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Night/ Evening Eating That Sabotages Your Day

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dedicated to APPEALSTOME and all of us who suffer from this phenomenon:

You’ve done great all day, oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch and when you get home... the food monster comes out! Seconds at dinner perhaps or grazing all night. What gives?

Let’s also consider the vending machines at work and fast food and frappuccinos calling our names during the day for this blog. We can’t forget all the special occasions at the office with cakes and pitch ins either.

The first thing to recognize is that oatmeal or eggs is not enough for breakfast and neither is a protein shake. Eat a good breakfast that fills you up and will keep you going. The absolute worst breakfast is all carbohydrates because it will only last about two hours- cereal or oatmeal only. You need protein with that breakfast to make it last and curb hunger. Add a little healthy fat and you have a real winner!

Same for lunch... Get more than a salad. Make sure you have complex carbohydrates if you eat carbs and protein an healthy fat. Don’t be skimpy. Don’t overeat either. Use your tracker as your guide.

Dinner is the same- get a healthy amount of all of your macronutrients, carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fat. Again use your tracker to guide your calories.

Here we go- the evening and night frenzy- PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE!
Have easy to grab healthy snacks like yogurt, cheese and apples, nuts, fruit and cottage cheese... already prepped and sitting in the front of the area where you would grab snacks. Grab and go. Get out of the kitchen. Don’t linger. Don’t stare. Don’t consider what else is in the fridge. Grab n go. Have several snacks ready for several grab n go sessions until your body gets used to the plan and starts to naturally need less snacks.

The less processed the food you eat is, the less hungry you will be. So, I eat processed food, but I sure do eat a lot less of it than I used to eat! Try making your food fresh to curb your appetite if that is a real problem.

Beth Donovan
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