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Happy Saturday .. thank you thank you thank you !!! yesterday wasn't perfect but much better!

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I've got ice if you want any of the drinks iced as well ..

Yesterday .. Sally was back .. On the way home from the meeting on Thursday ... I picked up a couple of bags of chopped salads, a few cucumbers, and a few lemons .. I didn't go nuts, but got a few things .. I have been enjoying lemons in my water, and sometimes cucumbers in my water .. so now I'm restocked with that ..

I was concerned about my sweet tooth that has been attacking me, so I stopped on the way to work, and 1-picked up some turkey sausage frozen breakfast sandwiches .. and 2-a container of greek yogurt for the sweet ..a flavor that would go with my frozen grapes ..

I hadn't eaten breakfast before I left .. I was having belly problems ... but knew with the way things had been going I would have to eat something solid .. or I would be scrounging ....

I got to the office, and pretty much didn't sit down for the morning .. Every time I sat down, I was called back over .. for one reason or another .. It was actually a good day .. a REALLY good day ..

Linda had taken the bull by the horns and started working on her homework for the website .. I was really proud of her !!!!! Of course she had to do some of it over, because she forgot to hit a little button called "save" .. but it was a repetitive task, so it wasn't that much of a problem .. I was proud of her !!!! I think she's actually realizing that she will be the one doing this ... so she needs to dig in .. :)

I had lunch at the kitchen table with Linda .. and we talked .. she's still working through her challenges with her sister .. but she has gone to professional help and I told her that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her doing ...

I had my chopped salad mix (southwest), and a cucumber .. and I was full .. Thankfully I was busy enough through the morning. .. I had one of the breakfast sandwiches when I first got in, and it held me through the morning .. :)

Then ... then ... rohroh .... roh roh .... BIG rohroh !!! lol lol *jaws theme here* ..

Yup -- I pulled out my other 3 musketeers and yes .. ate it .. but I had it in slices .. that's a step above my old self .. that one candybar lasted me an hour ...

Thank you to all the suggestions you posted yesterday .. I so appreciated it and some I didn't even know .. and then one of my friends posted "lack of sleep creates sugar cravings" ... BINGO !!!!!!!

While I have been sleeping, and going to bed tired .. with everything going on; I haven't had a full night sleep .. I've had very broken sleep .. between my excitement for the party, and the server crashing, and the excitement of the "end coming near" .. and other things throughout the days .. I have not slept a sound night in about 2 weeks .. at least .. I've been functioning on pure nervous energy .. and I think it caught up with me ..

Thankfully Thursday night ... I actually got a full night sleep .. I don't remember waking up throughout the night .. so I felt good yesterday ..

I know you "can't catch up" with lost sleep, you just sleep until you're body gets back to normal .. Yesterday I felt much better .. but that sugar attack still hit .. just not as bad as the previous days ..

Unfortunately .. I didn't get a walk in .. I got home from work, and was literally exhausted .. My battery had drained .. I'm happy that I did not spend much of my day sitting at work .. only the last hour and lunch... because I ran out of standing jobs ..

I had intentions of peddling last night, and before I knew it after dinner, it was 9:30 .. and that didn't happen ...

I made notes of the suggestions that everyone gave me.. and the research that I did; while I was surfing around last night .. (not on my bike) ..

But you know what ... Yesterday was yesterday ... with the exception of no 'specific' exercise, I made it through .. I didn't have any snacks after dinner .. hubby made chicken nuggets .. alot, but chicken nuggets all the same .. and they were good .. :) and I enjoyed every bite !!! but I actually had no interest in after dinner snacking, nor did I have my "jelly belly jelly beans" snack before bed .. So even though I didn't have any "organized exercise" .. I still had accomplishments .. and everyone has off days of exercise .. so that was my first one in over 7 weeks ... (not including the time before I started recording it) .. I'm okay with taking yesterday off .. :) I could still record "off my butt" time .. :)

I'm happy to say that I think my sugarfest is over for now .. I'm doing serious thinking about allowing myself ice cream this weekend .. but we'll see .. it means having to change hubby's habits as well .. and well .. that is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE!! but if he doesn't suggest .. I may just stay away from it because it'll be safer .. there's always next weekend ..

We're starting out today with lunch lol ..One of our groceries has customer appreciation .. they have drawings, the racing sausages (Milwaukee icons), vendors with samples, and for the most part people are very happy during this event .. it's a fun event, and I've met some fun people .. and it's pretty much a free lunch, and a grazing lunch .. so that's where we're going to go today .. :) We have our drawing slips all filled out .. :)

Hubby is out for his walk .. He just left .. I may just do the "meet me in the middle" and get my walk out of the way .. while it's still cool out .. He just left, so I have some time ..

I want to start working on my thankyou notes for the gifts I recieved .. and hubby has himself setup for a ton of coupon/special shopping .. I told him he can go on that .. I have enough to do at home here .. :) I'm hoping to be able to find my desk, so I can start working on these things .. It's pretty much where I left it when I started turning into an emotional mess .. it's stuff from work .. I think they will be all the same .. just to make it easier .. :) all I have to figure out is what I want to create .. and then I can put together an assembly line .. and then all I have to do is make a personal note in each one .. so I'll get my creative on !!! lol lol .. May have to spread into the main bedroom for my diecutter table .. I don't have enough space in my playroom yet .. lol .. but we'll see .. that's the least of my problems .. lol ..

Okay little squirrel .. lol lol .. I'll stop talking .. 3 more weeks .. and then my stress will be "what will my blogs be about" ... Well -- after 12 years (celebrated my Sparkiversary on 6/7) ... I'm sure I can find something out .. I'm kinda thinking it will be my daily struggles .. my daily challenges, and my daily successes ... If you've read my blogs .. You KNOW I'm really not at a loss for words .. if I am .. look out .. something's brewing .. lol lol lol ..

Have a wonderful Saturday !!!! I wish you the best, and I'm making a couple more stops, and then getting myself ready for meeting up with hubby for my walk .. :)

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    159 days ago
  • NOMI_822
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    159 days ago
    I am very tired today so I will just say have a great weekend.
    159 days ago
    Sally you did good at thinking about all the things you do in a day. You did good at deciding who was going to do what job. You did good at training them in. I know you will miss hearing about their daily lives. But you can walk out that door on June 29 with knowledge that by July 9 the company will still be standing. It will still be standing on Aug 1, and Sept 1, and Oct 1. It may have changed but it will still be standing on July 1, 2019!

    Retirement on July 1, 2019 may not be what you thought it would be on June 29 at 6 PM when you've walked out that door and you've turned in the key, and you've driven away. The next chapter in Sally's life will begin. You may not know what June 30 holds but that's OK! Just know you are retiring and leaving your job in the best hands. Retirement is a magical door you haven't opened yet! On July 2 you can open it----!

    *Hope that made since!
    159 days ago
    glad you had a good day!
    160 days ago
    Glad you had a good day! And kudos to Linda for digging in AND getting professional help. It is NOT easy dealing w/family issues and sometimes we just cannot do it on our own.

    Good for you getting a good night sleep. Really DOES make a difference.

    Have fun @ the customer appreciation day!

    Here's something a friend told me long ago. Go to the mirror. Practice how your lips feel saying NO. That's what you have to do when presented with a temptation (like ice cream). Don't be afraid to say NO even if it's offered! Just sayin'. You are spot on that you can't change another person or their habits, but we can do our own changes a step @ a time! GO for it. You can do it. I know it!
    160 days ago
    Thank you for sharing
    160 days ago
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