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Happy Friday .. TGIF !!!! I'm sooo ready for it !!!!

Friday, June 01, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Have the ice out for iced coffee and I have a pitcher of iced tea .. raspberry zinger .. :)

Oh my goodness .. yesterday was a mega blur .. I planned on continuing with my inventory project, and I walked in and there was a message from Website Bob .. to call him .. he was beginning the website store shutdown .. and wanted to talk to me about a few things.. Okay.. not a problem .. and I agreed with everything that he was talking about ..

I'm glad I stopped and picked up a couple of McD's breakfast burritos, and an iced coffee .. because I never got to my iced coffee until the end of the morning .. between Linda being off at the dentist, and Kim getting sleep the night before; and then Backup Jason calling to help me fix the offsite backup that hasn't worked since the crash last week .. and just alot of questions being thrown at me from every direction .. Well -- my intent of continuing working on my inventory project .. well .. kinda went back to the workbench ..

I was doing alot of smiling ..

I looked at the clock and it was noonish ... and I had been hungry for a Subway Chopped salad for lunch .. I had thought about it on my way to work in the morning .. and thought since I didn't have anything .. that would be PERFECT ...

Before I left for lunch I looked at the backup was creeping along .. and since I really don't know how fast it's supposed to go .. I didn't think much about it .. but when I looked at it at 11:30ish .. it was at .5% done .. Okay -- it seemed strange since it's been going since 9ish .. ?? but whatever .. I left for lunch ..

THAT was the wrong move .. but I am soooo proud of Linda .. (and I told her so in the afternoon .. ) .. she didn't have a clue what was going on, but proceeded to call everyone and anyone .. because while I was at lunch .. the Sage system froze up again .. company wide .. (not good) ..

After I finished my mega yummy lunch ... (I had a new guy just learning and he did a dynomite job !!! :) ) I decided to walk around the Walmart store (to get some extra steps .. (okay -- not really needed ) )

I tried something new yesterday .. We have a small strip mall next door to our office, with a hair salon, a pizza parlor and a printing company .. I parked at the far end of their lot, and walked to the office .. During the nice weather I can cut across the grass, but during the ickier weather, I can walk around the corner .. (sidewalk and parkinglot) .. but I thought (this was before yesterday) I could get more steps in this way .. and well -- it worked .. :) day 1 of experiment .. (besides they don't know that I'm here .. mwaahahaahaaa) ..

So I came back from lunch; all happy because I found a pretty skirt .. and with a pretty white top (which I have lots of those) .. I think I may have found my outfit for tomorrow !!! :) I also bought a "lunchables" for lunch today and brought that in to put in the refridge ..

I walked in the back door, and BAM!!!! Ben was back at his desk, and his first words were "bad news .. no Sage" .. *sssssssssssssssssssss* .. the air being let out of my balloon ..

I went next door, and I looked at the backup during the mega chaos of the stuff shutting down and freezing, and it was only .6% done, at 1:30 .. Nope .. not supposed to take 2 hours to go a POINT1% ..

So -- I'm holding it together, while Linda is calling talking to anyone .. (poor girl .. but she took the bull by the horns .. :) ) to find an answer .. she called the software company .. she called the hardware people, she called the "backup people" .. (who is supposed supposed to be my network people as well)

We finally shuffled Lois out who's walking in circles asking when the system will be back up .. finally I had to get short with her, and just tell her "it will be back up when WE tell you it's back up and until I know what's going on .. I don't know when that will be" ...

She went shopping for flowers and plants .. lol lol lol .. (this might have been a good thing) ..

While Linda was on the phone with HW John (normally HW Jim, but he was out on a call) I called Backup Jason back, and Wendy answered the phone .. I told her what was happening .. and evidentally she told Linda that Jason was out at a customer and wouldn't be back .. and when Linda tried to explain what was going on, Wendy couldn't help her.. but Wendy wasn't aware that he had started up a backup on our system before he left .. I called Wendy and she jumped into gear .. I wasn't there during Linda's phone call; but Linda gets a bit short when she gets nervous .. I pretty much tell the people what is going on, and get the response .. I told Wendy that I needed Jason's help, because my assessment was that the backup he started, created the system to crash ..and "this was why" .. telling her of my observations ... the .1% increase in the backup in 2 hours, the system being totally frozen .. and the only thing different we have done was start the backup .. She jumping into gear; and got Jason back .. She called me back and told me he would be in in 10 minutes .. lol

Finally "Backup Jason" called back ..

While Linda was on the phone with the hardware company .. (Normally HW Jim, but he's out on assignment so it was HW John) .. I used my cell to call the Backup Jason .. (confused yet .. ?? good .. so was I .. lol lol but I had to start at the beginning .. I had taken in everything that was going on .. Linda telling me everything, Kim telling me everything, Lois asking when the system would come back up, and Linda talking to HW John .. and my brain is processing all of this .. all at the same time (I STILL HAVE IT !!! lol lol lol ) )

When Jason came back in, he was surfing around in our system, and he said that Yup -- it's froze .. (well -- duhhhh) .. lol lol .. and told me to reboot it .. So now that HE told me to reboot it and it was HIS Backup that would have had problems .. I rebooted the server, hard reboot .. and while it scared me .. I couldn't let on .. but I had both girls there .. Kim had never heard the server reboot, and it sounds like an airline taking off .. so that startled her .. and it was funny to watch ..but I told them .. that is like heaven to my ears .. I LISTEN to my machines, and can tell you if something is going amuck ..

