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Epiphanies and patience (not my patience)

Friday, June 08, 2018

So, the picture is of the first fruit set on my dad’s PawPaw trees after over 7 years of tending them carefully and keeping them alive through the brutal western NY winters. We have had blizzards with high winds, temperatures below -40F... but my dad has protected and cherished those trees, and now? If all goes well... he will have done something that he was told he couldn’t do... grow PawPaws outside a greenhouse near Buffalo NY! It has taken tremendous patience and dedication, but that’s my dad! I am very lucky to have a dad like that, aren’t I? But that wasn’t my epiphany! I was talking with my best friend, and my niece, while we were at the salon getting our hair done... and it occurred to my best friend and me (it was actually an epiphany for both of us) that we don’t have to eat “breakfast” food in the morning, “dinner” food in the evening... we both are adults who live alone... we can eat what we want at the time of day that it appeals to us! It may seem small potatoes to most people, but this was a staggering moment for both of us! I have been having trouble with summoning up any appetite lately, especially in the mornings. But if I can eat whatever appeals to me... that opens up a whole section of options that I had relegated to “lunch or dinner” foods. I have no idea why that hadn’t occurred to either of us before. I have had leftovers for breakfast before, but that was more when I was heavy and would eat “anything, anytime, anywhere”. I imposed self discipline on my eating habits to get where I am today, but maybe I put too strict of limits on what type of food I can eat at a particular time of day? Hmmm? Not that I am going back to stuffing my face with all the leftovers in the mornings, but if I can tempt my appetite with cheese and crackers with my morning coffee... and skip the cereals and other “breakfast” food maybe I can go back to more evenly distributing my calories across the day... I like this idea! So, this morning I am going to try a small serving of cheese and crackers, with slices of tomato (have to have my veggies!) with my coffee... and see how that tides me over (and how my blood glucose reacts)... I don’t know why it’s so ingrained in us to eat breakfast food in the morning, specifically lunch food at midday, and dinner food in the evening (unless it’s a special occasion, and you are having breakfast for dinner)? Is it a cultural thing? Or a human thing? Hmmm... I am going to ask some friends who come from very different cultures what they think. I have one friend from Cambodia... it would be interesting to get her take on this...
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  • BJAEGER307
    You remind me of my son, who eats totally anything he wants when he wants. When I was young, which is many, many moons ago, I use to eat a cheeseburger for breakfast. My boyfriend, now hubby of 45 years, always thought that was weird, but that was just me. After years of conditioning, I think we fall into a pattern and that's what our bodies go with.

    So keep eating what makes you sustain your energy level, may it be breakfast type foods, or something totally different.
    149 days ago
    We change things up here sometimes. I have more energy in the mornings, so I putter around in the kitchen chopping, dicing, slicing, or whatever is needed. But by 3 or 4 pm I am bushed. If I have something in the crockpot I'm great. Leftovers are good. But if I have to cook I will often choose to do the easy breakfast thing. Not every day of course, but if it was a busy day doing lawn or gardening work, etc. DH is just grateful someone is feeding him!
    158 days ago
    Wow your Dad's gardening skill has amazed me ! I eat weird things at weird times always.It is common in Europe to eat cheese and crackers for breakfast ! I am chiked with the postal serivce they assured me you would have your parcel this week.Grr.
    159 days ago
    I have a friend that, when I asked if she liked to eat breakfast for dinner &/or dinner for breakfast, looked at me like I offered her raw snake. I enjoy mixing it up at times.
    159 days ago
    My favourite meals are having "breakfast" at supper time. My niece's eyes light up when we'd bring out the pancakes, eggs and sausages for breakfast. I've had pie for breakfast because as my friend said (who is quite slim), "I eat pie for breakfast. It is no different than having 2 pieces of toast with jam." I've woken up in the morning and ate soup, as I wasn't hungry for anything else. So go for it and I hope it all works out with your blood sugars. As for the Paw Paw, that is really impressive!

    160 days ago
    Hmm, yes patients pay. I have never seen PawPaws sold locally her. I would have loved to try them.
    160 days ago
  • MBPP50
    I think as long as it’s nutritious, eat what you want at whatever meal you want! emoticon
    160 days ago
    I have done this for years! My Dad was a tremendous cook, but his specialty was soups. So often, I'd have soup for breakfast! Nutritious, filing, perfect! Even in warmer weather, it still hits the spot for me.

    Not sure about the cultural thing, but growing up, when I'd stay w/my Grandmother (1st generation from Europe), she often would fix us dinner for breakfast! AND breakfast for supper! Her omelets were superb.

    160 days ago
    One of my friends from Hong Kong eats what I would consider dinner food for just about every meal. I love breakfast for dinner so much that we had it again tonight! Blessings on your healthy nutrition.
    160 days ago
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