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This is What YOU Had to Say to my "Your Fate Could Be in Your Own Hands" blog

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

This message is for all who kept going when times got tough. Your stamina has sparked me for over the past six years to do the same: Regardless of obstacles … Keep going! .. And for those who commented on my last blog, as what you had to say enriched the message all the more. …::: I have poured over each and every post and decided to share and highlight several with the Spark world. "Our fate could be in our own hands."

This is just a paragraph to capture the essence …

Why let things pile up until we can hardly function. If we wait for someone "else" to take care of things, we may wait a lifetime because it didn't happen that way! And do we wait until the 'last minute' to take care of things, or establish a routine that works on a daily basis?
Don't wait for a crisis or an emergency to be your turning point.

DIROB57 "It's hard to lose weight, It's hard to maintain weight, It's hard to be overweight...choose your hard!"

KALISGIRL "We don't know what we've got until it's gone."

LESLIENORE: "I was at that crisis point, though none of my medical providers came right out and said anything... it was only after I had lost 100 pounds that my visiting nurse stated she hadn’t expected me to live another year... and yet here I am over 7 years later, because I made the decision to change my life due to a general sense of misery."

LINDA! "I do not want to have more aches and pains due to obesity. Besides, I feel much better when I exercise."

LIVINHEALTHY9 "A little hard work like exercise is better than a physical hardship later when we don't take care of ourselves"

NASKAB "Its up to me to be healthy or laze away in a fat mess".

BELLACUDDLES "For me it's planning ahead and finding and choosing healthy choices!! It is a a choice...junk or healthy food!?!".

AURA18 …"SparkPeople helped me go down 80+ and I aim to keep it off!"

ROOTIHAUSMAN "Routine for me has helped me reach my goals and be consistent. Living each day to the fullest because we don't know what is a happening tomorrow."

SKMINNY "all in the daily choice, chose your hard:
every single pound lost was hard, i don't want to find them again
i stopped smoking, that was hard, the benefits have been tremendous."

ONEKIDSMOM … Feeling good is goal #1. That is motivation that can stick!

SCHMUNDELN "This Blog resonates with me on so many levels. I took an A& P Class and the Dr. teaching it said that if he could prescribe the number one thing to keep people healthy, it would be exercise, and a balanced diet. Waiting until you are in pain and a train wreck is not the way to go."

PAMBROWNE62 … "Life is sometimes hard, but most would not give up living. Everything is about choice. What you choose reflects how you live".

1CRAZYDOG …"I am having my left knee replaced (had the right one done in 2007 and NO regrets). I was quite overweight when I had my first knee done, but really took it seriously to lose the weight. NOW, going into knee replacement #2, I am in MUCH better shape to go thru the surgery and recuperation! I am thankful and it is SOoooooo powerful to know we all have the power to change our fate! We have the power to write each and every chapter in our book of life!"

If you have not read: "Our fate could be in our own hands" I am including the link if you would like the entire message.


Thanks for stopping by to read, and again, a big thank you as ALL were my favorites!..
(There were many more posts that were exceptionally sparkful)
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