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Happy Sunday .. July 1 .. It's OFFICIAL !!!!! From my calendar.. I won't have time to be bored ...

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Chapter 1 Page 1....... emoticon

Yesterday was a goofy but good day .. I left shortly after hubby; because I had a funny feeling that if I would have stayed around the house .. it would have been disastrous .. I was pretty much walking in circles .. not knowing what I wanted to do. I didn't want to start anything, because I didn't know when he would call me to meet up with him; so I decided instead of being around the house .. really .. I was walking in circles ..

my brain was about to explode .. I was trying to figure out "what to start on first ".. I stopped and thought to myself .... Self .. why don't we just stop a minute .. and think .. *think think think think* .. and I thought .. what do we have mobile phones for .. ?? but to be mobile .. We don't have our landlines anymore, so I'm not STUCK being home ... why don't I do my errands .. and take my goodbye notes to the office; and then go to the mall and get a couple laps in .. and think this thing out ?? Well -- I figured that he would call around 11:30-12:00 ish .. he was stopping at the bank, and stopping at the "other" cell place for the mystery of the phone calling my phone back .. (I think I have it figured out .. )

So -- I got myself cleaned up; and was on my way ... I drove to the office .. and parked next door; (because the lot is still closed because of ... ummm ... well .... minor technicalities that have arisen) .. and walked to the office .. (yes .. I still have my keys .. I told Jimmy I will turn them in when I need that closure .. everything at once .. well .. I'll make up a lunch for them one day and return my keys then .. :) ) I walked around, and put my notes on everyone's desks .. and then wrote a big THANK YOU in grafiti writing on the white board .. and left .. I felt good .. that was a good closure for me .. :) (I was going to do it this morning .. but figured .. why not yesterday) ..

From there I drove to the mall .. and about 1/2 way there, I get a phone call from hubby .. they wanted some information about my phone account .. My theory is because this phone was one of my old phones .. it was still holding my number in there somewhere .. because anywhere else .. I didn't have the problem ..soooo I had to look up some information that she was asking me .. and I told her hang on a minute so I could pull into an off street and park .. I don't have the coordination to play with my phone and drive ..

Well -- we disconnected as soon as I turned the corner .. and she called right back, so I was flustered already .. I found a place to park, so I could get the information she wanted . and she did a couple of test calls ..

I thought it was nice ... because as I had turned around in the subdivision; and was leaving again .. all of a sudden my phone rings again ... and I pulled over .. she needed more information .. and I was talking to her .. well -- at the same time .. one of the home owners came up to the side of their lot by where I was parked .. I finished the phone call, and opened my window .. She just wanted to see if everything was okay .. or if I needed directions .. I told her "No .. I got a phone call, and it needed phone interaction .. I don't have the coordination to work on the phone, and drive, and their street was the first place I could pull over " ... She laughed and congratulated me on my decision .. lol lol lol ... I thanked her for her kind consideration though .. and then drove off .. :)

I got the mall, and started walking .. I did 2 laps .. and felt good .. By this time it was about 11:30ish .. and I texted hubby where I was ... and sat in one of those massage chairs .. (without the massage) but comfortable ..

I sat there for an hour .. and there was no response from hubby .. I was starting to worry .. this was about 2 hours since they called .. Well -- I called him, and it went to his voice mail; and I called the "other" line, and it said that "the voice mail is not set up" .. Okay -- what happened ??? I worked really hard not to panic .. I got up and started to pace (more steps) .. and finally hubby called .. he had been there for 4 hours .. and walked in with a phone that at least worked, with that one little glitch with my number .. and walked out with a phone that doesn't work; and the cost of a new SIM card .. ??? hmmmmm He was not happy !!!

Well -- the battery was totally drained, so when we got home; I charged it up, only to find that what they wiped needed Wifi to upload .. So I'll take it over with me to mom's to do the upload .. see if I can at least get the operating systems back ...

Sooo while I was waiting for him to get from the cell store to the mall .. I decided to walk again .. and ended up watching the dinosaurs eating the Sears store ..

they had 3 dinosaurs out there .. and one was pulling the big chunks off the top layer, one was cleaning up the floor, and was wearing a hat (huge magnet) .. separating all the metal from the concrete .. and the one closest was "eating" the building structures .. It was fun to watch .. and the first one was working on one section .. it was really interesting to watch .. he "bit" the "walkway" .. to loosen up the structure; and then tried to push it over and it wasn't budging .. so it "bit" the pillar that was holding it up loosening up it's structure .. and then tried to push it over again .. nope .. biting down the "walkway" .. and continued to bite bite bite .. until finally the integrity of the concrete was loosened enough to collapse .. I think I cheered .. but alittle louder than I wanted .. lol lol lol .. but between the way they handled those backhoes, and machines .. and the noises that were being made ..whether it was from the machines, or the loosenings of the structures .. it sounded like dinosaurs .. they had their own personalities, and own movements .. it was fun to watch .. (yes .. I do have an imagination So that occupied my time and mind, while I was waiting for hubby to call me back that he was there ..

