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Happy Thursday .. another week almost over .. busy weekend planned-everything falls on one weekend

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Yesterday was a good day .. actually a really good day ... I don't think I can think of anything to complain ... er ... discuss about .. lol lol

I had a good morning, putting together, and testing my "inventory project" I had been working on .. I finished the last patch, and tested it in my sandbox .. and got it ready for upload.. I can do it from home, because I transferred it to the server for holding ..

The rest of the morning, I surfed on the Spark .. and went over next door when summoned .. lol lol .. She had a good day .. and in the afternoon we actually had a lightbulb moment !!! :) YAY !!!!!

Gary came to get me for lunch at around noonish .. and we went to a little pub in the city .. it was yummy ... Yes -- I had a mixed drink .. and he had a beer. I had a "deluxe" grilled cheese, and he had an egg salad sandwich .. Mine was a toss up between a hamburger, and a grilled cheese .. but I decided on the sandwich .. thankfully, because I saw a hamburger that came out for another customer, and it was the size of the one that I got at Roberts on Tuesday .. lol .. but the grilled cheese caught my eye .. :) the deluxe had bacon and tomato on it .. All together now .. "oooooooooooo" .. lol lol .. no .. it was very good !!! and they came with a bag of chips .. so it was a nice size lunch .. and a very relaxing lunch ..

I was a bit concerned, because while Gary is a nice man; the only time he ever asked me out to lunch, cocktail, or over to his house (Annie is his wife) was to ask questions about his computer ... so I really wasn't sure of what to expect ..but it was a wonderful wonderful lunch .. :)

There was an elephant in his truck for a bit, probably because of that, but I've been doing some studying, for my changes on the new page I've taken over "Positive Sparkers" .. and rejuvinating it .. I've been looking at "icebreaker" subjects.. and so I ran through my list while we were driving, and we ended up that we didn't have any uncomfortable silence once we got to the restaurant .. Annie is getting into quilting, so we had a bit in common, because he asked questions about things she was doing .. We talked about gardening .. that I want to start working on the front of the house .. and he offered suggestions ... so it was just a nice casual lunch .. I told him that hubby and I have had a conversation .. we are not going to be together 24/7 .. we know people that have sold their extra car, and are with each other 24/7, and that would drive me nuts .. As much as I love hubby; we do have some different interests ..

But it was a wonderful lunch .. and I took a deep breath lol ..

He dropped me back off at the office, and I went back to my desk in the back, and well .. surfed the Spark .. lol lol ..

YESSSSSSSS I did do some work .. some of the guys came by and asked for this or that .. but that was pretty much it .. lol ..

We had a guest during the afternoon so you KNOW where I was .. for my happy time !!!!

Meet Nike .. the greek goddess of something .. (Kim is very much into Greek Mythology) .. What a sweetie .. :)

I came home at the end of the day covered in dog hair .. but it was sooooo worth it .. :) they are selling their condo; and before it was even on the market, they had 3 showings yesterday afternoon .. I told them .. Keep that realtor .. she's good !!!! lol ..

I left at 4:30 .. when Kim left .. and headed for home ..

There was a strange thing in the sky ..when I got home .. lol

So guess what .. Yup -- Sally got a walk !!!!!

And I walked !!!! I walked to the end of the subdivision ... the only problem was I had to walk back !!!!! I got back and rubbed my legs in with my magic potion .... because I knew I was going to be sore .. This morning my feet are hurting BAD .. Going to be a magic potion day to my feet .. there's been something going on .. I'll walk and there will be a ripping feeling from my arch to the top of my foot .. it's only momentary but enough to make me say "ouch" .. I walk and it works out .. mostly when I "turn" ... I'm thinking of visiting the doctor after retirement in regards to my legs swelling up .. "IF" movement doesn't make a difference .. I don't want to go now; for her to tell me "to move more" .. Once I finish, and start getting my regimine of walking in .. we'll see if my ankles will continue to swell ..if so THEN we will go to the doctor and ask questions .. but for now ... just continue to get as much exercise as possible .. :)

Today ... I will be just going in and sitting there for 'questions' .. I told Ben today we will work on the second half of pricing uploads .. teach him how to read the database upload information .. and do an upload into the sandbox company .. I'm here, but that's about it now .. My brain is going into retirement mode .. during my down time I think I will work on my "June 29th letters" that I'm planning on leaving for everyone ..

So -- that is my day .. According to the weather lady; I'm understanding that the rain is going to stay down south .. so I'm hoping there will be another night of outside walking .. but if not .. I have the gazelle ready for use downstairs !!!! :)

Kim's been leaving at 4:30 each day, so I'm thinking I'll get out again at that time as well .. I am trying to hold to my promise of being there at least as long as the girls (and Ben who leaves promptly at 3) are there ..

Yesterday afternoon we had a lightbulb moment with Kim .. She was in the middle of something, and instead of having to cancel out the entire thing .. I showed her how to do the "shortcut" .. which she never could comprehend .. so we worked with her on the long way .. she looked and said "can I enter invoices this way?" .. I said yea .. but it was confusing you earlier .. so we went through the full steps .. Whether she uses it or not .. who knows, but that was a good moment in the day .. :)

Okay -- now that I've rambled all over the board .. I wish everyone a great day !!!! cuz I'm going to !!!! :)
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  • LIZZIE138
    Love the pics of Nike. Whenever anyone had a dog in their car at the office, guess where I was? Outside petting & talking to the dog. It’s been several years since we had to put Maggie down and I couldn’t even consider getting another dog... till now. I’m thinking after camping season is over.
    I’m glad your final days are going so smoothly. I’m getting excited for you!
    173 days ago
    Happy 1st Day of Summer Sally!

    Count down is close!
    173 days ago
    Your visitor yesterday was awesome! When I go out, it is usually been grilled cheese & a bacon cheeseburger, too. Lately the burger has been winning out.
    173 days ago
    Love your rambling hubby and I did a hugs list of heavy outdoor toda pain
    Have appointments today stressed.the weekend jammed with activities,the good news we don't have to drive emoticon emoticon
    173 days ago
    Glad you had a good lunch.

    Awwwww, Nike is so cute!!!!!! Love that smile!

    Wow! 3 showings before their condo is even listed! Way to go. Definitely that realtor is a keeper!

    Yes, how ‘bout that! The sun did make an appearance yesterday! Good for your walk.

    Glad your brain is going into retirement mode. It all takes time!

    173 days ago
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