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Friday, June 01, 2018

That is just how I feel, At least I will have a couple days that the bank can't contact me. No, I am not running away from them, what I mean is that I can't call them. We spent 2 1/2 hours in there yesterday trying to get this all straight, today we got the Hit Man from a big office. And we got it all settled, I think, but he did tell us that, after we told them that we were finding another bank, and he said that was exactly what the bank had come with that they were no longer going to meet our needs. All this over one young whipper-snapper that thought he knew it all and made a bunch of mistakes, ending up destroying a few people, us being one. We have been with that bank for 50 years, and to be told that they could no longer service our needs, is a blow, but we are so ready to kiss their A$$ good bye. They have about cost us our living, and do we get a apology, oh no, they make it seem like it was our mistake, when we had the proof it was that know it all kid, but they sure make you feel like a total failure. So by the end of the year, we have to have a new bank. I just hate to have to call those automatic payment places and change all that, and a new debit card and all that. Well, I will glad do it to get them out of our hair.

Kathy was writing this morning about Daisy, her fur-baby, was frisky cause it was a little cooler and not raining. It reminds we of Duke and Merlin, in the early morning when it is cool and they get rambunctious, and run around like mad men. Well, like last evening I went outside to put put a sealer on the plaster flowers and here the Gunsmoke kids had discovered the large mount of dirt, it is several feet high, in the horse yard and they were playing King of the Hill, can't keep then in their pen, they just crawl thru the gates, in the grove, and in the horse yard. They were running up the hill and knocking the one on top off and waited for the next one to try and knock them down, and if no one came when they thought they should, they would just leap in the air and jump off the hill. They were sure enjoying themselves in the cooler evening air. But I didn't stay long, forgot to put the vanilla spritz on and the bugs were horrible, so I left them to their own amusement, while the moms ate grass on the other side of the fence.

Today, I HAVE TO VACUUM this downstairs. I kind of miss my MISSION buddy, she just disappeared from SP, and I haven't make those missions since she left. We kept each other motivated to get up and move, and I haven't even though about finding a new motivator.

Well, you all take care and have a GET day. I have to shake a leg and do that vacuuming.
The weekend is right around the corner. Linda

PS. hopefully hubby gets all the planting done today, and then he can just sit back and relax for awhile.

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    Perhaps your mission buddy is like me. My computer was hacked with spy ware. I only have my smart phone for SP
    555 days ago
    Sorry the bankers were such jerks. I hope the new bank will give you much much better service.
    The kids sound like a riot to watch.
    557 days ago
    banks can be pigs
    558 days ago
    DO NOT close the old bank out till all checks have been going to the new bank accounts for a few months. I did not know this ...what a nightmare!!!
    558 days ago
    Thankfully we have had very few & far between issues with banks over the years. That last one, a few years ago, concerned getting my signature notarized on a paper having to do with my cherished Aunt's will. I have totally forgotten what the concern was; however, when the inheritance came through I refused to put it into their coffers. We had never had any hint of concern with the other bank that we had accounts with, so eventually transferred all our banking business to them = have not had a single concern with banking since. I do hope that y'all experience the same headache free results with your eventual new bank, Linda.

    It might be a good idea to do some research & find out who regulates banking for that bank = a place y'all could file a complaint with. Better, yet, since the bank is not forthcoming with some type of compensation for those who share the same grievance, due to their employee's negligence negatively affecting their livelihoods, it seems that a few of you, in that group of customers, could file a class-action suit against the bank. It is an idea anyway, don't you know? It is frustrating that people are taken unfair advantage of &, then, choose to sit back & not do something to right the wrongs done them by such institutions. Sadly, banks & other financial institutions "bank on" customers not standing up for what is right! emoticon

    Your Larry's parents banked with that bank? If his brother banks there, too, & he is of a mind to change banks with y'all, losing two long time customers just might give someone, with authority within that bank, pause for thought before treating loyal customers that way in future.

    I so enjoyed your "king of the hill" account. I can only imagine what a treat it was for you to witness their cute was a pure delight for me to picture the little critters as I read. emoticon for sharing their adventure in the horse yard.

    God bless!
    558 days ago
    With all the bank buyouts and mergers, the rules keep changing. I would recommend finding a credit union instead. They tend to pay better interest and many of them are investor-owned and they do work for you and act like it.
    558 days ago
    So sorry about the bank fiasco. I am in your corner. Banks used to really try to meet your needs. Now they all feel, well, if you're not happy, go somewhere else and we'll have someone else to take your place. GRRrrr.

    558 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    Banks think that they are a god that we should bow down to. I have had my share of pain from them. Try and tell them that the customer is always right, they will only laugh at you. Seems that banks hire them straight out of college, and they have absolutely no manners. Although, we have one exception at my bank. She has been there about 8-9 years, and I try to go to her since I haven't had any issues with her. She found an error that the bank made on one of my accounts, and she made it right for me. Since I walk with a limp and I overheard a snicker from another girl about how I walked, and my friends stood up and told her if she is able to live as long as I have and put up with all that I have, then she has a right to snicker. She became my friend from that day. She is also very conscientious and thorough, But she is the exception to the rule. I hope you are able to find another bank. I know it would be rough to find another one after our 42 years with them. The bank had changed names three times since we joined them in 1981! Hope you have a good day.
    558 days ago
    The 'bank's banking on you not willing to bother to leave them". I think the bit of bother to change auto-withdrawal info would be a lot easier than what you've been through. BYE-BYE BANK. emoticon emoticon
    558 days ago
    That bank is terrible!!!

    The kids are sure having fun!!!
    558 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Yet another reason I never deal with a bank, I belong to two credit unions.. One for 48 years and the other for twenty.
    558 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    Wow I can't believe the bank just up and told you that. I have to go back in your old blogs and try and sort of understand what they did. I forget, but I know that you blogged about it. It is sad when someone just disappears from a site. I know when I decide to leave I'm going to put a blog, and say adios. Even though we don't know each other, we know each other. I hope I'm making sense. You become a constant on someone's blog, you consider them a friend and you care about them. Always made me wonder why people don't just say I'm not doing this anymore, but it was nice communicating with you. Because behind all this we are real people. Our worlds and words are real. That I feel we should be considerate of.

    Well I hope you find a bank that knows how to deal with your daily living situation, and one that is reliable. It seems that businesses just really don't care anymore for the one on one interaction.
    558 days ago
    Thanks for sharing the story about the goats. Sorry about all the issues with the bank. That just stinks.
    558 days ago
  • SUNSHINE99999
    thanks for sharing! Have a fantastic weekend. emoticon
    558 days ago
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