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How others celebrate their non-scale victories

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Below is the accumulation of everyone's non-scale-victories from my previous blog. WOW! It was overwhelming and encouraging to see everyone elses responses. What motivators you all are.

Non-Scale Victories

I can ride my bike as far as my kids want to go, i can get things out of a lower cupboard more easily, I don't avoid the stairs, I can play badminton, and I dont avoid the mirror.

I Can cross my legs
I am able to tie my shoes and still breathe
I can clip my toenails so easily
I have found some great tasting veggies I didn’t think I would like
Fruit is my go to dessert
I am eating more veggies.
I am trying new foods.
I am slowly gaining more confidence.
I am comfortable speaking in a group.
My meds have been reduced.
I look forward to progress in my life and this blog helps that progress.. You hit the nail on the head with this blog...

This is a great blog! Lots to think about.
1. I am eating more fruits and veggies
2. I am learning to resist sugar.
3. I drink lots more water.
4. I gave up soda pop!
5. I have learned so much about myself on my journey so far.

off insulin
lost inches
wearing smaller size clothing
going to gym
less bloating

You have great NSVs. Congratulations on all your accomplishments.

1. I was able to get off all my meds(beta blocker, blood pressure, cholesterol and acid reflux meds)
2. I am down from a size 22 jeans to size 10s
3. I have so much more energy and stamina
4. I an go up and down the stairs without holding on with both hands and pulling myself up with the railing
5. I have lost many inches off my body measurements.

I can light a decent amount of weights.
2. I have improved my sleep.
3. I have increased my water consumption.
4. I am eating more mindfully.
5. I am planning to ride my bike more this summer.

I am now a Size 12
2. I am more confident
3. I can climb stairs without being winded
4. I actually drink lots of water so I am not dehydrated (I think that's why I got headaches)
5. I am stronger

What a great list! Here's mine
My stamina has greatly improved when walking
My sleep is better after I've done workouts
My hair and nails are growing faster
My arms are gaining strength
My legs are gaining strength

1. I became a Marine.
2. I stayed married for 28.5 years when he passed away.
3. I raised two strong successful children.
4. I graduated with my BS degree.
5. I held a state license as a Licensed Drug and Alcohol counselor.
6. I have helped raise about 25 grand children.
7. I now have 7 great grand kids with 2 or more on the way.
8. I try to live life on a positive grateful attitude.

I have noticed some changes such as clothes, ease in walking, breathing, etc., but I still keep my eye on the scale mostly. Even though I have lost 62#, I am still looking for more.

I have to learn to take advice such as yours. For me, it is and always has been the number on the scale.

I can walk without my legs rubbing together
2. I can sleep better. No sleep apnea.
3. I can see my toes
4. I can wipe without difficulty!
5. I no longer need a seat belt extender.
6. I can fit into an airline seat without overlapping.
7. Went from size 30/32 Pants to size 12.
8. I can drive for more than a few minutes without falling asleep.
9. Blood pressure is well under control.
10. I don't have to shop at any specialty stores.
Woo Hoo you for all of your accomplishments and NSV!!

Love the blog. Thanks for the reminder of the non-scale accomplishment. There are so many.

I just have one important one that all others pales beside. Regular movement keeps me out of a wheelchair.

1. I can walk without my legs rubbing together
2. I can sleep better..(I don't need 5 pillows to prop me up).
3. I am able to touch my toes.
4. I can see my toes
5. I can wipe without difficulty!
1. I can walk up and down hills without stopping or slowing to a crawl.
2. Found out I really enjoy trail walking.
3. My dogs love me more!
4. My summer clothes were loose this year.
5. My GI is much happier since I changed my diet.
So happy for you all, I'm getting there.

1.Sleep Better
2. No more seat belt extenders
3. No more Lane Bryant
4. Can walk miles
5. Joined a gym and go at least 5 times a week
6. Put pants on standing up
7 Blood pressure good and Colesterol within normal range
8 Went from size 24+ to size 12
9. Don't mind photos of myself
10. Have been doing this for 10 yrs and there are many more NSV's that seem really normal to me now but, these are just a few. Spark has become such a habit with me I don't think I could ever see myself not doing it.

