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PT... and the pup

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I started PT on Thursday... the therapist did her assessment and said she thinks my vertigo isn’t caused just by either my eyes or my ears, but rather a combination of both. lol... lucky me. So, she did a treatment to try and fix the problem with my inner ear, and that seems to have been successful since the degree of my dizziness was lessened overnight Thursday night. Then she had me come back in first thing Friday morning, so she could reassess and give me exercises for my eyes. Oh my, I thought I was going to throw up when she had me do those exercises. Guess the eyes are involved... lol! My eyesight hasn’t changed, as it isn’t the structure inside the eye that is affected, but rather the muscles that hold the eye in place, at least that’s the way it sounded from her description... it would help explain why I haven’t felt comfortable reading for the last few weeks. It isn’t just that I am stressed and anxious, and a little depressed... nope, there is a physical reason. (Though it is also a little bit the other reasons as well). I started doing the exercises at home yesterday afternoon, and did okay. My friend, Jen, had to do them too and she told me they helped her right away... me? Not quite so quickly yet... but I am hopeful. I have noticed small changes, and when you feel cruddy like that small changes are truly appreciated! It was warm here today (about 81F) and the Cooper-dog has already registered his opinion of warm weather! He is ready to walk in the cool of the morning, or after dark, but during the heat of the day all he wants to do is sleep in my recliner... next to the AC... spoiled pup! He even staged a rebellion when I tried convincing him we should walk about 3:30 in the afternoon. Oh, he consented to going for a walk, but at about the halfway point he laid down and refused to budge... good thing he is small enough to carry! I didn’t carry him all the way home... just to the next patch of shade, then he was good to go. He has me pretty well trained, don’t ya think? Chauffeur, chef, snuggle buddy, belly rub specialist... hmmmm... wonder if all that could go on a resume? Right now he resembles a puppy burrito, as he is wrapped in blankets. I promise he is actually a dog... really!
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