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Happy Tuesday-today my "sparse sally" begins.. Having my nails done this morning .. 5 more days!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Have the ice out for iced coffee ... I finished up the pitcher of iced tea yesterday but am brewing another pitcher .. it was YUMMY !!!

It was a good day yesterday ... I did an experiment (doing alot of experiments to find out how to keep up with my new change in my life .. I need to find out what will work and what won't)... I put shoes and socks on around the house .. sturdy shoes, not just flip flops or sandels .. but my tenny runners, and socks .. and I couldn't believe it .. I had energy all day long .. My feet didn't hurt, while walking around the house, my feet didn't get tired ..

Okay -- final results of my experiment yesterday .. I will have to put on shoes and socks after my retirement during the day just like when I have to go to work .. I will keep the shoes and socks on, until later in the day .. I don't like "putting my feet up" with shoes on .. it's bulky and clumsy .. so it's just not in me to do that .. I won't sit long ..

I worked in the kitchen yesterday morning, while he was running his errands .. I cooked up the 2 packages of ground meat .. 1 package into hamburger helper like he wanted, the other package I got taco meat; and about 10 hamburgers .. I cleaned up what ended up to be 2 containers of strawberries (not 3 like I thought yesterday), and I cut up the yummy watermelon ... and just finished up cleaning up (most) when hubby came home with lunch .. a 6 pack and a pound .. from Taco Johns .. each of us had 3 tacos, and a bucket of potato ole's (tater tots) .. That is the best meal in my eyes ... I love Taco Johns .. :) So I sat for about an hour while I ate my lunch ..

I noticed my eyes were getting heavy so got myself up and moving again ..

I also got all of my laundry done, I walked out to the back 40 to dump my grease from the ground meat, I moved all day long...

After lunch I finished cleaning up the kitchen, and went upstairs and started working on my stuff I brought home from work .. I got through 2 boxes .. of course my playroom looks like my work area from work exploded .. lol.. but I got through 2 boxes .. with my coffee cups, and as I was opening up my 3rd box .. I started getting really emotional .. I thought it was a good time to stop .. I DID walk in by hubby and asked him if I should keep a magazine I found ..The mail ticket still had our old address (we've been in this house since 1996ish) .. the SELF magazine was dated April 1984 ... Hmmmm Is SELF even still in existance ??

I got to my "junk drawer", and pulled out some of puppy's collars that she wore when she was at the office .. When I first got her; I used a kitty collar with a dinglealing bell so I could tell where she was around the office .. Yes -- she grew up at our office .. and there were a couple other collars in the drawer that she wore when she was there ... and her little super ball .. the small super ball was one of her "toys" at the office .. and well --- it just got emotional .. I linked all of her collars together, and hung them on a hook in my playroom ..

The box had the coins and bar chips that I had taken from Joe's desk drawer after he passed away (mementos).. so this was an emotional box .. and along with the realization that it's coming to a close .. I just couldn't handle it anymore .. Yes -- I will get through them because if I don't I will never be able to play in my playroom again because everything is all over my desk !!! lol ...

But once it started getting hard .. It was like 3:30 .. and I thought .. that's enough .. I went into the bedroom, took off my shoes and socks, and my brain just clicked into relax mode .. So-- I'm thinking that will be a habit I will continue .. and all that was because my feets were hurting in the morning .. I took the purchased arch supports out of my shoes and put the regular ones back in .. and it worked, and literally picked up my energy, and my feet actually felt good !!!!

I'm proud of myself .. I tasted the hamburger helper while I was cooking (one taste), and the taco meat (one taste) while I was cooking, and I had some strawberries while I was slicing, and some pieces of watermelon while I was slicing ..

For lunch I had the Taco Johns tacos; and tater oles' .. and I was worried about dinner ...

I drank my WHOLE pitcher of fresh brewed iced tea that I had made on Sunday .. so I got my liquid in .. :) lol lol (I'm making another pitcher today .. and I'll take it in a thermos to work with me .. :) )

And then Dinner came .. I wasn't too hungry, and like I explained in yesterday's blog .. I need to work on my hubby regarding my eating .. I may be home during the day but don't keep throwing "food" at me .. and break down my resolve; and willpower ... After my day on Sunday; I was a bit concerned yesterday ..

I did great !!! He brought out the container of hamburger helper, and he had 2 bowls (last I counted) and I brought out my "smaller" plates .. I took my 1 cup scoop ladle (from WW), and put one cup on my plate .. after I spread it around it filled my plate (eyeball therapy ... lol lol ) so I was proud of myself..

I did well yesterday so I treated myself to a 1/8 slice of apple pie .. There was 3/4 of the pie staring at me .. I laughed to myself .. on Sunday I was so determined to have my slice of apple pie with ice cream, that it didn't have any taste .. I was full, and made the mistake of stuffing myself because I NEEDED my ice cream (even though it was only 1 scoop .. my brain was on a FEED ME day on Sunday) .. but it didn't have any taste ..

Yesterday after my busy, happy day, I stood there and looked at the pie .. there was 3/4 of the pie left, and I stood there with an arguement going on in my brain .. I WON !! My brain was telling me "You ALWAYS take 1/4 of the pie" (store boughten small pie) .. my sane self went "You don't NEED ANY of the pie, but you want to treat yourself to a prosperous day" .. My bad brain continued pushing and pushing .. I had a small plate out, and it kept pushing .. "what could it hurt?" .. my sane brain came back with "it could hurt your moral, and your efforts you put into today .. " ..

