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Our Fate Could Be in Our Own Hands

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

As his Nurse in 2008, I stood by an Orthopedic Surgeon who was having a first time consultation with his patient. He examined the xrays of both knees which revealed there was no cartilage left. She had bone on bone as the saying goes and no cushion which is extremely painful.

Point blank he asked her, "What is it you would like for me to do for you?"

She looked a little surprised at him asking HER but she answered: I think I am mentally prepared I would like to go ahead and plan for surgery because it has become so painful to walk or do most anything."

Again, to her surprise, he said, "I can't operate at this time until you are willing to lose at least 80 pounds as you would be a HIGH RISK for surgery."

When the visit ended, he shook her hand, and said, "I hope to see you back when you are ready." Her fate was in her own hands.

The point to this is "Why wait until we are in misery and then find we have reached a CRISIS point?
Many times you hear people saying, "I just have no motivation …. My Mojo is on vacation!"

On the journey, I have found MOTIVATION can work in a positive way OR you can take a negative situation and stir yourself up that way too!! ..

Example of POSITIVE

I like to feel good!
I like to exercise because I feel energized!
I like my clothes fitting well.
I feel happier and stronger when I exercise and eat healthy.
It eases pain and stiffness.

Example of NEGATIVE:
(This statement is true and came from someone I know)

"I LOVE fast food and don't have time to shop or cook!"
"I keep having to buy larger bras and they still cut into my shoulders and more!"

Think of how hard it is to pack around extra weight as if carrying a back pack full of rocks!

Why let things pile up until we can hardly function. If we wait for someone "else" to take care of things, we may wait a lifetime because it didn't happen that way! And do we wait until the 'last minute' to take care of things, or establish a routine that works on a daily basis?
Don't wait for a crisis or an emergency to be your turning point.

"But it's TOO HARD to lose weight," one moans. It is hard, no denying. BUT did you know if we were to 'knuckle down' and make a challenge starting on July 1 to set our minds to lose even ONE pound a week we could be 25 pounds lighter by January 1st? …

Just some thoughts because there really is always a way for improvements and change if we want them badly enough. And, as KALIGIRL posted after reading: "We don't know what we've got til it's gone." ….So let's hang on to our health and do all we can to preserve it!

Thanks for stopping by friends and have a great day! emoticon
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