The system came back up without a problem (thankfully .. I was sweating .. lol) .. and I called Backup Jason back, and told him that the system was up again .. he tried to do some stuff, and it jammed up again .. He thinks that the blowout we had last week, that crashed our server .. took out the router to the offsite backup as well ..

This was a perfect learning experience for the girls .. I told them .. this is what is known as the domino effect ..

The server's mother board fried, because of a power flicker ..

The power flicker happened and the battery backup didn't jump into gear as it should have, ergo getting the new batteries for the battery backup ..

The power flicker also destroyed the offsite backup router, which should have been protected by the battery backup as well ..

Sooo my children this is what is called the domino effect ..

He had me plug in a Passport drive (mega external drive) and he started up the backup again .. an it worked .. so that also confirmed that the system fried out the external router .. and the backup went through fine ... he asked me to delete the other files on the drive, which was no problem, because they were files that haven't been accessed since 2017 .. I used it as a "dump drive" connected to my server .. I put my holding files in there, waiting for upload to the server .. so that wasn't a problem ..

I did tell Linda that I was proud of her for working on this on her own .. She'll learn .. however, for this type of situation .. if last week's crash would have happened in July .. I wouldn't have gotten mad at her if she would have called me .. as this is the first mega crash that I've been through as well .. there's only one exception .. I've at least been through individual PC crashes .. so I could help her out ..

I sent a note back to Website Bob this afternoon, and explained what my day was like .. and that I didn't get a chance to look at it .. but would try tomorrow ..

And then my nephew stopped in for some parts, and I haven't seen him in about 2 years .. he was all greasy; and I told him I didn't care (I'm wearing a white tshirt. but I gave him the biggest hug .. and his grease didn't transfer .. so he stuck around and talked for a bit .. He and our (shipping clerk) Ben are friends .. and Ben is Linda's son, so Linda knows him .. so he stuck around talking until my backup that I was watching over was finished .. :)

So -- Yea .. yesterday merits a HOLY CRAPDIDDLY ... Even with the mega chaos .. I am considering it a GREAT DAY !!! I STILL GOT IT !!!!! :) and I held my cool while there was chaos going on around me ..

Yes -- I did just have one of those cakecycles .. and JT, and Kim think I should start my party Friday night .. lol lol .. I told them "I'm game!!! " lol

However .. no matter what, I'm looking forward to today being more normal, and I can work on my project .. and while this is frustrating .. I really really think this has been a good thing .. because there's no way I could have described how to handle this (because there is no written script on troubleshooting) .. I'm planning on staying back in my area; and if the girls want to find me .. they can .. :)

Hope everyone else had a great day !!! all things considered .. I think I did .. I had my salad for lunch, and it was a new guy making it, and he did a really good job .. I got my quota in steps in for today, and I can honestly say I haven't had much "on my butt" time yesterday, and I figured out how to put my car in the parking lot next door, and get some extra steps in .. and I think I finally found a skirt for Saturday !!!!!

Today is Friday .. and I'm sooo happy .. and unbelievably content .. What today has to give me I don't know .. but TODAY IS FRIDAY !!!!

Tomorrow is my party .. and Sunday will be pretty much my day of rest (so far) ..

Monday and Tuesday I am taking off; and Monday hubby suggested to go to the Dells to use some of his coupons that he had gotten .. I thought that was a wonderful idea .. :) Tuesday, he will take me to get my phone pulled from the company account onto our own account .. (and then I can take Leonard in to change over the administration) .. and then Tuesday night I have dinner with my friends .. and I may just "dress" for the occasion now that I have a bunch of pretty dresses .. :) I'm just feeling good about ME !!!

Wednesday the Backup Jason will be in to fix our offsite drive; Thursday I'll be meeting up with Linda for lunch, and then off to our website company for her to be trained behind the scenes .. it will be much easier now that the store is closed .. and I will be there not only to bother Website Jim for fish recipes, because supposedly there's fresh fish in the freezer there for me .. :) and working with Joe on changing over the administrative rights to Linda ..

And then Friday shows up once again .. (then we begin the next week ..yup -- June is going to fly by .. ) and in between I can work on my "project" .. lol ..

So -- hope everyone has a wonderful day .. I'm planning on it !!!! :)

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    Oh yikes! What a horrible computer day! I would have been eating brownies about 1/2 through the afternoon.
    191 days ago
    Glad you got to see your nephew! How special!
    192 days ago
    Wow . . . that day would be an example of STRESS in the dictionary! BUT at least you got to see your nephew. Bonus points!

    I think you’re right. You day would also fit under the description of the word CRAPDIDDLY if it were in the dictionary! LOL

    Hope today is more normal for you, but as my Mom always said, normal is only a setting on the dryer. I think she’s right.

    Behaving? Put that off as long as possible! LOL
    192 days ago
    192 days ago
    What a day! Glad you survived!
    192 days ago
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