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Happy Wednesday ... stuff going on that I'm not sure of ?? I think June is going to zoom by !!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Have the ice out for iced coffee and I have a pitcher of iced tea .. raspberry zinger .. :)

Well -- I am soooo proud of the girls !!!!! I was talking yesterday how I was worried about "being called after I leave" .. Well -- I took my time yesterday, and evidently the server had shut down over the weekend .. and it appeared as if the UPS (the battery backup) was 6 years old, and well -- fizzled .. Linda was afraid to push the server button because well .."it's a server" .. I can relate to that fear, because when I first started working with it, I thought the same thing, until someone told me "it's just another computer .. " ... and when it was opened up; I saw .. after all these years .. that's all it was .. was a computer .. and nothing more .. it's just scarey because the box is bigger, and what we know is all that it does .. and it's intimidating (I'm a software person .. hardware was only by necessity .. lol) ..

But they called Hardware Jim .. and I talked to Kim later, and she said he had called back and that she was ready to go over to the computer and push whatever buttons he told her to push .... but he asked for me ..

He got them to push the button, and it started right up .. (thankfully) .. but he has my cellphone number .. and just as I was finishing up my surfing around Spark yesterday the phone rang .. it's HW Jim ..

My heart went in my throat, and I answered the phone .. He told me everything that had gone on, and told me that he suggested I get new batteries .. I agreed .. then he said he could come down (he's about 1 - 2 hours away), and do it today, otherwise he's going to be starting up a big project, and we would have to schedule a time he could come down .. I told him today would be fine .. "IF" he got there before me, because I'm not going to be in until around noonish, to just ask for Linda or Kim ..

It was a very very difficult task for me to push forward and go have my nails done .. the past years was "get into the office as fast as possible, in order to fix the problem" .. That was my internal conflict going on .. As it was I was getting myself put together, and on my way .. Then I thought logically .. "he's going to pick up the batteries, and then it's a 2ish hour drive .. I can get my nails done first" .. Thankfully I thought it through .. because he got there at the same time I did ..

He's been there before, so he knew me .. I pulled in ad lowered my window and told him I would be right there to unlock the door .. In the meantime Linda had opened the door for him, but he stood and waiting for me ..

We came in and both girls were there, and I introduced Linda and Kim to Jim .. that they have full okay to make any decisions needed .. I introduced Linda as the Queen, and Kim as the Princess .. but both have the authority to make any decisions needed .. so that clarification has been made ..

He fixed the battery backup with the shutdown of the system for about 1/2 hour .. no biggie ..

I DID get my nails done .. I went funky ..

So many pretty colors, I didn't know .. so the last number I saw that I liked, I closed the book, and went with it .. I like it .. :) It's periwinkleish .. and almost looks like denim ... LIKINGGG!!!! and it feels sooo good to be freshened up again .. :)

My eating was back to normal again .. I had had watermelon for breakfast before leaving .. and that sufficed while I was at the nail salon ..

After my nails were done, I walked over to McD's and got myself a SF Vanilla iced coffee .. and it was yummy .. :) and I sipped on that while I sat with Jim .. I giggled, he thought he was taking over my "desk" .. and I told him .... I've back in the warehouse now ..

I got hungry mid afternoon, and I noticed I still had 1 more HB egg; and later in the afternoon, I had a "cakecycle" ... a salesman dropped off little cakes, that had a stick in them, and looked like popcycles . I had one of those ..

I left around 4:30 .. the girls were gone and well -- I pretty much did nothing but surf the internet .. for 3 hours ..

When I came home... hubby was home .. I told hubby that I wanted to take my 25 minute walk .. and he said okay .. he had gotten his stepping for the day, and was dressed for in house .. :) I changed into a pair of shorts, and was off on my walk ..

I got to the corner, and Judy was out working on her garden .. and Rayne was laying in the flower bed farther in the yard .. she looked sooo pretty .. and I brought out my camera to take her picture .. but by the time I could see my screen; there was the garden, but no Rayne .. lol .. she had moved .. DARN !!! She's turning into a beautiful german shepherd ..

I talked with Judy complimenting her on the successes that she's had with Rayne .. I've been watching .. the biggest one, was Rayne used to lunge at cars driving by .. and Judy is not a big person .. that could be dangerous for both dog and person .. but she's come a LONG way with that .. I was happy to hear she was going to the local dog training club... (I had gone there for Doga years ago ... :) )

We talked for a bit, and she told me the same stuff I've heard for 15 years .. "she works so well in the house .. she heels, she sits, she downs .. but I get to the class, and she goes bonkers .. " .. I told her that that was part of my preach for years .. In the house there's no distractions .. just going outside.. she's got squirrels, birds, even leaves that fly by .... and usually has the attention span of a gnat .. and then you get her to the class, with all these other puppies to play with .. OMG .. the attention span of a gnat just got smaller and shorter . lol lol " .. She agreed whole heartedly .. but I just kept reiterating how well she's doing with her .. She admitted this was her first dog EVER .. and she was seriously thinking of tossing in the towel .. I explained to her, it totally messes up your "routine", and it's just like having a new baby in the house .. NOTHING is NORMAL .. lol lol .. She agreed .. I kept telling her how proud I was that she pushed through her training, and how well she's doing ..