After that .. I started walking again, and hubby called.. he made it .. :) We walked over to the Red Robin restaurant, and had the most wonderful server .. she took care of us before we asked for anything .. :) and helped us check out with that silly table machine .. lol .. I can do those, but when you go with hubby, there is coupons, and specials, and and and .. and that gets too goofy .. so we try and get the server to take care of it .. well -- she just took the bull by the horns, and got us paid and gone .. She was good !!!

We walked out to the car and proceeded to go to Potawatomi to use our free $5 worth of food for the month of June .. so we have quesidea's for lunch and dinner .. because when we used it .. she said we had $10 on our card .. so we got 2 of each .. We have a few meals .. :) and hubby knows how to reheat them really yummy !!! :)

We didn't play .. but just went, spent our free food money, and left .. I told him I really didn't want to play, and he was good for that .. We talked about his morning runs around the state; and I told him .. that's his game .. I will go when I want to go for a ride .. but I'm not running every day like he does .. He goes and just plays the free money and comes home .. but we left with our free food !!! :) YUM YUM !!!! So we have chicken and pork quesidea's for the next few meals ..:)

He drove me back to my car, and said he wanted to stay and catch up on his steps .. which was fine with me .. I took the dinner bag, and drove home .. (figured it was better for me to take it rather than leave them in the car in 100 degree weather .. ummm nope .. wouldn't eat them then .. lol)

So he got his laps in .. I was surprised .. by the time I got home it was after 5:00 .. I made it through my first day without walking in circles. . (umm kinda I tossed in a load of laundry, and since it was after 5 .. I kicked off my shoes, and got comfy ...

I had about 8700 steps on my stepometer .. That made my "new" goal I'm setting for myself .. While it used to be 5000 on my low end and 8000 on my high end .. because I had a desk job .. I upped my goals to 8000 on my low end, and 10000 on my high end ... and have been mentally prepping myself for this change ..

Not sure how today is going to work with those .. because I'm by mom's in the afternoon and there isn't much in the line of walking while I'm there .. but we'll see .. but yesterday after doing a few laps around the house after I got home .. literally .. around the inside of the house .. I got my wrist buzz ... I made the 10000 steps .. YAY ME !!!!

I was proud of me .. I didn't do alot of eating .. we had Red Robin for lunch, and I had a small ice cream sundae with carmel sauce before bed .. I didn't have any dinner .. so I'm calling that a good day .. especially since I have enough here that I could have gone into a sugar coma .. but chose not to. I'm sure if I would have stayed around the house .. I would have ..

Our "babies" are starting to come out and play now .. and they are soooo cute !!!! There are 2 of them that frequently visit our patio .. and gnash on our weeds .. plants they are sooo cute !!!! :)

Today is finishing up my laundry .. I still have that feeling "gotta do it when I can" .. well -- with laundry .. that's going to be the always .. however it doesn't necessarily have to be done on the weekend !!! But this way I will have a clean start .. :) (and I need clothes .. lol)

I'll be going over by mom's this afternoon, and this morning I want to clip up my roses .. and put them into fresh water .. and well --- maybe start to think of my thank you note to the office .. and then a few more thank you cards for a few extra presents that I have gotten .. So .. it will be a quiet "normal" day ..

Tomorrow .. I'll be posting my blog from the road .. I have coupons from the casino up north, for each week .. either Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday .. to pick up a piece of luggage .. Whether we play or not .. I don't care ..

Well -- Sunday's are out, because I go by mom's .. and this week Wednesday is out, because I'm not going to be driving on the highways on the 4th of July .. so that leave Monday .. and because there will be holiday traffic still, I asked hubby if he could take me this week .. so tomorrow we are taking a road trip .. I told him, I could go on my own for a road trip the rest of the weeks .. but this week I just don't want to be driving with the holiday traffic .. So -- we'll be on the road early tomorrow .. I will post my short blog from the road .. :) My first OFFICIAL day of retirement !!!!!

As far as what we do once we get up there .. we don't know (besides get my piece of free luggage .. lol) but just letting y'all know .. I will post, but it won't be my normal long blabble .. :)

With that being said .. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday !!!!

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    139 days ago
    Sounds like a fun day!
    140 days ago
    It takes a while to adjust.
    140 days ago
    Oh my goodness. The continuing saga of the phone!

    Chicken and pork quesidellas sound delicious!

    Gotta love that wrist buzz.

    Have fun @ your Mom’s. I know you will.

    140 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    I like your babble. lol. How many casinos are in your area? They give free luggage? Interesting. We are looking to go away for a few days soon. We looked into the casino in Sarnia Ontario but it doesn’t have a hotel in it. Then we thought we may go to a nice hotel in Port Huron MI, right across the bridge from Sarnia.
    Then just cross over & toodle around SW Ontario. Not sure about that though cuz Canada’s celebrating Canada Day and we are at the beginning of July 4th week and everywhere will probably be packed.
    See, I can babble with the best of them too! 😂.
    I’m glad you made it through your first day of retirement without walking yourself in too many circles.
    Enjoy your visit with your mom today.
    140 days ago
    Walk softly and test the waters, don't force it. Just breath and enjoy, let the chips fall where they may.

    140 days ago
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