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Blood Donation Haters

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

I lost 20 pounds as of this week! I have about 8 fitness apps on my phone, and one tracks your first size and last. I hit the 20 pounds lost mark. Progress is good.
Unfortunately the way I found out was a bit of a downer. I donate blood at a plasma place for extra cash. You can get $300 a month if you donate at maximum. You have to pass germ, and 4 drug tests to do it, and I passed. I sat down and next get weighed by a screener medical typist at her desk. She was an African American lady who was very curvy. I have donated before, and typists do not have to call out your weight, and can type the answer quietly. Instead she shouts my size out loudly. Then she gives me a catty little grin. The joke is on her, and I squeal. “Woo-hoo! I lost some weight.” She blurted out a number 20 pounds less than I used to be so yea I am happy. I used to be badly sick with horrible body pain, and could not work out much in 2011 to 2014. Now I am not in so much pain doing fitness. I eat Slimfast twice daily, and belong to Gold’s Gym where I do 45 minutes of cardio, and walk a mile daily when not doing that gym activity. It is not a mystery why I am smaller.
The medical typist lady stops a pale blonde lady co-worker busy doing work in the hall, forces her to stop work, forces her to get on the scale, and forces her to say the scale is WRONG. Which must have been humiliating to the girl, and even small girls hate to be grilled about weight. In my brain I am like why is this jerk of a lady being so vicious and mean I did not DO anything to her PERSONALLY and FIRST? Then I think wow, she is one to talk about fat she is no supermodel her own self. They get to weigh and measure people donating blood all day, but the people donating don’t get to measure them in return. Workers who have had no power in life can’t wait to become the soup Nazi and say no soup for you in “No donating for you today” form at these jobs. I have seen this at every blood donation center. So I just smile and nod, and exclaim how right she must be. I want the donate money, and think this is pretty dumb. There is a payment scale for blood donation I have seen on walls in donation lines. Donate clinics pay more for heavy people donating, and can legally take more blood out of heavy people in comparison to light people. If her supervisors are making the scales extra light they are cheating the clients out of money, and she can get fired for pointing this out. So it is herself she is hurting. So sad.
Why do hate filled people have to smash your one happy moment of the week? I suffer from depression, and I don’t need more negativity in my face. Happiness is not a pie, and it does not make your slices bigger to cut away at other people’s slices. Donating blood uses up 650 calories a day, and I go to Gold’s Gym, and drink Slimfast. I double checked my size on other scales, and was small there too. I am a full 20 pounds smaller than my worst size, and so even a broken scale does not get in the way of a progress moment. Haters will see you walk on water, and say it is because you cannot swim.
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