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Saturday, June 02, 2018

WOW!!! Just looking at the number of the 5% Spring Challenge it looks as if I have done NOTHING!!! My weight is exactly the same on the day that we started the challenge. Even though the numbers are EXACTLY the same, 230.2 pounds, there is a HUGE thing going on in the background and here's what it is.

The entire time that I was at the Mayo Clinic here's what I did:

And More . . .

A lot of this . . .

I worked with these only I have to have my crossed with an "X" between my legs. It sure does make it more difficult. . .

I graduated from the yellow band, the easiest one to the black band, the hardest one and that's what I came home with.

Well, I must not forget one last component to all of this exercising. . .

Every morning seven days a week I do 30-minutes of stretching. But, now it's 40-minutes because I am holding my stretches for one minute.

Then Monday through Friday I have one hour of weight training with free weights and resistance bands. Then to top it all off I have one hour of cardio too. This is what I did at the Mayo Clinic and I am also doing it here at my home.

Okay, I said all of that to let you know that, "NO, I DID NOT, stand still like it appears because here is what you don't see.

LEAN BODY MASS: Increased by 24.0
BODY FAT MASS: Decreased by 24.0
BODY FAT %: Decreased by 10.4
BLOOD PRESSURE: My Systolic Decreased by 13 ~ My Diastolic Decreased by 24 ~ My Pulse Decreased by 18

And, I am no longer an Avocado Shape with is a Moderate Health Risk. I am a Pear Shape which is a Low Health Risk.

So, with all the stats I will say that I did very well in this 5% Spring Challenge and I am looking forward to the In-Between Challenge to see what my body will do during that time too.


- Nancy Jean -

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