I walked away with SUCCESS ... I had a 1/8 size slice, and actually enjoyed the flavor and taste ..

A friend reaffirmed one of my discoveries the other day .. I only TASTE just so many bites .. and after that .. it's just motion.. I think she said .. you actually TASTE only the first 3 bites .. and you know what .. (don't tell her I said this) .. I think she's RIGHT !!! lol lol lol ..

Today I am starting my "parting".. I'm taking my time this morning, and getting my nails done when they first open up .. I did tell the girls .. This will be the month of "is she here, or is she gone?" .. to get the girls even more dependant on each other .. (and get the bosses dependent on the girls ..).. Jimmy is getting good, but Leonard still has a problem .. He's told me that he has a personality conflict with Linda .. and I told him .. that's something you have to work out with Linda... because she will be your goto person .. They keep talking "you're only a phone call away" .. and well -- this is the reason why I'm going to take walks during the days, and just "not be there" .. and when they ask questions .. if it's something that I've shown them before .. my response is going to be "what would you do .. talk me through it" .. I'm not coming in with the answers .. I know there are things that I haven't shown Linda yet .. but the things I know I've shown them before .. they are going to show ME ... So -- unless they physically get up from their desk; and come back .. if I don't answer their page; they won't know if I'm back in the warehouse continuing with my inventory project, or not in the building ..

Pretty much "Sally has LEFT the building" .. today is the start .. Trust me .. this is going to be as hard on me as it is on them .. my emotions are starting to increase on a daily basis ..

5 more days until my party .. Still don't have a clue as to what I'm going to wear .. but we'll see .. I have 5 more days to get rid of this belly .. (NOT going to happen .. lol lol lol ) but hoping this week I can get out for even walks around the blocks .. The temperatures are going down (supposedly) .. and my "stepping away" has begun ...

I hope you will enjoy my "new format" to my blogs .. Any input would be greatly appreciated .. it's more learning and experimenting (since I hopefully won't have as many "work" stories to talk about .. it has to be my learning with new experiences and changing my routines !!! )

I've learned that I can make my "own exercises" in the fitness exercise section .. and since right now I'm really not worried about calories spent .. just that I did something .. I have created an "Off my butt" favorite .. I'm only calculating it as 1 calorie per minute .. If I start getting anal (which I have a habit of doing), I will stop it all .. because of frustration .. but after thinking about it .. yes .. I have my regimented XX amount of stepping during my walks .. but what about all the other times I'm not sitting on my butt .. working in the kitchen, running up and down the stairs doing laundry, working outside ..unless I want to physically time those "other things" down to the anal minute .. I'm still moving .. and since I'm not concerned with "calories in and calories out" right now .. that will be my go to ..

I got the idea when surfing through other's "fitness journals" .. and seeing "All day", and "everything else" .. and friends telling me .. that even though organized exercise is a good thing, (and yes .. that I itemize because it's a personal "proud of me" moment); I have my "off my butt" category for all those other times that I'm up and moving that I don't itemize ..

So -- I'm opening the door .. any "POSITIVE" reinforcement is happily accepted while I learn more and more about my new life .. NEGATIVE NELLY's will not be accepted and will be deleted .. corrective suggestions can be made without making others feel like idiots (which I'm far from) .. I appreciate all of my regular friends that stop in, and I appreciate my NEW friends .. (whether they read my blabble or are just getting their Sparkpoints .. lol) I appreciate all that stop in and visit .. :)

Let's bring out the dancing Unicorns .. and get our move on !!!!

Wishing everyone a great day !!!! and we'll talk again later !!! :)

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hope you enjoyed your pampering yesterday!

    I'm sure the 'you are only a call away' is more a mental blanket for them right now. You've taught them well.

    196 days ago
    Hi, i too keep momentos of friends who have passed. It is hard & emotionally exhausting dealing with these items when it is time to decide what to do with them.
    197 days ago

    We certainly ARE all experiments – ongoing! I have done the shoes and sox thing for years (FlyLady has that as one of her first principles for getting organized) and it WORKS.

    You were a little cook yesterday! Good for you.

    Just know . . . it’s all right . . . it’s healthy . . .to feel the emotions. Always. Just take your time going through your treasures.

    Awwww, that’s a sweet idea to link the collars together and hang them. Sweet.

    Yeah for you winning the apple pie conundrum! Keep it up. Yes, good idea to set the “food rules” in place before you retire!

    That is correct, we actually only savor the first 2-3 bites of food. The rest . . . kinda mechanically eating.

    Linda and Kim have been well tutored. They’ll make it. It’s a lot like raising a kid then they leave the nest. You PRAY you did a good enough job and find out . . . yup . . . you taught them just fine. AND don’t forget, mistakes are teaching opportunities, too. It causes growth. So, just let ‘em do things as you are!

    Let yourself just enjoy the party. Whatever you feel comfortable wearing is what you should wear. You’ll figure it out!

    Negativity . . . nope. Energy drainer. Kick it to the curb!

    And hey, don't make me get the hose out! LOL You know what I mean.
    197 days ago
    197 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    It is still hard on me from time to time. I miss the comeradery on a daily basis. I’m still looking to find my new tribe. I’m so looking forward to pics from your party. I want to put faces to the people I’ve been reading about all this time.
    197 days ago
  • no profile photo IDAEVE
    Thanks for the blog! Lots of good ideas. emoticon
    197 days ago
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