Because my walk really isn't long, I got to tease alot of dogs .. in a short time !!!! made me smile !!! :)

I got through my walk .. only adding 5 minutes from stopping and chatting .. but was "sparkling profusely" .. lol lol ..

When I got home, I had ONE hamburger, and chips .. (hubby had a bigger lunch so he wasn't hungry .. lol) and then we finished the apple pie .. :) I hadn't had much to eat throughout the day, I could have the 1/4 slice .. :)

I did run into a touch of confusion yesterday ....

Leonard was back from his vacation .. I sent him an email requesting the name of "his" website so I could tell my website Joe .. and he could create the link to connect to it .. (right now "coming soon" .. ) and I made a comment of "I hope you had a great vacation and a happy holiday weekend" .. and he sent back "I really needed this vacation .. the most in the last 10 years" .. Okay..

Later I was in the back trying to put my head together for today to continue working on my "inventory project" .. and he came back .. he told me he had told Lois that he was going to have a wine at the party .. maybe 2 .. I told him, that hubby was with me I was planning on having a mixed drink .. maybe 2 throughout the night ..

I explained that I'm not promising anything regarding my keeping my emotions in check for Saturday .. I'm going to work my hardest .. ... as time goes on, it's getting harder and harder for me to keep my emotions in check ..

He looked me straight in the eye and said "me too" .. and turned around and walked away ..

Now I'm a body language person .. it talks alot louder than vocal .. and there's something going on with him .. I honestly think this is hitting him hard as the time is getting closer .. I keep reassuring him that I'm only a "lunch" away .. lol .. everything that I saw yesterday was that he's not taking this well, and I'm going to have to have big shoulders I think on Saturday .. all I can say is thank goodness for "waterproof mascara" .. lol lol ..

I set up an "appointment" with hubby for next Monday .. at 10:00 to go to our cell store, and transfer my phone number to our personal account .. I told him I want to do that because I want to get Leonard in to changeover the administrative rights .. and this way I can do it without trying to get Leonard and Hubby together .. I still have the administrative controlling rights to the account .. so we're going to do that on Monday ..

I'm temporarily taking off on Monday and Tuesday next week just to regroup .. and Thursday I am meeting up with Linda at the website company to show her a run through of behind the scenes ..

Once my phone number is pulled from the company account, I can then take Leonard in and do the changing of the administrative rights ..

I have a funny feeling that June is going to go by really fast .. I think I can work on my inventory project in the interim .. as long as I can keep focus .. :) Yup -- I think it's going to spin by !!! the real is coming up fast .. the never ending weekends are coming up fast .. the reality of retirement .. and it's kind of scarey, but kind of exciting at the same time .. the last time I was "off full time" was because of medical reasons ... really kinda has me scared .. I know I will rise above any fears that I may have .. but for right now .. it's becoming real, and it's becoming scarey and I have everything to do to not have meltdowns at the office .. I foresee ALOT of walks in my near future .. the best thing for relieving "fight or flight" feelings ..

With that pouring out of all thoughts in my brain ..I wish everyone a wonderful day .. and we'll talk again tomorrow .. PROMISE !!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hugs~ This month will definitely go quick!
    196 days ago
    When I did "Color me Beautiful" I learned that Periwinkle is the only color that looks good on everyone. Enjoy.
    196 days ago
    Hi Sweet Girl,

    So glad you took the time to do your nails. They look great!

    So, retirement nearby? What are your plans post retirement? I'm retired--sort of. As long as hubby works I still have paperwork to manage but now without an office. For me it's a mess and not organized as I have always been with the paperwork but I'm gradually getting things reorganized at home. When I packed up I thought I was finished and boxed things with the idea of what I could shred first but I need things all resorted and maintained as I previously had done.

    What has happened in this semi-retirement is my routines and rhythms of how I did what and when. Hubby was not supposed to keep working , albeit part time. The person who was supposed to face a more difficult time retiring is doing great while I am struggling to find my footing.

    I hope things go smoothly with your approaching retirement. Emotions WILL be up and down but see this next chapter as new choices and experiences. It does take a bit of time to readjust for most folks.

    Have a great day!
    Lapperoo emoticon
    196 days ago
    Glad the transition is going smooth.

    pretty nails
    196 days ago
    196 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Hump day!! 🐫
    196 days ago
    Glad things went smoothly for the computer fix. PHEW.

    And hurray for the girls for handling that situation. I can only imagine that they were scared, but they did the right things!

    Nice to run into neighbors and even nicer to see how well Rayne is coming along! Kudos to Judy for getting help handling!

    Awwww, that’s kinda sweet that Leonard is feeling emotional! Yes, sounds like you’re going to have to have big shoulders and lotsa Kleenex for Saturday.

    196 days ago
    Wow you are a really busy girl! Congrats on being able to manage that because it’s a lot!
    196 days ago
    I think June will go fast for you too. Seems like the transition is going smoothly. Love the nail color.
    196 days ago
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