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Happy Tuesday ... 2 1/2 weeks left .. will my blogs get shorter after ?? Have a wonderful day !

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I've got ice if you want any of the drinks iced as well ..

Yesterday was a quiet day ... not much to really talk about .. Kim wasn't in .. and Linda had some questions throughout the day .. it seemed like every time I sat down at my desk; within a few minutes, Linda would call, and ask a question that I couldn't really give her info without seeing what she was looking at .. In turn .. kept having to get up and go back over .. We'd finish, I would go back to my side, sit down, and within a few minutes .. another call would come .. lol lol lol ..

I can roll my eyes, because I'm in a cubby hole, and nobody can see me :) but I NEVER put off them asking questions .. no matter how exhausting it becomes .. no matter how many times they've asked the same questions .. no matter what .. I have never ever put them off to ask questions ..

There's method to my madness .. the more I let them ask questions .. the less chance I'll have to get phone calls after July 1 .. lol lol lol ..

I did get out during lunch .. to just stretch my legs, and I was hungry for a Subway chopped salad... and chose the rotisserie chicken .. 1/2 sub size portion .. and LOTSA veggies.. ohhhh it waas sooo good !!!! yummmmmyyyyy !!!!

But .. I walked the long way over to my car .. around the corner .. I'm still parking at the far end of the lot next door .. and I walk around the corner to get to and from the office .. (more stepping) ..

I parked at the far far end of the parking lot at Walmart .. walked to the store, and bought my salad ...

After my salad, I walked around the perimeter of the store .. Actually I was looking for something, but didn't find it .. however, it ended up a couple laps around the store .. :) and then leaving empty handed .. I walked back out to the car, leaving from the far doorway ..

I parked back in my parking lot next door, and walked around the corner back to the office .. So even though I didn't get regimented timed exercise, I sat down very little until later in the afternoon when I finally got to work on my inventory project ... and worked on some pricing....

Not really sure what's up .. but anxious this morning .. Maybe it's just a fluke .. yea .. that's it .. just a fluke .. :)

I will be taking off earlier this afternoon .. Hubby got some free screenings of a new movie coming out "Tag" .. I looked at the trailer, and it looks goofy but it's free .. :) That's not until 7:30ish .. and hubby told me the "plan of action" .. we would go out for a bite to eat before hand .. I'm thinking it will be BK burgers and fries (he has one of those coupons .. ) but we'll see .. but that's for tonight .. I figured I would leave about 3-4ish ... and have a relaxing evening .. :)

I'm hoping that if we get to the mall early enough, we will be able to get a lap or 2 around to get some stepping in before the movie ...

Tomorrow we have a software support in, to help Linda with some questions .. and I told Linda yesterday to make sure she offers lunch plans .. (and I would be happy to come with since I'm the one with the credit card ) She said she was wondering about that .. I told her "Jesse is your guest ... you need to make sure she's comfortable" .. Even though this isn't part of the contract, and Jesse would find something for lunch herself .. it's common courtesy .. and it's what I've always done .. (Miss Manners of the business world .. lol) (plus I get a free lunch then .. lol) but she's Linda's guest so all I have to do is float around ... so Linda will be busy .. :)

Thursday morning I have my dentist appointment .. nothing special, just my 6 month checkup .. :)

and then Friday comes .. YAY !!!!

Other than that .. really nothing going on .. I have decided to put off my phone call to Snap Fitness .. I think I will just hold off for a bit .. I've been getting my walking in during the days; and haven't really been going to the gym .. I'm thinking that the change over to Snap can be put off for a few months, until I see what my life is going to be like .. and then I can make a decision .. 2 1/2 more weeks .. *as I take a deeeep breath ..* .. Yes -- nervousness does sit on my head ..

Should I be nervous, and anxious ... ?? I have asked Ben to set aside time to show him the basics of price changes .. and he's always said he's busy (which he is) .. I finally told him that "he tells me when he's got time" .. I have never put off anyone that has asked me questions .. or asked for help since the beginning .. he hasn't come to me .. This is a BIG job, and well -- it can be done manually .. but it has to be done ... I did give him a "book" Dick and Jane how to's .. but he hasn't come to me .. so that's making me anxious .. .. but I have to stand firm .. I can't keep hounding him .. Maybe my Dick and Jane series was good enough .. because he did have formal Excel training ..

I know that one of the things that Linda is asking Jesse to help her with is ODBC .. (pulling information from the Sage system, to Excel) .. and that can at least set up a worksheet for them to work with even if it is done manually ..

I am there until both girls and Ben are gone for the day .. so it's not like I'm not around .. sooooo .. should I be anxious ... No I shouldn't but I think that's where my anxiousness is coming from ..

But .. alas ... 2 1/2 weeks left .... and I did it again .. I'm focusing on the next 2 1/2 weeks .. I should be focusing on today .. Today I will be leaving at 3ish, and going to a movie with hubby tonight .. RIGHT !!! Okay -- I'm back .. :)

I got him this morning .. Blue Jay's are very skiddish birds .. and whenever I would get close .. he'd be gone .. lol .. I GOT HIM ... :)

Wishing everyone a great day !!! I am going to try hard to have one as well .. :)

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