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Hope you're Wednesday will be better than mine .. have a great one !!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

Here's my fun news from yesterday ... Hubby sent me this .. he said the deer was actually playful with the cranes .. This was my highlight from yesterday ... :)

I did have a good morning .. it was fun, I went in, and the girls oo'd and ahh'd over my hair .. I did put it up in hot rollers, and I was right .. by the time I got to work the "FOOF" was settled down .. however, by the time I left work .. my hair was a frazzled mess .. lol ..

My morning was good; and I had a good time, and while the girls are starting to show their nervousness with my leaving .. and yesterday THEY made the comment .. "at least we will know your phone number" .. They said that after I made mention that I was thinking of coming and going throughout the day's during June ... One step farther away .. Kim started panicking .. saying "You've already moved next door .. how much farther away do you want to be .. ??? " .. I told her "out of the building .. so I'll take my walks at different times of the day .. so I'll be in and out .." .. but it was a prosperous morning .. and I felt good ..

I ran out during lunch; to see if I could find "beige shoelaces" .. NOT .. but came back without spending any money at Walmart .. THAT is a miracle in itself .. I was wearing my new walking shoes... the ones with the arch supports, and oh my goodness they were so comfortable I couldn't believe it !!!! but I definately got my steps in yesterday ..

I should have kept going, and not return .. because I returned .. and was putting out my snacky food that I had brought from home for lunch .. I brought some cheese slices; Sociable crackers, my chocolate hummus, and the last of my hard boiled eggs .. I didn't know how hungry I was, but figured I would just have some snacks and enjoy eating lunch .. WRONG ANSWER!!!!!

While I was putting my stuff out, I heard .. "My Sage is frozen" .. (Sage is our primary business program) .. "so is mine" .."my computer is frozen" ... "it's not doing anything" .. and i got up and went to check it out .. and I went into Jimmy's office, and asked if his was working .. the ones that were having problems were within one circle of cables.. and I figured it was a cable problem . Jimmy's office worked just fine .. (for now) .. the counter worked just fine (for now) .. My computer (back in the warehouse)worked (for now) .. but by the time I got the 4 that started the problems shut down .. the rest were following suit .. (this is NOT good) ..

I went next door .. Kim was gone for the day .. but I shut down Linda's program .. and hers worked .. (may not have crawled to that area yet) .. and then I went to the server, and tried to shut it down ... it was moving slower and slower and slower, and jamming up more and more and more ... I finally got it shut down doing a soft shutdown .. In the meantime .. I have people hovering .. asking "is it going to be back up soon?" ... I'm ready to explode .. I JUST got the server shut down .. and left it sit for a bit (like normal .. even though I've never dealt with this type of problem before .. )

I count to 10 .. for both the server, and for myself .. push the button ..............................
... and ..............................
................ nothing ....

By this time Linda came back, and started asking questions .. and unfortunately I snapped at her (apologizing later -- she's been me through having a breakdown before, but she fended off the troops with their "is it going to be long?" .. I swear .. don't you plan for other work for days like this .. I don't care if it consists of sweeping the wearhouse .. I don't care if it consists of dusting the shelves... don't you have a plan of action if the computer ISN'T up??" .. Oh -- the answer is no .. lol

But Linda kept the forces away .. I got my head together, holding back a MEGA PANIC; and called our hardware support .. Jim .. and he was doing a great job working me through my panic, and trying to help me at the same time .. but he couldn't get into the system. Evidentally even though the system is down, there is a port that can be accessed, to check the hardware inside .. Kinda like a medical camera .. ??? I don't know ... news to me .. lol . and he had me try a few things .. and then he called HP for me .. He asked if I wanted to call them or have him call them.. I asked him to because I couldn't think past a 3 year old .. ?? I was having a really hard time focusing my brain on the moment .. and fighting off my "flight" in my fight or flight reflexes...

This was at 1:30 when he called the HP service .. they had me try a few other things, and my heart jumped, when the on button turned from amber to green .. ... ... ... and back to amber .. *deflate* ...

They figured it was one of the boards in the belly.. and "would find out where a support tech would be in our area, and find the part" ... I understood Jim to say they have a 4 hour turn around time .. and he gave them my cellphone number .. so whether I was there or not .. I would get the call .. I figured if they called at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 .. I'm only 15 minutes away I could meet them there ...

It's now 6:14 am.. and have recieved no phone call .. so Jim will get a call at 8 this morning ..

I tried very hard .. I texted Kim and let her know that the system wouldn't be up so unless she had some "off Sage" work ... she could take her time coming in .. and she texted back .. "I have to I have to" .. I took a deep breath and said "that's what Thursday is for" .. I didn't want to snap at her .. so chose my words carefully ..

So -- I left at 4:45 .. I had had enough of listening to "our computer is down" .. (there are other ways of getting the information you need for pricing .. the internet was still up) so I left .. it was just the 3 sales guys and myself .. Linda left, because she was all caught up and had nothing else to do.. Lois left, because she had nothing else to do .. and there I sat .. waiting for my phone call .. that didn't come !!!!

None the less, sleep was pretty sportatic last night, and of course I have a long day ahead of me .. I'm scheduled to work the dugout tonight .. Hubby said to call him if I need him to fill in ..

I woke up this morning to a new day .. I know I'm going to go into the office to more of "when will it be up?" .. I WILL contain my wish to scream !!!!!! and focus on the matter at hand ..

Now .. for a WOOHOO moment.. I came home, and hubby offered me a beer, a rita or something of the like .. I declined (because I didn't know if these people would be calling and I'd have to go back) .. but I had dinner, and didn't go nuts ... I had 2 polish sausage wraps, and chips .. and that was it .. I didn't dive into food to settle my troubles .. because you know what .. The troubles would still be there ...

So -- wish me luck today .. I'm thankful for Linda .. for staving off the troops . I know they are not intentionally trying to push me, but it's very difficult for me to keep stating the obvious .. that the server isn't up yet .. I'm thinking there's going to be a few walks in my day for me today .. lol lol ..

Wish me luck !!!! and have a great day !!!!! Serves me right for having such a wonderful day on Monday .. There's ALWAYS that other shoe ... lol ..
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