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So, I haven't been feeling well...

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I finally broke down and called the doctor this morning, because I was getting dizzy every time I stood up, had a headache, digestive issues, no appetite, fatigue, etc... and my blood pressure was swinging from too low to too high, and my sugar was running low. By the time I made it to the appointment at 3pm my blood pressure was back to normal, but I was still dizzy. The doctor did some tests, and decided that I have... benign paroxysmal vertigo of the right inner ear, probably caused by a viral infection in my ears that I never even knew I had.... and possibly an electrolyte imbalance. So, I have to go for blood work in the morning first thing tomorrow, and PT in the afternoon. I also have an appointment with my mental health counselor at 10am. So tomorrow is looking like a pretty busy day. I am picking up medication in the morning to treat the dizziness as well. In the meantime I move slowly and carefully. I am still so tired though. And my head hurts, and my digestive issues are still with me, and I don't care to eat (but I force myself to eat enough to support my blood glucose levels) I just have to set an alarm on my phone... or I completely forget, until I start feeling even more sick as my blood sugar drops. Whoa mama. This is no fun! I have never been much of an amusement ride enthusiast, and now I am stuck on the spinning teacups and I can't get off! I am hopeful for tomorrow though. Everyone I have talked to says that PT works wonders for this. So, fingers crossed. And the doctor said to go low sodium for a while and push the hydration while this is getting straightened out....

Oh, and we do have water back... and they say we can drink it and everything, but I am hesitant, because the water in my kitchen tap ran out brown for a good while when I first turned it on. I have decided to drink bottled water for a few days while things settle down a bit. It runs clear now, but I don't quite trust it. I might be slightly paranoid, but my immune system is compromised, so I would prefer to err on the side of caution.

Since I feel crummy when I move I may allow myself to cut back on my activity level. I can't cut back on my calorie intake at this point, because most days I barely eat enough as it is. Maybe I will do even better for a bit of a rest. And hopefully the world stops spinning!
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