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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

This morning, one of the comments on my blog from 11/17/10 led me to a Spark Page from my long ago Spark Friend @VEMAN1. That got me thinking about the other commenter on that blog, @NINJA-NED, which led me to think about other long lost Spark Friends that seem to have fallen off the face of Spark Space.

Just in case you didn't know, SP has this new feature, (at least I just found it a few days ago), putting the @ in front of a Sparkers name tags them to your post. Sooo, @COLOURFULME @DIANE929 @@@@@@@ many, many more I have wondered about over the years.

The Leaders of the 5% Community realize that just because we love our challenge, it doesn't mean everyone will love it and want to stay with it for years and years like we do. We do however have one favor we ask before you leave. Please say goodbye. Please let us know you are leaving. There is no need to give us the details if you don't want to, but we are here to help you if you do want to share. Once you hit that Big Blue JOIN button you become like family to us. Please don't simply disappear. emoticon


So back to the 11/17/10 blog that led me to miss a lot of old SP Friends......

I overslept and went to work with a wet head, rumpled clothes, and no makeup or jewelry. At lunch, I ran to Target for a sandwich and coffee. Being a first-time Starbuckser I was overwhelmed looking at their menu board and offered the Incredibly Handsome Much Younger Man behind me to go ahead.

IHMYM: Is this your first time?
Me: Uh-hmm ugh yes, (why did my voice just sound like fingernails on a chalkboard)
IHMYM: What are you looking for?
ME: (In my head I dreamily say, Oh I am looking for someone just like you). In reality, I say, coffee. Just coffee. (trying desperately to hide the hole in my fuzzball covered hoodie sleeve)
IHMYM: May I suggest Pikes Peak, (? I know that’s wrong but that’s what I heard in my dream like trance).
ME: Yes ok That’s what I’ll have and make it a large, please.

The coffee maker, ( I can’t remember what that B word is at the moment. oh that's right, barista) brings IHMYM his coffee and he pays his bill.”My name is Chris,” he says extending his hand. (I’m thinking, Oh Dear Lord the hole is in my right sleeve), as I take his hand in mine. I am so self-conscious because of my appearance not to mention my weight. I just know everyone in the place is watching me fall in love with this IHMYM named Chris.

Barista brings my coffee. I open my wallet to pay. Chris gives me a sideways hug and says, “It’s ok, I got it, how do you like it?” (Just put your finger in it and stir, I think), as he carries my coffee cup to the sugar creamer bar. "6 creams and 2 sugars," I say. As he adds them to my cup I mumble my thanks and wish I at least looked the part of a cougar.

"You have a great day", Chris says with another side-ways squeeze.

Come back! Come back! Don't leave me, my mind screams as I watch him walk away.

The moral of this TRUE story is these words of wisdom from @Mom:
1. Always wear nice underwear in case you have to go to the hospital. At the original writing of the blog, I didn't really know why this was important. Since then I've had to go to the ER in the ambulance at least a dozen times so I can with absolute certainty say it really isn't that important.
2. It’s better to be late than go out with a wet head. This one should be gospel. No one ever deserves a bad hair day.
3. Always tell someone where you are going in case you get lost. Even in Spark Land.

And this bit of wisdom from my friend @MAUREENFBARNARD, NEVER, EVER leave the house with naked eyes! emoticon

Wise words from me, ALWAYS be nice to your elders. You just might make someone's day! emoticon
Just in case you're wondering, I never saw @CHRIS again.
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