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Happy Sunday ... Yesterday was a picture perfect day !!! and today's going to be better !!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I've got ice if you want any of the drinks iced as well ..

Ever ready bunny day yesterday ... and it felt soo good !!!! Friday was only a bad oops in the

Started my day finishing up my blog, and then meeting up with hubby on his walk .. He walks the long distance, and I walk MY "longer" walk .. and meet up with him .. well --- I was proud of myself .. When I left .. I hauled butt; and actually was just below a jog .. (minus the stress on my knees .. lol) I think they call it "power walking" .. and it felt great !!!!!

I met up with hubby and that's where I turn around .. but I planned if I didn't calculate it properly, I would just get to my point of plan turnaround; but because I hauled my butt, I got to my "imaginary turnaround point" and past .. :) There's a spot I MUST get to before I can turn around .. and I passed it and then some !!!

YAY ME!!!!

We got home, and I was so proud of myself, because I was "sparkling" all over the place .. and "glistening" all over the place as well .. lol lol .. I sat and posted on my other pages; until I stopped glistening .. then I could change into my "public clothes" .. lol lol lol ...

I got changed, and we went to the local grocery having customer appreciation day .. Unfortunately they had a lot of "barbeque" sauces on their tasting stations .. so I didn't get much .. there was honey, (and I got what sounds like a good recipe .. :) ), cheeses, sausages, last year they actually had a big 6 foot sub sandwich that they cut up .. but not this year ..

It was fun though .. there were some nice people, but our cart got stolen .. Every cart has a number on it, and they call numbers throughout the day .. We had 99 .. we stopped for a wine sample, and turned around, and the cart was gone .. ?? I went back to the lobby and got 73 ... The only thing that would have been worse is if the next number call would have included 99 ... lol lol lol ..

Hubby was disappointed, and I listened all the way out to the car "I thought there would sandwiches or hamburgers??" ... and offered to take me out for some lunch ...

I actually had enough to eat .. and I took my friends advice ...

This is ME saying NO lol I told him I was fine .. but if he wanted something we could stop ... he said he could get something in his running around in the afternoon if he needed ..

When we got home, I didn't want to come in the house yet, and took a walk in the back 40 ..before coming in .. I tried a "panaramic view" of back there .. I honestly was looking for bedding down grass .. but really didn't see any .. I found walking trails (from the deer), but not bedding areas .. I think the panaramic view came out pretty cool .. :)

I also got a shot of this little guy that came and posed for me ..

I did have alittle more to eat after he had left, because I got a bit of a growlies .. so I arranged a plate with tostito chips, and sprinkled some shredded cheese on it, and microzapped it for about 15 seconds .. (just enough for the cheese to melt) .. came to about 20 chips .. and that sufficed .. it was junk food enough to curb my want for junk food, and it was small enough that I didn't stuff myself .. and I put the bag away so I wouldn't have the urge to continue to munch ..

After that I went upstairs, and set up an area in the bedroom; and brought out my new die cutter toy ... and I made up the start of 8 of my thank you cards .... so all I have to do is put them together, and send them out .. :) I had to do some "reconstructions" in my brain, because my ideas didn't EXACTLY work out .. but that's okay .. they are still going to work .. (I think ...

These are only the fronts .. I'll cut them down and put them on the official cardstock; but that's easy .. Now all I have to do is "put them together" ..

This one is an angled shot to show the 3D of the butterfly ..

The top butterfly isn't secured yet .. but that's what it will look like .. :) I did learn something yesterday .. I was ripping my playroom apart (and that's not an easy challenge right now, because I have all of my work desk stuff in there .. (it's a mess) ) .. looking for double sided paper for my 3D butterfly .. and I couldn't find it anywhere .. Well -- I decided to try and just "fold" some paper in half, and do the die cut .. Well -- I found that not only does it cut it, but it presses it together as well .. Yes .. you can separate them, but it takes time, and those that will get the card, will throw it away and nobody will be the wiser .. lol .. but I was having fun, even though I had to change up my plans a few times .. I think it still worked .. Now my challenge is not to mess it up before I actually make a card .. lol lol lol ..

Hubby was out and about, and he did make a pitstop at home once .. and it felt good .. just to be able to play .. He came in and showed me that he bought me a present .. :) He bought me a bottle of Hershey's caramel topping .. YUMYUM !!!!! and then went back on his way after he put his groceries away .. He planned for a full day of coupon shopping .. so I just left him .. :)

After I finished cleaning up ... I need to be able to find my desk before I can go further .. (Miss Manners say's up to a year to send out thank you cards .. No .. it's not going to take that long I came downstairs .. by this time it was almost 5 .. I came down, and my wrist buzzed .. I MADE 10000 STEPS!!!!WOOHOO !!!!!! I was VERY proud of myself !!!!

I sat down and hubby came home, to drop off his treasures and go out again .. I told him I was hungry, and I was going to eat the polish sausages .. I had those with a handful of chips. He said I should just have the 2 of them .. and I agreed .. I was truly hungry .. my water was not sufficing .. and then for dessert .. I had a couple scoops of ice cream and the end of my cherry topping that I had in the refridge .. so I got my ice cream, but because "I" wanted it ..

I was proud of my eating, and not going along just because someone suggested to .. :) I had a wonderfully fun day, and almost have my laundry finished again .. lol lol

Hubby came home and offered me an ice cream drumstick .. and I SAID NO THANK YOU ... :) I had just finished my ice cream sundae I made for myself.. and I truly didn't want any .. so I SAID NO ... He went on with his "okay -- I offered" .. and my reply was "yes you did" .. and that's where it was dropped ... :) GOOOOD hubby!!!! lol lol ...

I had a quiet night but I was sooo happy about my day !!!!! I finally got to bed around 10ish .. I was VERY happy with my day ....

This morning it's raining .. and I've been seriously contemplating making an appointment to visit Snap Fitness .. It's closer, and if I travel .. I have more chance of finding one of those .. a single membership cost $35 a month from what I read .. and if there's a time that hubby wants to go with me, we can go to Planet Fitness .. where I have the friends and family membership (can bring in one friend and/or family member) .. Snap fitness is so much closer to my home .. so may just think about checking that out .. It's a trek to get to Planet fitness from home, and it's a trek to get to a mall from home .. so that could be another alternate during yucky weather ... Just thinking here .. lol

Hubby has lunch planned .. and then this afternoon I'll be going over to mom's .. I'm thinking my exercise will consist of working on my playroom .. and possibly take some of my "coffee cups" to Goodwill enroute to mom's .. We're planning on a heavier lunch, so I'm debating on stopping at the gym enroute (right next door to goodwill), and get at least 1/2 hour treadmill walk in before going to mom's .. We'll have to see what happens .. but I know I'll have "off my butt" time today ..

At the moment I'm a little overwhelmed .. Hubby just "reminded" me that I only have 15 days left .. 15 days .. I'm excited, nervous and overwhelmed .. My brain is going bananananananaanaaaaas right now .. Ohhh .. banana's .. I think I'm going to make myself a smoothie for breakfast .. banana, almond milk, protien powder, Smuckers sugar free strawberry preserves, and ice . Yup -- that should make a yummy breakfast .. (my belly's growling .. can you tell .. lol)

Have a wonderful wonderful Sunday !!!!

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