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morning cuppa spark - hello july, and traveling again

Sunday, July 01, 2018

whoosh said june - gone and out the door. and now, finally silly season IS over. finished the last annual report on wednesday. and i am, amazingly, on vacay - no work planned for the entire week, and more or less taking most of july off. the last few days have been crazy between closing up the winthrop house, delivering claire to her summer mom, and taking care of last minute errands in seattle. now i have an hour to breathe while the house sleeps before getting everyone up for the trip to the airport and the next leg of our journey - on to new jersey/new york to see my 103 year old dad. he is not responding much at all now, not very aware. we will also probably get to see DS #2 and grandson and DIL, who are also heading to new york - on their way to visiting us in sweden in two weeks. we will probably have a minivisit with them as well.

june was tough. i was burning the candle at every end i could find, trying to get out and enjoy our amazing outdoor life, fitting in running without using up all my brain power for the day, and of course, work. the fitbit stats say it all - i fell short of the 500,000 step goal for the month by 8000 steps, but hit the 200 mile goal. and i am still on track for the year, with just over three million steps and 1200 miles for the first six months. so exercise is hanging in - and now with summer in sweden ahead, and time off from work, i should be able to spend more time outdoors without feeling guilty that i need to be indoors working.

food - i've kept up the meal planning by the day, and mostly avoided the NotMyFood category. now we've been traveling, and it is almost easier to stay on track when we are on the road since i don't have access to the kitchen and we never eat snacks in between times.

weight - well, not the best, not the worst. the slight shortage of exercise coupled with the slight excess of portion sizes (and DH insisting on goodies with tea at lunch time) have kept me close to scream weight. but i am still within range, just not able to "relax". vigilance is the word.

life - we are trying to balance by running every other day, and photo adventures every other day, except when work gets in the way (which has been a lot), when either one might fall by the wayside - running day because i have a hard time concentrating after running, and photo days because they tend to get verrrrry long, since we are having too much fun to go home and get to work:-) i have days and days of photos to sort through, but that will just be fun. and we are looking forward to more of the same now, when we get to sweden for the summer.

very excited about the week to come - seeing my brother in new jersey, my dad in new york, and the day after we arrive in sweden, DD and DSIL will arrive - they moved to stockholm last january and this will be the first time they are at the house without WISHING they were in stockholm, and we will see them LOTS. can't wait to hear the magic words - mom, let's go for a walk! i see lots of fitbit steps in my future... and a week later, when we have settled in and opened the house, DS and grandson and DDIL will arrive - full house! followed by assorted guests the rest of the summer. i will probably need a vacation from vacation.

but for now... one last peek at claire cooling off in her river tide pool from our last trail run in winthrop:

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