Faster to log this way

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Logging and blogging all in one. It's really the best way for me to journal my food. I am not really trying to use the system to count my calories. I just want to journal what I eat.
So here it goes...
Friday May 25th 2018
1 cup coffee
1 'breakfast burrito
Burrito for lunch
Twix Ice Cream Bar...yeah yeah yeah..shame on me emoticon
Crackers and cheese
Honey Nut Cheerios

Saturday May 26th so far
1 Cup Coffee
Half Sleeve of crackers (nausea) I am not pregnant
A few sour cream and onion chips
Chicken leg
White rice
Red beans and sausage
(a few spoonfuls of red beans over rice and same with red beans..not very big portion)
Swiss Cake Roll
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