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Happy Thursday .. only 2 more days before party !!! :) I'm getting sooo excited !!!!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Have the ice out for iced coffee and I have a pitcher of iced tea .. raspberry zinger .. :)

Well --- the old adage of a good day is followed by a nightmare .. lol .. lol .. but once my brain came out of panic mode, I was fine .. I fought hard not to just leave .... and I succeeded .. YAY ME !!!!!

I was getting ready for work, and as I'm putting my shoes on; I look at the bottom corner of the TV, and see 8:30 .. WHATTTTTTT???? so that started my fluster ... Yes -- I planned on coming and going, but I wasn't trying to be there that late ... especially since I have a project planned, and wanted to dig in .. so that started my day .. Thankfully I'm only about 15-20 minutes away in heavy traffic ..

I got there, and got myself situated at my desk .. checking up on my emails .. and there was an email from Kim .. asking about a $23000 check on how it should be entered .. HUH ?? $23000 ?? did he talk to you about it .. let you know he was sending it .. ?? I told him we had the money, but had to transfer the money ?? So after my heart restarted beating .. I got up and went next door ..

BAD MOVE ......

I went next door, and while I'm focused on getting an answer about the check, which in turn turned out to be $6000 down payment .. (not as heart stopping) .. but while I'm talking to Kim about the check .. I talk openly between the girls, because I want them BOTH to hear what I'm saying .. I finish with my conversation about the check and turn around and Linda hit me ..with both barrels ..

Leonard computer wouldn't start up and she called HW Jim .. and he was wondering why the laptops weren't on WIFI and and and and and .. and I'm supposed to call HW Jim .. I called HW Jim, and left a message .. Oh ..and "good morning" .. I was shellshocked .. and just stood there .. I asked her if Leonard's computer was working now, and she said yes ... I said "then good work" .. and exited stage left .. Came back to my desk, went into my Wisconsin page, and posted "should have stayed home" .. and walked away . lol .. Thankfully I have some good friends on there, that boost me back up when I think I've hit rock bottom .. lol ..

HW Jim called me back, and he was very nice .. but he is .. I apologized, and told him that Linda wasn't aware (even though it was hardware .. ) that he is just for the server, and the server support .. not the individual PC's .. He was fine with it, but explained that they can call for anything, and if he can help her, he will .. but some things will be a charge .. and he will disclose that before hand .. but he was very cordial; and I never expected anything different from him .. he's a very mild mannered gentleman ..

I proceeded to pick up my pad of paper, and go into the aisles to work on my project .. and worked hard on calming my brain down .. to get out of fight or flight mode .. it was pitching heavily on FLIGHT !!!!! but I succeeded .... I fighted .. :)

After I regrouped, I went back next door, so I could "calmly" talk to the girls .. I asked Linda .. "did Leonards computer not start up or did it start and just couldn't get to the Sage system?" ... She said he was up and running, but couldn't get to the internet, or the Sage system .. and she changed out the "green cable" .. (network cable) .. I told her she did absolutely perfect.... and buttered her up .. and then I dropped the ball .. HW Jim is not for the PC's .. he's centered on the server area only .. and while he said he would be happy to help, his "coverage" does not include the individual PC's .. It was a prosperous conversation .. but I'm glad I stepped away first .. I explained that dealing with the computer system, is nothing but a process of elimination .. Is it just one computer that is having the problems, is it a section of computers having problems, is it the whole company .. that tells you if it's a network problem or an individual unit that's having problems .. and start there .. once you know where the problem is centered .. then you can focus on fixing it .. Leonard's computer was the only one having problems; and his system was up and running just fine, but the Sage system, emails, and internet wasn't working .. ergo .. start with the network .. you changed the network cable, and it worked .. but that's how you "maintain the system" ..

After that conversation .. everything else when absolutely fine .. I went over there every once in a while, so I could get "girly smells" .. lol lol .. I was working with grease, and yucky smells all day .. and they had a vase of peonies on Kim's desk .. and it smelled so sweet over on that side of the building .. :) so I kept walking over there, to get cooled off, and get girlie smells .. :) and sit and talk with them for a bit .. :)

I was very proud of my eating yesterday ... I took a box of "lunchables" with me .. with crackers, ham and cheese .. and then I had a bowl of watermelon, that I well .. finished.. lol .. For the most of lunch I was by myself .. but then Linda and Ben came back, and I sat and chatted with them while they ate ..

I got the growlies in the afternoon, but stayed away from the snack shelf, because part of me thought it was because of the added stress earlier in the day .. I had brought along a thermos of brewed iced tea from the morning .. and just drank that .. it helped .. but it was very difficult not to munch .. but I SUCCEEDED !!!!!!

I stayed until Linda said goodbye .. and then I exited stage left .. (my promise to myself was to be there while the girls are there) .. unfortunately; it was 4:45 by the time I shut down my system, and got my stuff together .. :)

Hubby had texted; and suggested "leftovers" (well -- that's not a challenge ... after my cooking on Monday; that's all we have .. lol) He brought out his hamburger helper .. and I told him I wanted Tacos .. (well -- burritos) .. So I chopped up a bit of onion and tomato; and enjoyed 2 burritos .. adding salad mix and salsa .. OMG were they good !!!! :) At the same time; I put away the "extras" so there would be no temptation to continue eating ..

After I finished ... I wanted something else .. but decided to wait a bit .. and found out; I wasn't my belly talking but my brain .. Once I convinced my brain that it wasn't hungry anymore.. I didn't have "dessert" persay ..

I was proud of me !!!!!

I didn't have "recorded" exercise .. but I was up on my feet 95% of the day at the office ... working on my inventory project. I recorded that as my activity .. It was hot and humid when I got home, and I was actually mentally exhausted .. When I was standing in the aisles, and my legs and feet started to hurt, I marched in place while I was getting the information I needed .. My coworkers already know I'm nuts, so didn't need to worry about what they were thinking .. lol ..

Soooo it was a good day after all .. and I made it through all my stressors .. and getting past my old stress relievers ..

I'll be working on my project again .. and I'm happy ... the heat and humidity is supposed to break today .. and I can open my house for the weekend !!! WOOHOO !!!!!

Still not sure what I'm going to wear for my party .. but well -- no matter what .. I am going to enjoy myself .. Can't stop me .. !!!! lol...

Thankfully I was busy enough I didn't have time to "think" ..

I wish everyone a wonderful day !!!! I need to get myself some breakfast !!!! :) Hope you have a great day !!!! :) I'm going to !!!!!

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