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Happy Monday --- had a great weekend, and looking at a good day .. focus on today .. not tomorrow!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I've got ice if you want any of the drinks iced as well ..

That was pretty much my day yesterday ... Didn't get to the gym, but did some serious damage to my "bring home stuff" for 2 hours in my playroom ..

I went through and wrapped up 12 coffee cups that I brought home that I had collected over the years .. thankfully I didn't just take the box and take it to Goodwill, because there was one cup in there that a (back then) friend gave to me with a picture of puppy on the sofa with all of our beanie baby's during the beanie baby craz ..

This was the picture that was on the cup .. so I'm glad that I went through them, instead of just taking the box to Goodwill .. I went through a couple other things, and worked on organizing as well ..

After 2 hours of bending, carrying, and running up and down stairs, I was emotionally spent, and at a place I could stop .. .. and I sat down and played with my puzzle for a bit before lunch .. I knew it was going to be a bigger lunch, and was okay with that .. I was actually hungry !!!

For breakfast I made myself a small smoothie, with almond milk, banana, sf Smuckers Strawberry jelly, (saw a recipe using that and it was actually really good .. :) ), and protien powder .. and it sufficed for the morning, but I was hungry when lunch came around, and had 2 sandwiches .. and chips .. and then hubby offered me a drumstick, after I said I wanted a klondike bar .. and that was good .. and just enough ice cream ...

I played some puzzle, and got myself ready to go .. I called mom before leaving, cuz hubby hasn't been to take her on her grocery run for a couple of weeks; and I asked if she needed anything on my way .. she asked if I could stop and pick up a Culvers hamburger for her .. with just fried onions .. So I stopped there, (it's right next door to the Good will stop) ... and I know that she mentioned that she would put the sandwiches in the freezer, so I took my chance and picked up 2 for her .. so she has one backup ..

And then I stopped at Goodwill to drop off my box of stuff .. and found a bunch of "different routes" .. back to the main road .. lol ..

By that time it was time to get to mom's .. I pulled in the garage, and a lady was walking up to the door at the same time .. I said my hello's, and usually they go to the elevator .. (I usually take the stairs unless I'm carrying a bunch of stuff or with mom) .. mom lives on the first floor so it's not that much ..

I turn around, and this lady is right behind me .. lol lol .. Okay -- well .. we chatted up the stairs, and she mentioned she doesn't like standing and waiting for the elevator either .. I got to the first floor, and opened the door for her .. she said "nope -- I'm up one more floor" .. and asked if I was "John's wife" .. I said .. no .. I'm Betty K********'s daughter .... so as she was making the turn, she wished mom a good day as well .. lol . .Very nice lady .. :)

Finally made it to mom's, and she was so happy that I took the initiative to pick up an extra burger .. she ate one, and put the other one in the freezer .. :) She looked like she was in heaven with the burger .... lol lol lol ... she's such a goofus .. :)

We played puzzle, and it was a sticky icky puzzle yesterday .. we didn't get it finished .. the ONLY color in it, was a mama cardinal, with 3 babies on a branch .. the rest of it was all mottled blues and greens and browns .. We got the birdies finished before I left .. I kept putting it off, but in order for us to move on to the 500 piece puzzles .. we have to finish up the 300 piece puzzles lol .. this was the last one, and I had no choice .. lol We have a puzzle leftover for next week Sunday .. lol lol ....

I just shake my head ... When I stopped for mom's burgers; the bill came to $6.08 .. I gave the girl a $20 .. and told her .. "wait ... and gave her a quarter to cover the 8 cents" ....

She looked at me like I grew a 3rd head .. and called over another girl .. and finally looked at me and gave my quarter back; asking if she could just "give me the change for the $20" .. SERIOUSLY ??? You can't figure out $14.17 ??? change ??? Count .. 08 09 10, dime, nickle makes up the quarter .. and because the 8 cents was covered .. you count from 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 10 is $20 ..... Not rocket science people .. Computers are nice, but they have made the human brain worthless .. I just shook my head; and said that would be fine .. When I managed the restaurant; any of my employees that wanted to work the cash register; had to take a "change" test ... Yes -- it was before the days of computer registers, but they should still know how to count change ??? even in today's world ??

*okay -- stepping down from my pet peeve rant ... *

I have today free .. I can work on my project, because Kim isn't in today .. Linda did text me yesterday .. there was a bit of a goofup on her paycheck . and well -- that was pretty much my fault .. she likes 2 checks before her vacation .. that means there's a week skip ... Well-- her vacation is NEXT week, and while I was helping Kim with the process, because I only had 1/2 of a brain; I never put 2 plus 2 together and she got the 2 checks last week, and she'll be skipped this week .. her vacation isn't until NEXT week .. so I told her I would check on that today .. She'll adapt .. and I can probably adjust this week's paycheck .. we'll see when I get there this morning .. She only sent me a note because it was fresh in her mind ..

But today is a free day .. I don't have to be available for questions, and I can dig right into my inventory project ..

THREE more weeks .. 3 more weeks .. :) It's a change of my life .. and I'm excited, nervous, overwhelmed and apprehensive all at the same time .. but I'm dealing with it ..

I have plans for new "goal efforts" after my retirement .. I'm not putting them down in writing yet in public because I haven't worked out all the details .. but know I'm working on them .. I will be working in a new routine, and will have to make sure that I don't fall into a couch potato mode ..

But for now .. I need to get myself some breakfast .. so talk later, and wish everyone that stops by .. A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS MONDAY !!!!!!

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