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Spark coach, have been using since 11/1/16,,,WOW just noticed!! EXCITED!!

Friday, June 15, 2018

If you're not familiar with Spark coach here's the benefits if you are please skip down to the **************
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I'm not sure of the cost, but on your home page under "Explore Premium" it'll say.

Maybe I'm a dudd?? Well,,,I don't always explore things on sites. Just a basic I stick to what I know, unless I have to as a leader(Gooooooo Dawggies!! A part of the 5% challenge!! Currently though not much longer open to new and former members. Check out my page for the SUMMER 2018 5 % challenge for more info. I've lost 121 lbs thanks to the 5% on the Spirited Under Dawg team,,NO surgery!).

But, I've been using spark coach almost daily now since that fateful day I joined about 18 months ago. I have been kinda ????? Stagnant . Though admittedly its info I've read before(NEEDED to hear it again!!) We are always changing.

Tonight on my welcome page,,,,instead of just doing the visualization and hitting the "I did this" button to progress to the Check in page(great way to review our day on how did I do with: poor to excellent,, a 5 scale choice)

I scrolled down lower. I hadn't done this as said before and saw: Sparkcoach Account settings. So I clicked on it.. Up came under the Basic Account settings that all this time I've been on the 90+days Spark diet!!! Now, my diet has been will probably always be a struggle, but its way better. I'm almost always in my calorie range. So the diet part I'm secure with my knowledge and very pleased with my recent changes.

I saw 2 other options: !!

Plateau Busting (28 Days) Your Current Program. It quickly explains a plateau is NOT a 1-3 week without weight loss,,,,its 5-6 weeks which could for some even be normal. I've known this from various articles(if u are currently do not have sparkcoach and can afford it , its a great, motivating feature and daily you'll receive info such as this tailored to you!!).

Plateau Busting (28 Days)

Though I'm not on a plateau I know I'll benefit from this section so that's what I changed my account to.

The video asked me 5 questions of which one was "Do you measure your food?". Hmm no I've been eyeballing it. Solo since I'm done with food for the night(almost 1_AM) I WILL in the morning. I already have my measuring cup out. Its cereal. I'll measure, weigh.

BINGO though I'm a seasoned sparker, I'm STILL by FAR learning, improving. I have perhaps another 35-45 lbs to go. Maybe. Its really NOT what the scale says, its when my boidy feels at its best. Almost there!!

Hope this helps those who've hung back from joining Sparkcoach and those who like me aren't explorers.


And for visiting my smaller world.

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