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A figurative finger in the eye...

Thursday, June 07, 2018

I have been getting some interesting looks from the little old ladies in the building (and strangely enough some of the guys have looked askance) since I got my hair done. It is very vibrant! I know, I know... I am a 43 year old woman and this is a “young woman’s “ hairdo... but guess what? My spirit is still young though my body is fighting me I refuse to bow down and give up. The bright hair color is just a figurative finger in the eye to everyone and everything that wants me to stop doing and being who I am... who I want to be... (and that includes my own fears and anxieties!).

I did go to the salon with a slightly (just slightly) more conservative color scheme in mind, but my hairdresser asked if I wanted to try this and I fell in love with the sapphire blue color, so this is how it turned out. My gray was becoming prominent... and while I don’t mind going gray, it doesn’t make me smile when I look in the mirror. These colors make me smile. If I take care of it the color can last 3-4 months... it will be interesting to see how it fades out though, lol...

My mom was always tickled by hair color choices. She said that I reminded her of those vibrant, shimmering blue butterflies (I can’t think what they’re called right this instant) from Brazil (I think?)... and since she equated our spiritual journeys from life into death as similar to a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly... the bright hair makes me think of my mom... who is on the butterfly side of the equation now. My dad on the other hand just chuckles and smirks... he finds it entertaining, but slightly silly. Besides he is color blind so half the colors look like shades of brown to him... lol!

I have no choice about getting older, and my disease will progress as it will, but I can refuse to allow myself to get “old” in spirit! I choose to embrace joy and live my life, as bold and bright as I can manage for as long as I am able...

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