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Happy Saturday ... Finally made it .. a whole new chapter to my life !!! My training begins ...

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

It's done .. it's here .. now what ??

I was good and told the staff yesterday that I was "just" holding it together .. and they were good .. it was a fun day .. I did alot of last minute talking and talking and talking to the point of almost losing my voice .. lol lol .. I held it together really good throughout the day .. I got alot of my crying done on the way TO work ..and taking a deep breath before going in .. patting myself on my back .. actually did good throughout the day .. the few catches .. I made sure nobody was around ..

Then the end came .. I walked over to the girls to say goodbye .. and melted down .. I exited stage left .. and walked through the sales office, fast; and regrouped at my cubby hole .. I think the final step was seeing the cake box (only a small piece left .. one for me, and one I'll take over by mommy .. )

The girls came over and said I wasn't leaving without a hug .. Linda gave me the biggest hug I thought I was going to pop !! and Kim gave me a hug the same way .. I melted down .. I walked my stuff over to the shipping bench, and JT came over and gave me a hug .. and I was still crying .. I picked up my stuff, and was ready to go out .. and then comes Leonard .. I put my stuff down, and had a total 100% meltdown .. sobbing ... That was the final stop ..

All my grace and composure flew right out the window .. He just stood there holding me .. I said in between sobs ... I'm only a phone call away ... and his reply was "I know" ..

I cried walking out to my car, which was parked at the far end of the lot ..with my bag and my cake ... snurfling ..

The chapter is closed ..

Well -- the good news, before all this started and the girls knew I was starting to close down, and pack up .. Linda called over, and asked what I had planned for next week .. Well -- all I could say was "I don't have a clue" .. and she said that since the office was closing on Tuesday at noon ... they were thinking of going out for pizza and beer afterward .. I told them that I thought that would be fun .. but had to see with hubby first .. because I don't know if he has anything planned .. I know we have plans for Monday .. but that sounded fun .. we had fun last time when we went .. and pretty much everyone left their hair down ..

I couldn't say yes or no then, because I really didn't know if hubby had anything planned .. (you know Mr E .. lol) but when I asked him .. he didn't have any plans set .. so I texted the girls back and said YES .. just tell me the time and place .. and I'll be there ... :)

Now it begins .. ... .. *big smile* .....

Last night I got the most sweetest email that totally surprised me .. This person has been a friend for many years, but it's been an oil and water friendship .. He sent me the most wonderful email .. Everyone has been asking me "what are you going to do with your time?" ..and "you're going to go through depression" ..(which I don't think is going to happen once I wrap my brain around this) .. but his email was simple and gentle .. took me aback, and didn't question what I was going to do with myself.. He proved that he had been listening to me throughout the years, and understand that I have lots on my basket list ... I thought that was the sweetest ending to the whirlwind of the last month.... Special thank you to him .. emoticon

Hubby asked me if I had plans for the 11th and 12th ... some of the casino's up north are having grand openings on the 11th, and the party goes on until late in the evening, so he thought we would just do an overnighter .. I immediately go excited .. I told him I have plans on the 10th .. (pot luck dinner with my friends) .. but I don't have anything for the 11th and 12th .. :) So .. it's starting ..:)

He told me that since today was going to be so miserable weather wise .. (hot and humid) ... he would go on his errands, and then we could go out to lunch at Red Robin .. and then go to Pottowatomi, and use our $5 food money, and pick up a quesidea to bring home and reheat later, or tomorrow .. I told him that sounded good .. because right now, I have so many directions I want to go .. my brain is confused .. I want to work on my additional thank you notes that I need to make .. I want to do laundry ... I want to work on cleaning up the house .. I want to I want to .. I need to just take a day and focus my brain ..

Soooo I told him that sounds good .. but when he finishes doing his errands .. if he calls me and we could meet at the mall where Red Robin was .. that way I could go and run some errands on my own ... I want to drop off my "good bye" notes that I was going to leave for everyone .. and my "Sally Picture" for when the computer is being a poop ..It was common that the user would be having problems with something, and call me over .. I stood behind them and the computer would work perfectly .. lol .. So I have my Sally on a stick .. lol ... I'll drop that off as well ..

And then after he drops me off back at the mall, I hope to get some laps in .. to get some steps in .. We'll see what happens today ..

It's going to take some time for me to train for this new position .. lol ..

Some people questioned .. about Uli and TD's new puppy .. Her name is LolliPup, "Lolli" for short .. and when they asked me if they could get a puppy; I explained to them that they would have to take care of her; and make sure that she's being trained .. (you know me on trained dogs and well behaved dogs) .. I would help them, but they have to do the work .. Well -- you may have noticed there hasn't been much in the line of hyjinx between these 2 on here .. Lolli is doing her job at teaching them responsibility, under Hoot's watchful eye .. and my watchful eye on them treating her right, and teaching her what she knows .. so she was a good addition to their little family .. :)

Hubby stepped in it this morning .. I came downstairs after my shower, and his first thing out of his mouth was "I didn't know if you were going to do your blog anymore now that you're retired" .. Ummmm NOOOO being retired has nothing to do with my blogging, with the exception of finding things to talk about .. (and like you can see . that may not be a problem .. lol) but doing my blog is sitting, sorting through my thoughts (yes .. I'll still have thoughts, and I still have ideas, I just have more time now .. lol) but I enjoy my sitting in the morning with my cup of coffee, and just putting myself together for the day .. so yes .. my blogging will continue .. lol lol .. (can't go away from everything cold turkey .. oh my .. that would be dangerous .. lol)

So -- today I'm off .. but I have things planned .. hubby has left for his errands; and I will head upstairs and get myself ready to go to the office and drop off my stuff (after I finish with them) .. and then go to the mall, and maybe get my stepping out of the way first BEFORE I meet up with hubby .

I've got alot of dreams ahead ... I will talk later ..and until then .. have a wonderful day !!!!I'm going to !!!!
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    170 days ago
    OK you made me cry reading your blog!

    Everyone I know who is retired wonders when they had time to work. I am guessing that will be Sally and Mr. E!
    170 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    And so it begins... I wish you happiness in your new chapter and every following chapter.
    It sounds like you have a plan in place for this new time in your life. Enjoy!

    Lolli is a cutie. I’m glad she is keeping the boys in check.
    171 days ago
    171 days ago
    Good morning
    171 days ago
    Yes, as you say, the beginning of a new chapter in the book of Sally. It will be good! Awwwww, that’s ok that you snurfled! Actually, I am too, reading your blog.

    Glad you will get to go out w/the crew for pizza ‘n’ beer on Monday.

    Leave it to Mr. E to have an activity for you next week. Awesome! Enjoy.

    Good for you for having your Sally on a stick. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!

    OMG! Lollipup is absolutely totally insanely cute. I KNOW who you are thinking of! Just SWEET!

    Wow! No hijinx for Uli and TD?????? Hoot and Lolli ARE doing a good job.

    Seriously? NO SALLY BLOG?? What was Mr. E thinking????????

    171 days ago
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