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Happy Monday .. Stressing .. 5 more days .. Nerves, stress and excitement in high gear here !!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

We'll call yesterday a WHOOPS day !!!! lol lol

I went upstairs in the morning, and had a good 1 1/2 hours before 11:00 (when Greekfest opened) .. so I went upstairs, after I finished my surfing, and finished my thank you cards, and got them out .. I have one more I want to finish, and that's to Bearings .. and that will go after I'm done .. I want to put little notes to everyone in there .. you know like when I sign a company card to someone .. Little encouragement notes .. so we'll be working on those this week .. because I'm leaving envelopes on everyone's desk either on Friday, or go in over the weekend .. So .. that thank you will be alittle more work yet ..

Sooo I set my timer for 75 minutes .. (before I had to start getting ready .. that would bring me to 10:00 .. ) .. and I played .. and played .. I didn't turn on the TV, and well -- right now my radio doesn't work .. so until I can get back in that corner .. I won't be playing my radio.... Sooo I played .. and enjoyed myself !!!

I brought them downstairs, all enveloped up; and ready to go .. we ran out of stamps .. (but hubby stopped and picked some up enroute to picking me up at the park and ride .. and mailed them out so at least they are out!! )

I looked at the clock, and saw 11:00 on the microwave clock .. I must have set my timer according to HIS bedside clock; which was never set for the Spring forward time change .. So my time to relaxingly get ready to go .. was no more.. lol lol ..

Sooo -- I ran upstairs and got myself ready .. I was meeting hubby half way so he didn't have to come all the way home, after the festival .. and I could just be on my way over to mom's ..

We got to Greekfest .. after hubby picked me up at the park and ride ... (good thing we discussed that before leaving, because he just "assumed" we would meet at the mall where we used to .. I told him that they have our spot all torn up because they are rebuilding it .. so since the "east side of the mall" is a big stretch .. we should just meet at Guerkes corners .. (park and ride)

It was a short stint, but hubby was nice and normally he parks away, after dropping me off; but since we were shorter on time .. we actually parked in the parking lot ..

We went in and got our gyro .. and he bought a Mikes hard cherry that we shared ..

I told him we had time to walk around the midway .. so we did one lap .. and then stopped for our honey puffs .. :)

Buying 2 batches .. one for us for the ride back to my car; and one to take over by mom's .. I got to munch out of both .. *urp* .. I brought along a zip up bag, and a grocery bag to put mom's basket in .. but had to keep the ziplock bag unzipped, because they were sooo hot .. they would have turned to mush .. YUM YUM HOT HONEY PUFFS !!!!!! :)

Anyway .. We finally got out of the parking lot .. the lady that is the head of the parking patrol, was the same lady that told me to "walk on the grass" a couple years ago .. and she was blocking off all of the out paths .. telling everyone they had to go down to the end, go to the entrance to get out .. STUPID !!!! Umm there's only one lane, and well .. there's traffic coming from both directions ??

Well -- there was an elderly couple that was pulling up just as they finished closing off our row .. and I gave my honey puffs to hubby and told him I couldn't just turn my head .. I went over, and held up the chain that blocked the path; and someone else held the chain on the other side .. and the couple could get out .. That was the most STUPIDEST thing I have EVER seen !!!! And hubby started yelling at a parking lot attendant .. I told him yell at the stupid idiot that did this .. but by then he had calmed down ..

Soooo We got back to my car .. and I was on my way over to mom's .. I called to see if she needed me to pick anything up and she had me pick up milk and banana's .. Well --- I got half way to her house, and realized I didn't have her house keys ... so I called her back and told her "open her patio doors .. I don't have the house keys" .. and went into a full conversation of "well -- you'll be down in the garage .. " .. No -- I still can't get in the building without a key .. just open up the patio door .. (she's had a sore knee, and I didn't want her to have to walk all the way down to the garage to open the door .. I would just walk out of the garage, and around to her patio door .. no biggie) .... I was still about 30 minutes away and still had to stop for her groceries .. Something told me that she went down and waited by the garage door .. Yup .. she didn't disappoint me .. I told her I was still 1/2 hour away when I called .. I didn't want her to have to walk so much .. *mothers .. why don't they listen to me ??? * .. lol lol

We enjoyed ourselves, and mommy hobbled around the condo .. which made me even madder that she went downstairs "for nothing" .. lol ..

We did get the puzzle we started last week finished, and we played cards .. she cheated .. lol ..

I left there at 5 .. and was thinking .. it was a nice night, I was tired, but it was a nice night, I could get in a 25 minute walk if nothing else ..and I looked at my step o meter .. I saw 6300 and change steps .. and thought .. I've cranked out 10000 plus steps the previous 2 days .. I think I'll just pass on the extra walk last night ....

I got home, I was pooped . and I took my stepometer off; and connected it to my phone ... and went upstairs to change ..hubby was making dinner .. and after all those honey puffs, I wasn't really hungry, but I did have 1 cheddarwurst on a bun, and a handful of chips ..

I came downstairs and it had registered 3616 steps .. WHAAAAA ????

Ever have one of those days that you could just laugh because everything .. literally everything you did ... was an uphill climb .. ?? Well -- that was my yesterday !!!! lol lol ..

Today is a new day .. I'm holding my composure here, because hubby has got a silly streak in him .. and it's only trying to build up my excitement .. and I'm working hard hard HARD at keeping myself at an even composure .. my nerves and anxiousness is top of the line right now .. It's just a Monday, and the unknown .. and Linda having had off for last week; and able to think of questions .. I know that Kim wants to sit down and go through her cliff notes for month end's .. I'm down to 5 days .. 5 working days including today .. FIVE ... I have to keep in my head that I've seen improvements over the last 6 months .. but in turn .. I had to pick and choose what to teach .. what I do was not just something that could be taught and moved forward .. My job came from practice and curiousity .. I can't afford to walk away and know that they will stumble .. and because they hadn't practiced and played .. like I tried to preach .. I'm afraid I'll get calls, and texts .. I taught them what they needed to do to keep the business running .. because there was no further curiousity; just black and white teaching .. which is not a possibility ... in my job .. there was wayyy tooo much grey in my job .. alot of logic put behind it .. it isn't / wasn't black and white click and get results .. I'm scared .. I'm nervous .. and I have to make sure I have my composure during the days' because if I show falter .. unsuredness (is that a word ?? lol) all my work on getting them to do their routine ..

BREATHING !!!! Okay -- I think I'm back .. I have to hold my panic to a minimum .. I can't let it out with hubby; because he doesn't understand .. I can't let it out with mom; because she doesn't understand .. I can't let it out with my co-workers; because their response will be "then don't leave" .. I have to hold it together .. so until I get my head wrapped around only 5 more days .. I have to let my panic out here, so I can walk through my day; and hold myself together .. so just bear with me .. :) Please .. :)

I'll stop talking .. I have to get myself some protien for breakfast .. to help me from snacking today .. I will have to get my head straight .. because I don't want to turn to food because I'm stressing ... lol ..

Talk later all, and hope you have a wonderful wonderful Monday !!!!!!
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