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Happy Memorial Day ... Please be safe !!! but have a wonderful day !!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I think it will ICED coffee and ICED tea for a couple days .. :) but enjoy !!!!

Had a good day over by mom's but a bit frustrated .. but I kept telling myself I don't think she realizes it's Memorial day weekend .. but hubby was supposed to take her today for shopping ... and so we changed our plans to spend the day on Saturday, because yesterday I would be with her, and today he would be with her .. (or one of us) .. I asked her about it yesterday and she said that Ceile took her out on Friday and they went out for a fish fry .. and she got her shopping done .. I asked her if she called and told hubby, and she said "oh .. I was going to do that later today" ...MOM !!! We could have made plans !!!!! I was upset, but she didn't seem to glimmer when I told her I had a 3 day weekend, and we could have planned something .. It upset me.. but I went to my phone, and shot hubby a text telling him .. but we seem to be having a quiet day today .. I'm good with that ..

URP .. Yup -- I ate more than I should have yesterday .. and my feet were hurting so bad, I did housework in the morning .. and was moving for 1 1/2 hours .. so I did get activity in .. but didn't go for a formal WALK ... I'm wondering .. I wore my shoes with my special arch supports all day on Saturday and I was doing alot of walking .. and since yesterday my feet have been soo sore .. time to take the supports out and put the normal supports back in .. and see what happens .. on a day that I'm busy ...

I also ate more than I should have .. I ate WELL .. just too much of it .. for lunch we had Dint Moore beef stew, and I had mine with rice .. how ever I had 2 plates ..

For dinner we had ham rollups .. and I had mine with 2 slices of ham, tomato slices, salad mix, and honey mustard dressing; with a small handful of chips .. and I had 2 of them ..

My mindset had fallen back .. after lunch I had a 1 scoop sundae; with cherry topping and whipped cream; and then for dinner I had a slice of apple pie and a scoop of ice cream .. My thinking took over ... and kept telling me .. "tomorrow is not a weekend, even though you have off .. you haven't had ANY ice cream this weekend; so you need to have some today" .. BAD SALLY .....

I guess Bad Sally came out because I started feeling sorry for myself .. I've been nursing a headache the last few days, and now my foots are hurting after a day of wearing my new shoes with the supports .. could the supports be too much ?? We'll see .. but I fell into a "sorry pity party" .. however it's done and gone .. and I'm moving on .. :)

I DID get accumulated 2 1/2 hours of stepping in throughout the day .. I didn't get to the gym like I wanted, but did park at the far end of the lots and walked to the stores that I wanted to stop at on the way to mom's .. so I got my steps there .. it just wasn't a formal "walk walk" ..

I don't like days like that, but I'm learning .. anytime I'm not "planted on my butt" .. is a good thing ..

With the Indy 500 on yesterday Uli, Lucky, TD and even Hoots got into the spirit ... TD was the pit crew, and Hoots was up in the stands cheering them all on .. with Uli and Lucky being the race car drivers .. :) .... they were having fun until I got home; and ohoh !!!!

We had a crash .. TD was making sure Uli was okay .. I'm happy to say that everyone WALKED away from the crash .. you know the way they build those high speed slippers .. er .. cars now adays there's less chance of injuries .. thankfully .. Uli and Lucky were none worse for the wear ... :)

WOOHOO !!!!!

Hubby has lunch plans ready .. he's got errands he wants to run, and apologized to me about "not going anywhere" .. (no apology needed) but they said the roads were going to be busy .. and I agreed ..

He bought alot of food yesterday .. He bought a watermelon, 3 containers of strawberries, 2 packages of ground meat ... he wants hamburger helper, I think I can make up 4 different things out of the 2 packs ..or at least 3 different things .. so I'm thinking hamburgers, tacos and his hamburger helper; beef pasta ..

I want to do laundry . Hey --maybe I should put my stepometer on today .. and mark my steps .. lol lol .. Yes -- I will .. because I have a personal challenge for myself, to get x amount of steps a day, and can't keep up with that challenge, if I don't wear it .. huh??

I also want to cut up the watermelon and clean the strawberries, so I have fresh fruit for the rest of the week ..

and with all that cooking that I'll be doing .. hubby has a coupon for a 6 pack and a pound from Taco Johns .. I'm excited about that .. because I LOVE Taco Johns .. so he has some errands he wants to run; and he'll go and pick them up ... :)

I know this is a holiday weekend .. but I am going to have to take a stand at "1 big meal a day" because in one month .. I'm going to have nothing BUT weekends .. and he's going to have to play by MY rules .. or I'm going to run into problems.. so that will be a discussion we will have to have .. He has always been a person that "snacks" through the day, and then had a bigger supper .. but lately he's been going back to 2-3 MEALS a day .. (with all his coupon chasing .. lol) so we're going to have to have a "chat" ..

So --- today is going to consist of laundry, cooking, and playing in my playroom .. It's Monday and I have to make a rule of not allowing myself to sit down and veg until after 5ish .. New life new habits .. and new disciplines ..

I took and Advil this morning and seriously thinking (which is not my norm) but actually putting on my pair of shoes, and socks .. (I'm in bare feet around the house) .. but since my feet are hurting, take out the supports and put the original supports back in; and wear shoes and socks ..(kind of a mental image .. that it's not time to sit down .. .. after 4 or 5 I can take my shoes off again .. (another habit I have to get into not just spend time around the house in my scrubbies... lol) As well as I'm planning on spending time on my feet today .. so the added support might be a good idea, since my footses are hurting .. :)

and since I took the Advil, my headache has subsided again .. :) YAY !!!!

So -- with that being said .. I wish everyone a wonderful Memorial day .. and please stay safe !!!! Thank a veteran, and thank someone that has lost a loved one for the sacrifice given !!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So happy both of you get to enjoy your mom! It is so refreshing to read about a person your mom's age that is so with it and active!!!
    195 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    Enjoy your extra day off. You are right. You will have endless weekends very soon. I’m still struggling with that. I love that the “kids” were in the Indy 500🏎. We watched it and I must have missed them there.
    195 days ago
    Sorry you missed out on that 3 day weekend, but you are right traffic is horrible. Up north, it is almost impossible to pull out of my driveway onto the highway due to the constant stream of cars. Normally quiet. Soon you will have many 3 day wkends.
    195 days ago
    I can feel my teeth clenching in frustration w/the “ . . . . oh, I was going to do that later today.” **SIGH** As parents age, for sure, they regress to the “me-gocentric” stage in life . . . . it all revolves around them. Have to just remind self of that and breathe. **SIGH**

    Steps, no matter how or where taken, still count! Never forget that.

    HOOTS was in on the Indy 500 shenanigans too! LOL PHEW! Glad everyone got away from the crash. Feel sorry for Danica. Not the way she wanted things to end. Glad she wasn’t hurt, though! But between her and Aaron, they’ll find plenty to do in the future.

    You’ve got a bit of cooking to do there! Have fun.

    Yeah, the rhythm of the house will change when you retire, so good to set the foundation now. That will make the transition much easier.

    Glad the headache has gone. NEVER TO RETURN!

    Happy Memorial day.

    195 days ago
  • DOREEN45342
    Sounds like you have had a busy weekend
    195 days ago
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