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Happy Sunday .. I found my voice again !! Whew .. that was scarey !! lol Happy Fathers Day !

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

I thinked and I thinked and I thinked some more .. :) and while today may not be a "normal" blog, I think I've pushed my way through my writers block .. Sally can speak again !!!!! lol

We had a wonderful day yesterday .. doing nothing !! I wanted to play up in my room, but never made it up there .. I wanted to do laundry .. but never made it up there .. (that's what today is for .. lol .. 2 more weeks and there won't be time limits as to when I can and can't do things .. ;) )

Instead .. I told hubby after I was finished "staring at my screen" .. (because I wasn't writing ... lol) I was going to run to the grocery .. I had wanted to pick up some bulk pork sausages ..

I have been finding since hubby takes his morning trips ... I've been just "pushing off to eat at McD's getting a couple of breakfast burritos to start my day, at $5 a morning .. That's almost all of my allowance in one week .. lol lol ..

I decided .. I should just make up a big batch, and in the morning, I could scoop some onto a tortilla, put it in the microwave, and have my own burritos .. so that's what I did .. but I had forgotten to stop on my way home on Friday night .. (pooped night) .. so I told hubby I wanted to run out to the grocery and pick some up .. He offered to come with .. and I explained to him, I don't want to make this into a long trip .. and he agreed ..

We ended up going to Meijers, and getting it, because I got a new dozen eggs, and they have jumbo eggs (which is my preference) for 89 cents a dozen .. and I picked up a couple of packages of english muffins as well .. Oh yea .. and my pork sausage .. lol lol .. (that would be my normal .. Ooo this looks good, Oooo that looks good, get out to the car and OH POOP forgot my XXXX (what I really went for) .. lol lol

We came home, and hubby had made a couple of suggestions of things to do ... while we were talking before leaving .. and they sounded good .. Yup -- took up the whole morning .. lol

We stopped off at a local mall, and took a walk .. Ieft hubby go through all of his stores, and I just stayed in the mall, and did the offshoots as well .. After a lap on the downstairs, and a lap on the upstairs, I had done 5800 steps (and change) .. and texted hubby that I was waiting for him in front of Macy's ..

5000 is my low goal I was happy with that .. since when I got home, I would be working in the kitchen, and planned on "not taking my shoes and socks off until closer to 5ish .. " .. I've found I'm more motivated .. don't know how or why, but wearing shoes and socks; kicks my brain into .. "move" .. so that will be a habit that I will hold onto .. and trust me .. that will be a difficult habit to hold; since I LIVE with bare feet, even in the winter ..

After our walk, he took me to Applebee's .. one of the gift cards that I got from my party ..

I had a yummy Thai shrimp salad .. with edamame, bok choy, a wonderful tangy thai dressing, and shrimp (along with other mixed veggies) .. it was so yummy !!!!! (and I stole a couple of hubby's fries) .. lol ..

After that we stopped for gas, and he bought me an Icee that I could enjoy for the afternoon ..

We got home and I dug into the kitchen .. :) and had a fun time just "putzing" ..

I had an apple that was starting to turn and get soft, so I cut it in 4, and walked it out to the back 40, and tossed it in one of the areas that is cleared out a bit, for the critters .. I told hubby either the critters will eat them, or they'll melt into the ground; and we'll get apple trees .. lol lol lol

I made up my "insides" for my breakfast burritos .. .. Almost had a disaster .. I put my eggs on the counter, (I used 7 eggs (what was left on my top layer) ) .. and I had put 5 on the counter, and turned back to the refridge to get my last 2, turned around, and one of my eggs were alive .. rolling rolling rolling .. and I proceeded to do a juggling act, but caught it about 1/2 inch from the edge of the counter .. lol lol lol .. That was the first one that I broke into the bowl .. lol

I cut up a chunk of an onion and put that in the pan, and sauteed that with some olive oil, and then I added my pork sausage and cooked that down. In the video I watched, they added green chili's and can of chopped tomatoes (drained) .. I didn't have either, but thought "Salsa .. " so I added a few spoons of salsa to my mix ..

