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Summer 5% Challenge - What to Expect

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

When you are overweight and you decide to lose weight, many people consider what diet to go on. I have to admit that I have been that person in the past, but as I struggle with getting the scale to move downward so that my BMI will get into the normal range, I realize that it really is more about living a healthier lifestyle than any number on the scale.

In order to get a healthier lifestyle, most people need to incorporate healthier habits in their lives. Healthy habits such as:

1. Drink more water. Many people do not actually drink enough water every day.
2. Get enough sleep. Did you know that when you don't rest well, you may compensate by eating more or unhealthier choices
3. Meditate
4. Exercise more, picking exercises you enjoy while working different parts of your body
5. Eat more fruits and vegetables, of "freggies"
6. Eat from a smaller plate
7. Spend "me time

During the 5% challenges, in addition to accumulating exercise minutes, we are encouraged to focus on one specific healthy habit during week one. During week two we are to focus on a new specific healthy habit and continue our healthy habit from the week before.

By continually focusing on these various healthy habits, I have finally achieved the goal of making many of these healthy habits stick. For instance, many years ago I drank sugary soda drinks. But, after years of focusing on drinking more water, water has become basically the only thing I drink. I now find myself having to limit my water consumption.

Over the past several months I have been focusing on limiting sweets and I am now to the point where I rarely eat sweets at all. In fact, when I do eat them, I find I do not feel well at all.

I have also been really focusing on getting in my "freggies" and for the first time I have been successfully getting in 5 or more freggies pretty consistently every day.

So, remember, even if the scale isn't moving downward, you can achieve a healthier lifestyle and I believe that if I continue making healthier choices I will eventually get the scale to move in the downward motion that I keep waiting for.
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