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Happy Saturday .. it's finally here .. :) ... I wish you a great day !!! I'm going to have one !!!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I think today is going to be an ICED coffee or ICED tea day ... (no Im not complaining (yet .. lol)) ...

I broke down and turned on the AC for the weekend, because they said the humidity is going to be up .. however, I'm finding I'm enjoying being outside, however, I can't really take my walks at the office right now, because I'm a sweaty mess when I come back .. lol lol ... sooo I've been taking my walks when I get home.. and while that's been working .. it's been tough stuffing my swollen foots into walking shoes .. :) I know .. SUCH DILEMMAS .. lol lol .. BUT I've been doing it !!!!! THAT's what's important .. :)

It's Memorial day weekend, and Indy 500 race ..Uli, TD and the new member, Lucky; have been partying in the pits, and doing time trials .. so I think they will be busy, however, if we're not home today, I just wonder what kind of trouble they will get into .. lol lol ..

As you can see, hubby is letting me take my time .. (because BJ tables don't open until 10) .. but I'm just looking forward to just a day away since the other 2 days will be busy .. tomorrow I'm going over by mom's, and she called and asked hubby to take her shopping on Monday .. I honestly don't think she remembered it was a 3 day weekend for us; and hubby forgot as well, when he was talking with her .. Sooo I'll just putze around the house .. :) give myself a ME time .. :) day .. :)

On Tuesday I'm going to the nail place right when they open .. already told the girls I was going to be late .. :) It's okay --cuz I pretty much sit there and twiddle my thumbs anyway ..

HW Jim did some updates yesterday to get the in house backup drive working .. and I had to reboot the server .. that's what got me in trouble last time .. lol lol .. but I did it, and while it took longer than normal .. my brain kept telling my panic that "it's just finishing the updates" .. lol lol .. but it happily came back up .. :) Now we're just letting it run over the weekend and we'll check it on Tuesday .. (AFTER I get in .. :) ) Now I can concentrate on the off site backups .. (I get very flustered trying to deal with so many processes .. and keeping panic out of my brain at the same time .. lol) so keep your fingers crossed that that all works out .. :) I am !!!!

We closed up shop around 2:30, and by the time I was out of there, it was 3ish .. :) That made me very happy ..

Hubby was already on his walk when I called him .. and I drove down the road where he said he was .. and asked if he wanted water or a ride .. and he said no .. (he does my DREAM walk .. my goal .. all the way around the subdivision) .. I'm proud of him ... :)

I can't wait .. I think once this is all finished, if I take my walks in the mornings before my ankles have a chance to swell up .. lol .. I'll be able to take on more distance .. I know walking helps the swelling, because when I was doing it at lunch time, the afternoons were alot less painful .. That will be my experimenting for after retirement .. :) even though I find that I'm more active when I'm at home .. I'm not sitting at a desk for an hour at a time .. even playing in my playroom, I'm moving .. because I need to get my drink/water/soda refilled, I need to change my load of clothes .. I'm moving ..

I ran into him 1/2 way through my walk yesterday, because I got home, and changed, and was back out the door for my 25 minute walk ... I must have been moving faster, because I even did extra laps around the subdivision court and JUST made the 25 minutes .. so I must be getting better .. :)

I got home and I was "sparkling and glittering" all over.. YAY !!! I sat down and melted in my sitting room .. Hubby asked what I wanted for dinner, and when he suggested pizza .. I stopped him .. Yup -- we had pizza .. and I enjoyed every bite !!! :) YUM !!!!

When I got up later in the evening to go upstairs, I looked at the thermostat, and saw it was 80 in the house .. Yup --they said it was going to get humid this weekend, so I made the decision to turn the AC on .. I have it set at 72 or 74... just enough to keep the humidity out ..

Hubby is out on his walk this morning, so I have alittle time to chat .. :) and get ready ..

We are heading out on a road trip today .. To the Dells .. and I'm looking forward to it .. after this week .. I need the day to just veg !!! and I'm looking so forward to it .. The sun it out, and the car has AC if needed ..

Wishing you a GREAT Day !!!! I'm planning on having one !!! Time to go make myself beautious !!!! Talk later!!!!

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    Enjoy your day!
    172 days ago
    I too have changed to iced coffee & tea. I am also debating the whole A.C. thing. I love the breezes through the windows, but it is still hot in here, too hot to work or exercise. Have fun today!
    172 days ago
    Every day above ground is a good day
    172 days ago
    Yes, it is going to be hot and humid! Good for you taking your walks when you get home. Better alternative by far then NOT doing them @ all! Good for you.

    OH MY GOSH! Uli, TD and Lucky are so cute!!!!!! Ready for action, for sure.

    Have a great road trip and behave (awwww, now why'd I have to go and ruin things, right! LOL)

    Have a good visit w/your MOm tomorrow.
    172 days ago
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