I think the way that McD's keeps their egg soo yellow, is it's cooked separately .. well .. I cooked mine with the pork mixture .. and they came more of a brownish yellow .. but that's okay .. (tried some and it's yummy)

So now I have mixture that I can just put into a tortilla, and add a slice of cheese, and go on my merry way, without spending the $5 for breakfast .. :) YAY ME !!!!

After I finished with my egg fry, I cut up my watermelon that hubby had bought a week or so ago, and was sitting on my countertop .. :) and so that's all cut up and put in the refridge to snack on .. :)

By the time I finished that and cleaned up, I cleaned up my corner as well and filed my paperwork that was just thrown there .. it was 2 hours later .. and I was pretty much done playing in the kitchen .. I went upstairs and took my shoes and socks off, and that was literally it for the day .. :) I sat down, and that's where I stayed except for the occasional get up and move bits ..

About 4 in the afternoon, I offered hubby a drumstick ice cream cone, and had one myself .. and the dinner was just a munchie one .. I made myself some poor mans nachos .. some chips on a plate, shredded cheese .... put in the microwave for 45 seconds and then add salsa on top .. that was my dinner .. I just wanted finger food dinner .. and that's what I had.. :)

I just wasn't hungry yesterday after lunch, and I really didn't have the dreaded munchies .. I think that was a perfect day as far as I'm concerned !!!!!!

I sat in my sitting room until I went up to bed .. So .. after my 2 1/2 hours off my butt ... I didn't get much more yesterday but that's okay .. I had an evening of rest .. literally .. lol lol ..

This morning, hubby is going to go get some points at the casino downtown ... I don't enjoy doing that if I have to watch the clock .. and I would .. having to go by mom's .. so I'm passing on that offer.. He got an email offer for $5 off on a restaurant .. well -- that would mean a big lunch .. and he mentioned having grillers for dinner .. that would make for 2 big meals ..and nope -- that's not a good thing .. lol .. So - I'm passing ..

I am going to go upstairs and play in my playroom, and maybe put a load or 2 in the laundry ..

I have a stop or 2 before going by mom's, (if I could just remember what they are ....) .. but either way .. I'm going to go upstairs and play in my room .. I made a copy of my 8x10 picture, so I can just put to onto a board with a stick, and that will be my gift to Linda for my last day ...

I want to throw a couple loads into the laundry this morning as well .. before I get to the point of having to build a 3rd level on my home .. lol lol

and I'm going over by mom's this afternoon .. We have a puzzle to finish !!!!! lol lol .. It was a dickens last week, and she promised she would leave it for us to finish today ..

So you can see .. it's a quiet day today as well .. Gonna need it because this week will be another busier one ..

Linda's on vacation so this will be Kim's "test" ..
Monday I'll be in the office for only a short time, before meeting up with Leonard for some "administrative" changes, and lunch ..
Tuesday I think I'm going during lunch to get my nails done up again ..
Wednesday I'll be going out to lunch with Gary .. at some pub grill .. and probably not come back except for my car .. :)
Thursday and Friday .. well -- are Thursday and Friday .. and so far nothing more than just working with Kim on Linda's stuff .. and my stuff ..

Then we have 1 more week ..

I think the last week is going to consist of my personal notes to everyone .. and some last minute things ..

So -- I'm glad I found my voice again .. lol Not sure where it went yesterday .. but I guess even the BEST of BLABBLERs has brain fart days .. :)

Hubby is gone now, and I'm going to get myself a bite for breakfast, and we'll talk later .. (probably some of my burrito mix .. :) )

Wish you a wonderful Sunday .. and ...

HAPPY FATHERS DAY ... I miss you to this day daddy, but so happy that I was part of your life !!!!! I couldn't have asked for a better father !!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THOSE FATHERS OUT THERE !!!!! AND ALL THOSE MOTHERS THAT HAVE HELD BOTH ROLES !!!!

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