drinking a hot drink plus ibuprofen is the only thing that helps. Good luck. Sorry your ears hurt.
    166 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    Vacation mode will probably take more than 2 weeks. Lol. You said something that I need to try. I need to start a regimen of sorts. I’ve just sort of been free floating for 6 months and it’s been difficult for me. I feel like I have no purpose and I don’t like it.
    166 days ago
    166 days ago
    Sounds like a nice day!

    LOL-I think Mr. E will keep you in 'vacation mode' for a while!!!!
    166 days ago
    glad you had a nice day
    166 days ago
    Great on getting your steps.

    Wonderful job getting your steps. Good progress.

    As for the earache . . . you’re right on about the sol’n. You DO need to see the Dr., because if it is an inner ear infection, it is not going to go away on it’s own. That would require an antibiotic. Whatever works to control the pain, and I usually do ibuprofen and alternate w/Tylenol, is fine. But need to get @ the source of the pain – probably an infection. Good luck.

    That was a lalapalooza of a storm that blew thru around 5 pm. About 1n hrs. worth of lightening, rain, wind, drenching rain. Glad you got home safe.

    OH my goodness, the weeds definitely are grounded/rooted in China! Lordy. We have clover that just won’t quit.

    166 days ago
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