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Happy Wednesday .. It's been a busy couple of days !!! :) and LOVED IT !!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Monday we spent the day at Wisconsin Dells .. and just had a day of fun in the sun, and thankfully Mother Nature FINALLY cooperated .. lol lol .

Upper dells boat tour

First stop at Witches gulch ..

Mini Golfing

At the Water ski show

We did stop at the casino to use our free money and waste a half an hour before the water ski show ..

I was EXHAUSTED by the time we finally left .. 13587 steps ending the day .. Oh my goodness .. We got home, and I literally collapsed, but it was such a wonderful day .. fresh air and sunshine .. and it was relatively cool most of the day; but by later in the afternoon; it was getting warm .. I had jeans and tshirt on .. I did resort to the AC in the car for the ride home ..

Yesterday morning we were on the road early to Milwaukee Casino Olfarts day .. You play x amount of points and can spin for "free money" .. to be put on your card .. You play that amount and what you walk away with .. is yours .. Hubby got $25, and I got $15, with already having $10 on my card I matched with $25 .. Hubby did good, but I didn't do so well .. We play the money out; and when it runs out; we're done .. Hubby's goal is 50% .. out of that $50 .. we walked out with $40 .. :) So -- yup -- I'll call it a good day !! ...

We left after that, and went to the cellphone store .. to pull my cell from the company account; and make it MINE !! Well -- that was more of a problem then I thought it would be .. We went to hubby's cell store, and HIS favorite CS person wasn't there .. I wished we would have just gone to my store, because I know the entire crew there .. and I would have been much more comfortable .. but THAT part is done .. and I can relax a bit .. even though they ran into a few problems .. Hubby said he didn't expect it to take that long ... I told him I wasn't surprised, because when I go in for work things, it's taken up to 2 hours before I'm finished ..

Hubby offered to take me for lunch .. but I declined, because I was going out to dinner with my friends ... By the time we left, I was OVER hungry .. and ended up overeating anyway .. and with all the added stressors that have been in my life .. my party, what I have to finish in the next 4 weeks (3 1/2 now), the phone changeover, I got another phone call done that I was nervous about yesterday .. just mega sensory overload .. got me ..

I knew I was hungry .. I knew what was going to happen, and I didn't pull back on the reigns and told hubby that I was "just going to have some taco meat, with cheese, and salsa with some chips to dip .. and well -- the taco meat is gone, the chips are gone, and the salsa is gone .. *urp* ... and I suffered all afternoon ..

I couldn't keep my eyeballs open in the afternoon, and my belly felt flipfloppy .. and I thought NOOOOOOO I have dinner. .

I took a short nap, and got up and played puzzle .. I did have a few visits to the restroom, but whatever was in there, finally cleared up before I left .. but my energy for the night was a challenge .. However, when the girls got to the restaurant, my energy perked up !!! :)

I was sitting in the lobby waiting, and they walked in ..

They gave me a bouquet of flowers, bottle of wine, balloon and a card ..

I did enjoy my meal, but because I had a rough afternoon I have a couple meals left .. I, unfortunately, stayed away from my Tofu/vegetable hibachi .. and went to shrimp instead .. I didn't think Tofu would be my better choice .. lol .. The shrimp hibachi was delicious, fried rice and I ordered an appetiser of pot stickers .. I had a few bites, and enjoyed the company .. and brought enough home for 2 meals .. I'll take part with me to work for lunch today .. and then have the rest for dinner tonight ..

Back to work this morning .. Let's just hope Hope HOPE that I'm not walking into a nightmare chaos .. as I've been off for 2 days .. Keep your fingers crossed, but I have the guy coming in to fix our "offsite" backup system .. and he's scheduled at 9 .. and the rest of the day, I'm hoping to just continue working on my inventory project ..

Tomorrow I'm not going in .. I'm meeting up with Linda for lunch at the restaurant, and then to the website company so Linda can have some behind the scenes training .. I shut down the store, so it won't be as much to do .. and most things can be handled with just a phone call, but I want to make sure she at least has the information ... but it means that I can take my time tomorrow morning .

Wish me luck for today .. that I'm not walking into a hornets nest .. I'll be holding my breath ... lol

I just noticed .. I've become a leader in another team .. Positive Sparkers .. I did volunteer, and I looked through it .. there are only a handful of activity in there .. Stop by and visit ..

Hope it works .. I want to fill it in with my Obnoxious Optimism .. :) Positivity is the key to this journey in my life !!! so anywhere I can get more positive ... I will definitely have the extra time ... as hubby knows that we are not going to be together 24/7 .. after July ..

So -- with that being said .. I wish everyone a great day !!!! Keeping fingers crossed that I will as well !!!! :)

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