I have several but here are my top five. Because my weight loss journey is more about my health than the number on the scale.

I no longer take medication for blood pressure
I no longer take medication for cholesterol
I exercise a minimum of 30 minutes and have a streak for doing so. 453 days and going strong
I am no longer pre-diabetic
I am healthier now than I was 5 years ago

I am very happy with my weight loss but I am estastic about my improved health numbers.

I love celebrating NSV achievements!! Great list

1.High cholesterol is no more I control it with exercise and nutrition, a powerful one/two punch!
2. Adios fat, hello muscle
3. I met the inner athlete who lives inside me (beats morbidly obese & falling) it only took 57 years!
4. I feel gooooood
5. I do not recognize the girl in the mirror, I’m happily learning more about her every day.

This was suuuuuuch an uplifting way to begin today, thank you for this.
I love measure yourself in "contentment and laughter." This is SO true! for your blog today.

1)new shoes
2) have taken in some of my tops and pants
3) can walk further without having to sit down halfway through walk
4) have more confidence
5) no longer have to take high blood pressure medication!

good challenge and you have GREAT NSV's.

Here are some more:
1 - Can easily fit in an airlplane seat
2 - The seatbelt in the airplane fits comfortably
3 - I can get up off the floor with ease
4 - Can buy clothes because I love them not just because they fit
5 - Exercise is something I look forward to

All of mine have been named!! Isn't that awesome!! I can add that my DH calls me "skinny!"

Incredible blog, thank you for sharing your NSVs! Hey Spark People, we need more blogs like this!!!!

1. I'm more flexible!
2. I've lost 3 sizes!
3. I'm eating healthier!
4. I have more energy!
5. My wedding ring fits!

I am beginning my journey so none yet!!

This blog is GREAT … I mean it!!
And your NSV are Awesome!!!
(I would have to get back to you on mine)
But for now am Strong on resisting stuff that is problematic
or has NO health benefits.

One Victory is that from yesterday is I lost 1.2# … But that
is not a NSV. (I am working hard on change)

Great blog! Thx for sharing!!
1. I can Zumba for an hour without being winded!
2. My costumes fit again, for my performances
3. My a1c is below normal! My last blood test the PA said I had the blood of a 22 year old!
4. I am an inspiration to many!
6-18-18 Hummers fill my life with joy. I have several that 'talk' to me from our upstairs bedroom! So darling!!!!

Wonderful reminder Donna!
1.Can tie my shoes by leaning straight over
2. No seat belt extender
3. Freedom of going into my closet and knowing everything fits
4. Less stress on my knees and back
5. Feel normal and blend in with the group

Thx Donna for reminding us to do this exercise

I love NSV!! They are so important. Thank you for sharing
1. I no longer need an seatbelt extender on the airplane
2. I am more flexible
3. My asthma is under great control
4. I have longer endurance walking
5. I can wear clothes that flatter my body type
6, I do not have the stomach aches
7. I feel more in control of other areas of life in addition to my weight
8. I am compassionate with others trying to change
9. I can do more reps.
10, I have set other goals.
11- I get complements
12. I can provide care for child on dialysis
13. I can wear non stretch zipped jeans
14. I can get out of tub at ease
15. I can stop eating when full and not feel guilty not cleaning plate
17. I am not focused on food
18. I have not had migraines.
19. I add more spice to foods
20. I can adjust recipes to be less fat and/or less carb
22. I help local farmers buying seasonal veggies at the market
22. My knees no longer ache
23. I participate more actively in groups
24. Attended 50th class reunion and got many compliments
25. See more when travel as I can walk further. Climb steps etc
26. Do not avoid being photographed
27. More of a can do attitude
And many more.

great blog I am working on my list thank you for the encouraging blog I needed this this morning

1.Have energy to keep up w/5 y.o. grandson
2. Can shop in a regular store for clothing.
3. GI health is much better.
4. Blood sugar is under control!
5. Sleeping much better.
6. I am able to touch my toes!
7. I am able to SEE my toes.
8. Can navigate the stairs in my home much more comfortably.

Let's continue to give ourselves a congratulations for everything we do.

Have a blessed day ~ Donna
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