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Good Lab Results

Saturday, May 26, 2018

This has been a packed week. I had an appointment with a new neurosurgeon on Monday, who was worthless. He never examined me, really couldn't answer my questions because he hadn't read my test results or the reason for my referral and totally missed the reason for my visit. Eeeeke! He told me to take off my brace and throw it away. This was based totally upon my March 2018 MRI after my request that he look at it again to see the spinal fracture. (He missed the fracture totally, the first time he looked at it!) Based upon asking me if I felt pain and where the pain was located, he said the fracture was healed. They should revoke his license! Yes, that was the start of my week!

I had my last two sessions of home PT on Tuesday and Thursday. We set up a home exercise plan and she tested my muscle strength and hip flexibility. Over the past three months, we've become friends. She asked me to stay in touch with her and I will. I've been blessed to have her healing hands working with me.

Wednesday brought a trip with my migraine neurologist. I see her several times per year for treatment for migraines that never go away. They are caused by my degenerative spine disease, which is currently stable but messy. (As I'm writing this, I'm laying in a traction position on my electric bed. Traction position is legs up, rolled towel under the neck, no pillow, for 30-45 minutes. I was skeptical at first but it works.). Anyway, my doctor was concerned because the muscles on either side of my neck, behind the ears, are pronounced due to severe muscle spasms. Thus, today's traction. She could actually press on the muscles and increase the migraine immediately. This issue has caused my left shoulder to raise higher than the right. In turn, that pushes my spine more out of alignment than usual. So, once I we know more about my neuropathy in my legs, I'll start outpatient PT for my neck. The doctor also has given me a referral for a radio frequency ablation on the back of my head. This deadens the nerve pain receptors that give me the worst of the migraine pain. It has been 3-4 years since my last ablation. I usually don't let it go so long but I had so many other urgent medical issues that the ablation had to be delayed. My doctor asked about my spinal fracture and I relayed my stories about the two neurosurgeons. She advised me to try still another one. Ugh! I know she's right but the doctor parade is getting tiresome.

Friday brought a visit with my primary care physician. He did take his time and listened carefully to what I said. He examined me thoroughly and went over my blood work. My fasting blood sugar was higher than normal for me but still within the accepted range. I know that the month of April was awful for eating right. I've been under so much stress due to physical problems and we were going through a totally unnecessary IRS audit at the same time. Unfortunately, I reverted to several old eating habits, which I've since corrected. The rest of my labs were much improved and my doctor was pleased. I updated him on everything that has been going on with me over the last few months. He agreed with my migraine specialist that I need a different opinion from a new neurosurgeon to monitor my fracture's healing. I probably just need another x-ray to confirm my healing rate. (I hope!) He also examined my neck and said that therapy would probably help me. He also felt the hard nodule in my thyroid. It appears to be the same size thank goodness. I'm not sure when my next ultrasound to monitor it will be scheduled.

Next Wednesday, I will meet with my regular neurologist to go over my lab tests. I just hope that my late March and April binges won't give a false reading on my A1C. I'd be surprised if any of my other tests are positive for anything. Still...I'm a bit nervous about the results. My primary has scheduled a retest for my A1C for August. I think that's wise. I was so tired from my week that hubby said I snored last night. LOL. I only do that if my nose is stuffy or I'm really tired. He thought it was funny too. emoticon
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