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Live Today As If It's The ONLY Day That Matters

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Where did the time go? .. Yesterday I was a girl with boundless energy and in a
blink of an eye, I find myself in the Autumn of my years.

As wonderful as my youth was, I do not wish to go back in time. Besides, Did you know wishes 'usually' involve either the past or the future?

Just how much power is there in a mere wish void of action?

It is like a whisper in the wind; blow on it and it is gone.

FUTURE Wishes (examples)

I wish I was older so I can do what I want to do!
I wish I were I 16 so I could get my drivers license .
I wish I were 21 so I can (Fill in the blanks).
I wish it were Friday!

THE PAST: ( examples)

I wish I was younger.
I wish I had never taken up that bad habit.
I wish I had taken better care of myself when I was young.
I wish I had saved more money during my working years .

Wishes are wanting something to be 'different.'
Wishes look forward hoping for better,
Wishes look back wishing things had been different.
When dwelling on the past or future, the present moment is lost.

The road to life goes one way.
Pace yourself so you can enjoy the scenery.

Today I will not waste time wishing, but put action to do the things
I know to do to avoid regret down the road.

Tomorrow will come but when it does we will call it TODAY .

Thanks for stopping by and lets enjoy the gift of precious time we have been given on 'this'
day. Live it as if it is the 'only' day that matters for soon it will become Yesterday!
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