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Happy Friday ... So ready for the weekend ..

Friday, May 25, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

I think today is going to be an ICED coffee or ICED tea day ... (no Im not complaining (yet .. lol)) ...

Yesterday was a looonnngggg day .. but I made it through ... There's something awry with my backups now .. so I have my support people working on that .. but the system itself is working .. and for now that's what I'm interested in .... the backups we can work on behind the scenes..

There's less and less for me to do and Linda came up with an idea .. maybe to go to 4 hour days for June .. thinking about it, but we'll see .. There are a few things I have to work with them on ..

Kim bought me a frapp mid morning .. and it was good .. but it was a bribe for info ... but that was okay... it meant sitting on a comfy chair in AC .... lol lol ....

Lunch consisted of a snacky lunch .. I had my Sociable crackers, the last of my cheese slices, hard boiled egg, and of course my chocolate hummus .. :)

The afternoon was quiet, and I was bored silly .. I did get some talkie time with Linda .. She asked questions about what the last few days .. and what if questions .. I started to explain to her how to do something ... and then at the end found out I never set her up for access to the sandbox .. lol lol lol .. So I got that set up.. it was a very quiet ... very long ... in the afternoon..

I left the office at 4:30ish .. and came home .. My ankles were swollen horribly; (I wore sandels yesterday .. ) and was wondering .. but I got home right after hubby.. and I told him I wanted to go for my 25 minute walk before supper ..IF I could stuff my feet into shoes and socks .. lol ..

Well .. I DID . :) and I told hubby I was going for a short walk ... and he offered to go with me .. :) YAY !!!! so I had company on my walk ..:)

I came home and had a couple of polish sausages cut up .. and sat there .. hubby was asking what else I wanted .. I told him "I didn't know but wanted to wait until I came up with something .." ... I was honest with him .. and told him "I really want ice cream .. but it's not the weekend" .. He was good and didn't tease me .. but brought out some microwavable cheese filled pretzles .. and that sounded good .. I told him yea .. and he made me a servings worth .. and that hit the spot .. :) I THOUGHT about what I wanted to have instead of grazing and trying to figure it out ... so that's my NSV for yesterday .. :)

I DID try my new dresses on .. but thinking .. ummm nope .. they are pretty, but there is still too much belly .. and as much as I don't like negative body talk .. I look like a blump . Yup .. a BLUMP .. but that's okay .. I'm keeping the dresses .. for now I think I can wear them with a little "support" .. to hide the lumps and bumps .. but that's not going to make me stop my process .. I HAVE seen improvements .. but they are just taking their time ..

Now I was reading an article from one of my OLD Prevention magazines this morning, and it's How to love your belly at any age .. and they gave explanation of all the different things you can do to increase your friendship with your belly .. and the one was exercise ..

Well -- A while back when I was doing strength exercise at the gym; but getting nowhere with the belly fat, I read, that cardio will help with the belly fat .. so I started working on my walking .. With life the way it's been, getting to the gym has well .. been a challenge .. however, I've continued with my walking, and my stationary bike (when I couldn't get out for my walks) ..

And within this article .. it had a "schedule" ... which I may just work on after my retirement .. since I'll have more time ..

Their schedule a has in a 7 day week .. 3 cardio days between moderate intensity and 2 interval training ... 1 strength day .. 2-3 sets of 12 reps, 2 cardio days moderate intensity ...

day 1 - cardio moderate intensity
day 2 - strength
day 3 - cardio interval
day 4 - cardio moderate
day 5 - cardio interval
day 6 - strength
day 7 - cardio moderate ...

I think this could be doable.. and I can work harder on my belly .. this was a good article, and you can see it's from an old Prevention magazine ... but the information in the magazines are still useful, and every once in a while something pops up to click in my brain ..

Once I'm off, I can start making appointments at the odd hours of the gym; so I don't have to fight with crowds .. That's my plans ..

It's Friday .. and the start of a 3 day weekend .. Hubby is taking me out to Costco for a $1 brat for lunch, so I guess I should get myself going in order to get to work to go to lunch .. lol lol ..

(tomorrow may be a blog from the road .. we'll see when we talk more ..don't know when we're leaving .... but heading toward the Dells tomorrow .. :) )

Wishing everyone a great day !!!!
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    175 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    Blump? That’s a new one to me. I like to go for short walks & hubby always wants to go too. I don’t like him coming though cuz he walks waaay faster than I do & feel more out of shape than I already do.
    Enjoy the last official three day weekend of your working career. It’s weird when you’re retired because a three day weekend is just another three days in the life. I’m still trying to settle into retirement. It’s taking me more time than I thought.
    178 days ago
    Glad DH went with you on the walk! Kudos!

    Yes, actually cardio & strength training are good for reducing all over fat %. Would that something were guaranteed to work on belly fat. But with getting more muscle mass all over, that will burn more calories and fat. So, go for it!

    Enjoy the weekend!!!!

    179 days ago
    Reduced hours maybe the perfect transition for Kim and Linda! They would be “forced” to problem solve on their own for a bit every day!
    179 days ago
    Awesome-I love that your hubby went for a walk with you!
    Your exercise plan is awesome-you can do this!
    Going down to 4 hours a week would be another great way to trans between working and retirement. Linda had a awesome idea!!!
    Enjoy your Fri-yah!
    179 days ago
    Good morning love your blogs
    Mine life well !
    Today a fun day wait a and jazzy ha
    The rest of the weekend yard work
    I did manage to dust my bedroom this week
    Have a wonderful holiday remember those soldiers and relatives who served our country
    179 days ago
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