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Happy Hump Day !!! Goofy day yesterday .. what could go wrong .. um ... DID! but I prevailed!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I've got ice if you want any of the drinks iced as well ..

Made it through another day .. I think the girls have radar ... Yesterday morning, it was no fail .. I would leave the office side .. come back .. even if I took my time, or took detours .. I would sit down at my desk; and get situated ... and my phone would go "Sally... " and back over to the other side I went .. lol ..

Thankfully there was just enough times, that I could finish up prepping the last of my work from Monday -- so by the afternoon I could get to work on the next section ..

The chair that I was using was pretty much like me sitting at the big people's table at Thanksgiving .. and I saw a chair that was in the corner .. I could use that one .. :) so I switched it ..

I got it to my desk, and sat down .. Ahhhhh sooo nice to be at a height that I can actually sit without the desk being at my underarms .. lol lol lol .. I had it set on the highest level .. I sit comfortably when the desk is at just above my waist ..

I'm sitting there, and working, and whoops .. whoops ... whoops .. elevator down ... lol lol .. That's why it was in the corner .. the hydraulics of the seat were messed up .. lol .. before I know it, I'm back at the floor level ... I raise it up .. and it held .. for awhile .. all of a sudden .. whoops whoops whoops ... and I'm back at the floor level again ..

I went to Jimmy and told him that I found my chair, but needed help .. He's fixed alot of the chairs ... but he locks it, so it doesn't go anywhere... literally .. but it worked .. I now sit at the desk with my feet planted flat on the floor, and the desk just above my waist level .. THERE !!!! lol lol ...

I did have a problem yesterday .. out of nowhere.. Robert comes back and plops a card on my desk, took my hand and kissed it "princess style" .. It took me aback .. and I had everything to do to hold it together .. (I am getting pretty good at that I have to say .. lol) and then I read what he wrote .. I had a horrible time holding that level of composure .. I thought that was sweet .. Robert is a wierd little cookie, but has a huge heart !!!!

At 3:00 I was out the door ..... and on my way home .. I had to laugh .. I walked out the front door, because I said goodbye to the girls ..

As I was walking out ... Lois was backing out of my normal spot .. she looked at me, and looked around, and looked at me .. I walked by her car, and she rolled down her window .. she asked me where my car was .. I told her .. "I've been walking too and from work" .. Ohhh she's sooo gullible. . .lol .. finally she looked at me and said "nooo you're not" .. lol .. I told her, "No .. I park next door at the parking lot .. that way I get some walking in to get to my car, nobody knows if I'm the or not, and it's out of our parking lot so there's more room for customers .. " .. I got an "Ohhhh you !!!" lol lol lol ..

I got home and hubby was home .. I told him I was ready to go anytime he was .. He liked the idea of getting a walk in the mall before the show .. Well -- that was all messed up .. I sat down and was playing some video games on my phone, waiting for him .. he came down and sat on the couch and played video games on his phone .. and ... Finally he made a suggestion for dinner .. Culvers snack pack .. and I agreed .. and we continued to play our games .. I was waiting for him to say something .. Finally at around 4:30ish .. he made the suggestion that HE was waiting for me ..

We were in a day of "lack of communication" .. We went to get our burgers, and headed out to the mall .. Well -- the city of Brookfield Wisconsin is under construction .. and he turned onto one street .. and there was MILES of backup .. we took a bit of a detour, and almost got to the mall and there was a good 6 blocks to mile backup ..

Well -- by the time between construction and rush hour .. we got to the mall in time for ONE lap .. and we went upstairs, and there was a huge line ..

We got in line .. I was happy because I was sitting at over 7000 steps for the day .. but disappointed because I wanted at least a couple of laps ..

The line was LONG .. and the theater was crowded .. but the movie was AWESOME !! (there's a disclaimer on the screen before the show, because this was a premier, and isn't expected out for quite a while .. however if you want a totally stupid, belly laugh movie (and can handle some bad language) .. I recommend TAG)

However .. the theater was crowded, and I now know what a sardine feels like .. *rolling eyes here* ..

Between hubby *which is absolutely fine to cuddle with* I was sitting next to a lady about my build .. and every time I moved my right arm .. she moved in a little further .. by the end of the show the ONLY way I could sit comfortably was to cross my arms, and that wasn't even comfortable .. I tried to work my arm back behind her arm, so I could get a little chair arm .. nope .. I just ended up digging the edge of the arm into my forearm ..

Soo -- I DID enjoy myself, but unfortunately it was a very uncomfortable evening ..

They turned up the lights at the end and OH MY GOODNESS .. WHAT A MESS !!! the floor and seats were horribly messy .. there was food wrappers, soda cups, popcorn buckets .. Don't people know to pick up their garbage and take it out to the trash bins ?? I've seen dirty but this was a literal explosion mess .. lol lol lol lol .. Oh well -- We took OUR soda and popcorn containers out .. (but refilled them ... lol) ...

So .. all in all I was happy with yesterday .. but I'm tired this morning ..

Linda has the software consultant coming in today .. and she's entertaining Jesse ... I have to make sure that Kim knows to pass Linda's calls on to her voice mail .. Linda always did that for me .. it's Kim's turn to do it for Linda .. so we'll show Kim how to transfer to voicemail ..

The good news is I told Linda that she has to entertain Jesse .. and she could let Jesse go off on her own for lunch, or she could take her out and get some extra "brain power" for her buck .. She is to entertain Jesse .. (and take me with, because Linda doesn't have a credit card yet, and I do .. :) ) ... so I get a lunch as well .. :)

So I might have a quiet day today .. (NOT but one can hope .. right ?? lol)

Gotta get myself going here .. so talk later .. :) Have a wonderful day !!! It's Happy Hump day !!! Downhill slide from here ..

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