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Happy Thursday .... Tomorrow .. Tomorrow is THE day !!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Today is Thursday ... Tomorrow is THE DAY !!! I feel weird .. I went next door by the girls, and joined in just casual conversation .. while I drank the frappe that Kim bought for me .. and then I sat in my corner for most of the day .. and that's just it .. I sat .. I sat ... and I sat ..

On the way home I called and well -- hubby was not in the house .. (he was out cutting the grass) so he didn't answer either of the numbers .. but... he came in and saw that I called (on the one phone that is only phone .. no data) ... and tried to call back just by clicking on the recent phone log .. Now my phone is area code 414 ... it dialed a number for the area code 617 --- with none of the numbers following even somewhat similar to my number number ..

He showed me when I got home .. and I did my testing .. I could call HIS phone and return the phone call with no problem (but we're on the same network) .. so I'm standing at the counter; and calling from one phone to the other .. and back and forth, and his phone works fine on the (outside the network) phone .. but mine doesn't .. no matter how hard I tried .. I rebooted the phones, and still nothing ..

Sooooo since my phone seems to be the only one that is causing problems, and I just had the change over (which they had problems with) pulling my phone from the company roster, to my personal name .. on June 5th (yes -- I have it noted in my calendar ..yes .. I AM anal) .. and I went back (before clearing the log on the No Data phone) and every one that I hit that was me calling .. did the same thing .. however, I haven't really called this number without hubby answering since June 5th ..

Soooooooooo guess what I'm doing this morning .. We're starting out at square one, and going to MY cell company this morning, with BOTH phones .. just so I can show them what is happening .. I was going to test it this morning, but I think everyone with the exception of Ben has IPhones .. and of course Leonard .. who has the same phone that I have .. however, is on the same network as I am .. I want to see what happens with someone OFF my network .. however, don't know if it's droid specific ..

I told hubby that if my cell company can't figure it out, he can take the "no data" phone to the other carrier, and see what they have to say .. however, I think it's MY phone .. So I have something to do this morning, because I'm planning on doing it at 10 ..

Roh roh .. you know .. my blogs will have to go in a slightly different direction ... my PEAK conversations are going by the wayside (for the most part) .. so just bear with me while I find my center once again .. :)

I had to laugh yesterday .. As I've said .. I'm doing ALOT of surfing on the Spark site .. due to lack of anything else to do .. lol. A friend posted on one of the pages that I frequent .. stating "I hope you have things planned .. because cleaning and yard work get old fast" .. and I listed all of the things that I have planned .. Never fear .. even though my blogs will be taking a turn, I'm not going to sit in front of the computer all day surfing through Spark ... lol lol ..

I have plans besides the stuff in my "basket list book" .. (bucket list sounds too much like "the end" .. "before I die" .. and that's a loooong way away if I have anything to say about it; so mine is a "BASKET LIST" ... lol) Yes .. cleaning the house good is one of my missions, and cleaning up my front gardens is another .. (play tug of war with China .. with the depth of some of those roots .. lol) I am reconstuting my craft room ..

I want to start working on some special Christmas cards. I want to use some quilting squares that mom's friend had bought for me .. I've made table throws for a friend, but have never made one for myself .. I want to make either a table throw, or a table runner ..

I have yarn galore .. and one of my friend's does "baby blankets for hospitals" .. I can use up my yarn for that .. I have soft baby yarn up the wazoooo .. (crocheting)

I want to make one of my table quilts/or lap throw for November .. November is the dog training club's big show -- and they have a raffle, that they donate the proceeds to to the local K9 unit .. and even though I'm not a member anymore (because puppy has passed, and well -- it would be $200 a year that I don't need to pay out ) ... I still have tons of dog based material .. So I want to make up a quilt to donate for that ...

BUT first I have to find the extra room in my playroom; in order to dig out my sewing machine, and table ..

Plus .. being my mother's main caregiver .. She's already got me reserved for helping her when she has her friends over for card days ... and helping hubby by taking her out on errands when she needs them, as well as going with her for girlie days' and getting our nails done ..:)

AND if that doesn't keep me busy enough I am planning on taking my walks more regularly .. whether it be outside, or at the mall, or at the gym ..

AND if THAT doesn't keep my busy enough .. I can always tag along with hubby and his daily excursions .. lol lol lol .. and his Wii bowling games with his friends .. :)

So friends .. Even though it will take awhile to get myself centered .. there will be no problem with keeping myself motivated .. and moving .. so no worries about me .. I will come through this .. it will just be a matter of finding my routine .. that's all .. I give myself 2 weeks to get that together .. :)

Hubby already told me that we are invited to a luncheon with his friends; on July 25 .. so see .. Sally will do juussstttt fine !!!!

I looked in the mirror this morning before my shower, and saw ... My belly is reducing .. I was so afraid of that "belly flap" turning into a loose skin flap as I slowly reduced .. (slowly is the magic word) .. and I am slowly seeing that "flap" get smaller and smaller .. I think my concerns and fears will be for naught .. I can only hope and keep working for the better ...:)

Okay -- I have to get myself going here .. so we will talk again later .. I wish everyone that reads this far .. (and even those that don't) .. a WONDERFUL THURSDAY !!!!

Tomorrow is THE DAY !!! YAY !!!!!

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