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Only words to explain this is.... oh no

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Three very packed days in Disneyland went way too fast. It was a fun trip, a very active trip and for the most part, a healthy trip. We ordered our groceries ahead of time so when we got to our hotel room there was fresh fruit, roast chicken, carrots, water and whole grain buns waiting for us. We knew we'd be hungry by the time we got there and wanted to make sure we had healthy options on hand. The hotel comes with a pretty good breakfast as well, lots of healthy choices so it was easy to not take a swan dive into a pile of fast food and do the back stroke.

We also opted not to get the transit pass and walked back and forth. Adding the extra distance twice a day meant we averaged 15KM a day each day in steps.

The girls had a great time and I was pleasantly surprised to how much they remembered from our last trip. It was funny to watch them put their heads together and formulate the plan of what rides to go on next. My heart melted when they got to sit on the front deck of the boat for one ride. They were so excited and so incredibly adorable in their princess dresses sitting on bow.

Now the "oh no" part.

The second night I had a bad panic attack. The girls were asleep in their stroller and my daughter decided I needed to go on Splash Mountain, that would take my mind off things and help the attack pass.

Seemed like a good idea.

I got in the single rider line, no line up and was let on right away. When I got to the boat he pointed to the front seat.

"Oh no."

Front seat you see the drops coming, front seat you get wetter. Front seat?!

When we went hung over the first drop I looked down and thought.

"Oh no."

When we hit the bottom and I saw the wall of water come up over the boat I said,

"Oh no."

When it went right over top of me and drenched me from head to toe and I then realized I was wearing a white tank top and white bra I said,

"Oh no!"

Then I started laughing.

When we got to the second drop and the wall again came over and I was now wearing a water bra I howled with laughter and said,

"Oh nooooooooo."

When we started up the big hill I remembered that there was a camera at top and the family I was on was on their first trip, they would probably want the photo. I tucked my head down, crossed my arms over my chest and when the camera flashed I laughed and said,


I could not stop laughing. When I got off the ride and found my daughter I told her to quickly hand me my sweater, I parted my arms and she then said.

"OH NO!"

On the bright side, it definitely helped the panic attack pass.

That and yesterday spending two hours with a real life Sleeping Beauty sleeping on me really made for a great mini vacation.

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