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Happy Saturday one and all

Saturday, May 26, 2018

It's been awhile since I have written. So much going on. A recap: I lost my sister Oct 24th 2017. I lost my brother-in-law (my sister's husband) on Mar 29th 2018. The will was finally placed in probate court on May 18th. Don't ask me how, but after knowing the woman he was dating for 36 days she managed to talk him into signing everything over to him. Retirement, house, 10 acres of land, everything!!!! She also somehow managed to talk him into taking his brothers out of the will. I know Bobby. If he was in his right mind he never, never, never would have done that. He wanted his elderly brother Frank to never have to worry about a place to stay and had originally wrote it in his will that he would stay on his property no-matter-who bought the house. Bobby's intentions were to have everything sold and split equally among his family, including his wife's family in Ohio (which includes me.) I could give a rat's a** about getting any of Bobby's money or property. But I sure as he** don't want her getting any of it. She doesn't deserve it.

We continue to find more and more out about her past. Burglary, arson, theft by deception, forgery and even, get this one, bigamy. Although I haven't been able to find out who she was married to at the same time that came from a police record. I have kept in contact with this woman. My intentions are to keep her on my good side to be able to get information from her and to be able to obtain my sister's, mom's and grandmother's belongings from her should she win this will in probate court. I have asked her several times if her intentions remain the same for my sister's Ohio family to have her belongings. She continues to say if she wins, yes. If his family wins the case, I'm not so sure.

We still do not have the complete autopsy back yet. The toxicology report continues to be outstanding. We do know he did not die of natural causes, which means he was poisoned or something to that effect. I was informed by staff at the forensic unit that a toxicology report can take anywhere from 4 to 6 mo. They always tell people at least 4 months. This means we still have another 2 months to go minimally.

The case has gone from the Bear Creek, AL Police Department, to the Marion County, AL Sheriff and now it is at the Alabama Bureau of Investigation. I know they are trying to settle the case, but I don't want it settled. I want to know what happened to my brother-in-law. I also want to know from her how she could take such a loving, caring man away from his family in such a deceitful way.

This is one of the reasons I have not written much lately. My heart just aches inside. I can't stop the tears, it's been so hard to do daily things My sugar is suffering and I have talked to my doctor about putting me back on medicine. I can't get my monthly average under 150. I did get an injection in my knee. I walked for almost a month afterwards with a walker and sometimes I'm still using my cane. They hit a nerve. I told the doctor that having a full knee replacement did not hurt as bad as hitting that nerve. It's finally manageable but my exercise lacked during that month. I'm just now getting back to be able to do things. Don't get me wrong I continued upper body, but not lower body. I'm not losing weight like I should and I know that's the reason.

On a happier note, my job is going very well. I'm doing the same thing I did for the other agency, but with a $1.00 more raise. Can't beat that right? I'm being instrumental once more in the community speaking with our four county local United Ways so services won't lapse for our consumers that call our agency. We will soon be adding outpatient services once more at out building and I'm really excited about that. I'm hoping some day in the near future we can open our adolescent and adult psych units back up. There are some licensure issues with that but it's only because a new agency owns the building etc.

That's about it folks. My sorry, sad life story in a few paragraphs. emoticon

Wishing everyone well and a safe Memorial Day weekend.

Just for kicks ~

emoticon Donna
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Praying that the truth will be revealed and that your heart will one day be at peace. That woman WILL get her comeuppance whether here on earth or in the hereafter How can she live with herself?

    Continue to take care of yourself; I'm sure your stress level is off the charts! Waiting is tough.

    Remember though and be grateful that your sister and her husband are together again. Thanks be to a loving God. It is not as it should have been, in God's own time, but at least you know that they are together. emoticon
    322 days ago
  • BJK1961
    I hope the truth comes out and that everyone gets what's coming to them, if you know what I mean.
    327 days ago
  • 52BINCE
    I see in this blog that obstacles have surrounded you, however in the end you will win as you are a winner going somewhere to happen....
    329 days ago
    My prayers continue for you and your family!!! emoticon
    329 days ago
    Donna, I am so sorry for your loss and for what you are going through. Having to wait on things like that is not easy. I have been down that road. My prayers and thoughts are with you!
    330 days ago
    My prayers are with you for resolution to this...

    Carpe Diem

    330 days ago
    OH my Donna I have been praying for things to work out right I am so lad that you are able to stay on her "good" side but I still pray that the truth comes out and she is convicted for the wrong things that she did I hope that things are put to right the way that it was meant to be

    it is so good that the ob is going so well and that you got more money you are worth that much at least

    keep us posted I hope other things can get back on the right course for you health wise
    330 days ago
    Continued prayers for you & the family, Donna. I can't even begin to understand how horrific this whole ordeal has been for you, but you're in my prayers. emoticon
    330 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    330 days ago
    So sorry it is taking so long to get toxicology reports. In television programs they have them almost immediately. Chain of evidence is crucial.

    Glad your work is going well. Hope you can find some chair exercises for your legs. Too bad there is not a water aerobic group nearby.
    330 days ago
    330 days ago
    emoticon I like that in the face of all that happened to your brother in law, and that woman that you have proved yourself STRONG! May karma & the Law come for that woman.
    330 days ago
    Oh my, so sorry you are going through this and yet you can’t let her get away with this situation.. Good news on you job!!
    331 days ago
    Oh my heart is with yours. If it takes that long for the tox report to come back, I seriously doubt that the will can be probated as long as cause of death is not known. That's would be my suspicion.

    In the meantime, prayers for closure and peace (and I know closure is not going to come till you know exactly what happened). That woman sounds like a real . . . piece of work, and I'm not talking art work. **SIGH**

    331 days ago
    Donna, you and your family have endured so much sadness and stress this last year. Don't worry about your slow progress on your weight loss journey. Stress seems to make the body hold on to weight, kind of a innate survival instinct. But, I know you have the strong will to accomplish your goals. Please be assured that your faith in God and the loving support from your family and friends will always be there for you. emoticon
    331 days ago
    I am sorry for all you are going through. Money brings out the vultures.
    331 days ago
    I'm sorry for your losses and all the trouble around it sounds terrible.
    331 days ago
    Donna, my heart aches for you! ... This situation is almost unbelievable except it really did happen!... It looks like the greatest hope here is evidence once the autopsy results come back. Evidence that there was indeed foul play!... I am wondering if the authorities are suspicious over his death and following this untimely death to come up with an answer.
    I have to commend you for " playing the game" so to speak with this awful woman!! It is so obvious what she was after and I cannot even imagine if I was a single woman meeting a man and getting him to sign everything over to me!!! ... She may have gotten away with some things already but there's one thing she doesn't seem to realize: God is watching! ..

    I am happy to hear you are enjoying your job and got a raise!
    Hang in there Donna. (David and I will put some prayer over the situation about your brother in laws case, and that truth be revealed!!)......And I would also say to please lean heavily on the Lord as I'm sure you are already doing.... emoticon
    331 days ago

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