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A BONUS Friday this week. And a long Week end.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Well, I found out yesterday at 5 pm when I got back on here, that I get an extra Friday this week. All day yesterday I thought it was Friday, so now it really is Friday. woo hoo. And you know how I am going to celebrate my 2nd Fridays, I am going to take it easy, and not do much. I got that flower bed cleaned and got the bulbs planted. woo rah for me. And besides it is suppose to hit about 95 here this afternoon, so not going out much. Hubby has road trips today, he left this morning with the loader tractor to shove some down branches along the woods over at the Cherokee farm, and then home, hopefully for dinner, than back over with the other tractor with the field finisher, and then back home with the first tractor that we took over the other day with the disc on it. Did you get all that, oh, and then there is also the planter tractor over there that we took over yesterday, and I had to help him set up the planter so that when the ground is all worked it is over there ready to use. I don't know how he keeps it all straight, and what tractor is where and what is behind it. Sometime today I want to really soak the planter I got for Larry folks grave so they will not die over this weekend. Suppose to be in in high 90's all weekend, so they will need every little bit of moisture I can get in that container with out drowning them. lol

I haven't heard anything back from the Dr. office yet as to what the next step is. Yesterday was the best day I have had for months. I really felt good, even though I did oversleep. Almost slept the clock around, and I might have if hubby hadn't came in and woke me. I usually get 8 to 9 hours of sleep, so sleep is not a problem. Occasionally I will have a couple night that I am up part of the night cause I can't sleep, but sleep really isn't an issue. I just hope I don't have to ask hubby to take another whole day off from field work, for another road trip to some bigger city. I hate city driving, especially when you don't know for sure where you are going, except a piece of paper with directions, and what do you do if you miss a turn off.

Just had to spend some time with the Gunsmoke bunch, little Dillon has become a real ham, and he will rear up like a big boy and punt my hand, and yesterday I don't know why, but he just kept nibble on my clothes, and a couple times he got a little deep, and although goats don't have top teeth those nibbles still hurt a bit. The other three are not as friendly, but they are improving. They will get closer if you just sit there. The other day I made the mistake of taking the animal crackers with me in the pen and about mauled to death with Sadie and Willa, the only kid that got one of course was Dillon and he just spit it out. Thought he might take it as he is the only one that eats grain with the moms so far. They are growing so fast. Won't be long and they will have to get all their shots, and he boys banded, and wormed, and then it will be weaning time. But I don't rush with the weaning I leave them with mom as long as possible.

Going to let you go, and I can't help it. (for me, again) and a three day weekend at that, but it makes no difference to us farmers. Everyday is a work day. But you all take care and have a GET day. Linda

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