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Happy Saturday --- TODAY IS THE PRINCESS'S DAY !!!!!! WOOHOO !!!!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Thankfully there is a rainbow after the storms .. For as chaotic as Thursday was, yesterday was a good day .. with lots and lots of questions, but that's just normal .. I got to finish my project that I started working on ready for upload .. and tested it .. it worked !! WOOHOO !!!

I got normal questions from the girls .. most they already knew, but evidently wanted reassurance .. I talked with Jimmy that Kim keeps forgetting the loan payment to him ... so don't be afraid to ask her for it .. For some reason she blocks that out .. lol lol

I set up an appointment with Leonard to go and get the administration rights changed with the cell company for the 18th .. that will basically be a day out and about .. cuz I told him that I really wanted to get there right when they open .. if we finish early we can walk across the parking lot and sit and have a cup of coffee at McD's .. before going to lunch at the chinese restaurant next door .. so that's planned .. and he wants unlimited data and I told him we can change that when we go ..

4:00 rolled around and I was out the door .. :) and off to my truck .. parked way over in the neighbor's lot .... :)

I have an option .. I can walk all the way around the corner (if it's wet and I don't want to drudge through the grass), or I can walk across the grass .. but its adding more steps to my day !!! WOOHOO !!! Surprising how you can find ways to "get steps in" if you just look .. and I'm learning how to LOOK !!! :)

I got home and told hubby that I wanted to take my walk first before dinner .. I did have a problem .. I had 2 cakecycles yesterday afternoon, and really not much in the line of protien, and my sugar was flipping out ... but I made it through my walk ..however had a bad case of the shakes by the time I got home .. We had hamburgers for dinner .. (from my cooking day on Monday) .. and hubby poured us a glass of sparkling grape juice .. (so more sugar) .. I had my first burger .. and it was soooo good .. and from the protien of the meat, my shaking slowed down .. My fault .. I had a happy day yesterday, and was sugaring, and caffiening .. well -- that's the result .. While I didn't eat MUCH throughout the day .. It was still not all good stuff .. lol lol lol ..oh well !!!!

I finished my walk with hubby, and boy .. I was a babbler .. (yes .. my brain is ready to explode, I have so much going on, and it's really now becoming real real !!!! )

I told him his challenge today is to keep me grounded .. I'm ready to jump out of my skin !!!! Robert did come up to me yesterday and apologize, telling me he wouldn't be there .. His wife's mother just passed away a few weeks ago and they are working on cleaning out the house .. and her stuff .. and well-- Robert doesn't multi task .. I just told him "thank you .. I understand.. that's a very daunting task" ...

I can't contain myself .. My challenges for today you ask ??? I know when I get like this "nothing food related is safe" .. I have to keep myself focused .. which trust me .. is NOT an easy task today ... but I'm going to try .. I told hubby that I pretty much want to hang around the house, and I have stuff up in my playroom to keep me occupied .. and I know I want to do a walk today to work off some of this building energy ..

Hubby suggested that I give him about 1/2 hour head start, and then walk to the end of our street (pretty much will end up as a 1 mile walk) .. He would do his around the subdivision (my current goal ... 3 miles ) .. and I would walk to the end of the subdivision main street and meet up with him and then we could walk back home together ... I like that suggestion, and will probably take him up on it .. :) (but dress warmer .. lol) and then we can come home and start getting put together ..

I asked him what time we would be leaving ... he said 4:45 .. to go get mom .. I wanted to know because I plan on seriously putting myself together, without having to rush .. (keep your fingers crossed) ..

I know my excitement is building and building .. while I'm sitting here, I feel like I want to laugh and cry all at the same time ..soooo with this being known .. I KNOW a good hardy walk will be good for me ... if nothing else to level out these mega emotions ... !!!!!

I told hubby I WANT PICTURES tonight .. I know I still have 3 more weeks, but it's feeling REAL REAL now .. and I am going nuts with that REAL feeling .. My efforts will be to keep myself busy so I can use this bounding energy for good .. and not for scrounging to eat !!! I know it's the weekend, but I think for now .. ice cream should be put far away .... Too dangerous ..

I'm proud of myself, that I'm actually realizing these things .. Today will be a day around the house but shoes and socks on .. just switching to warmer clothes before going out for a walk .. I will have something for protien for lunch ... because I know I'll be having a drink or 2 tonight .. and I need to make sure something is in my belly .. The old Sally would just go the whole day without eating, because I knew I was having a big meal tonight .. The new Sally knows there's going to be a big meal, but I don't have to save myself for that .. I eat like a normal person .. I've been working for this day .. now I have to put all the things I've learned toward the day ....

Then my next goal will be to make sure that my retirement doesn't turn into all food .. hubby is being really good with my concerns .. so that may not be as big a challenge as I had originally thought .. lol lol ..

I know this morning is wayy all over the board, but just bear with me .. :) I'm working very hard at keeping my brain reeled into my head, and not looking that far forward !!!!

My day of PRINCESS is finally here .. and by the end of today .. I will have something else to "obsess" about .. lol lol .. but for now .. I'm READY TO PARTY !!!!!! :)

Wishing everyone a great day !!!!! I'm going to !!!!
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